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June 22, Wednesday, 4-7 pm. Public meeting on the Metra schedule change (more mainline trains to Hyde Park and 111th Pullman midday but cut to South Shore and Blue Island)- Polsky, 1452 E. 53rd St. 2nd fl.

Major schedule shift is proposed for Metra Electric, providing the often-asked 20 minute or greater frequency midday between downtown and Hyde Park and to Pullman-111th via the mainline, and reduction of the early morning train gap. These new trains-- SHIFTED FROM allegedly-underutilzed MID-DAY SOUTH CHICAGO AND BLUE ISLAND TRAINS would serve all three of the main stations in Hyde Park, but it is unknown whether and which flag stops would remain. It adds a part of what is asked (not CTA transferability or common card, and not a shift to CTA) but weakens service to parts of the South Side. (Blue Island Saturday service would be eliminated altogether.) Ridership to sHyde Park has been going up, but the branches down. It would answer a demand for service to the coming Obama Center and new UC facilities and Pullman National Monument.

Go to CTA page or Funding for possible outcomes on the current budget crisis in the service boards and the legislature.

See what neighbors said about transportation issues at HPKCC's October 2005 forum, "What's Right, What's Wrong with Hyde Park-Kenwood?" And are there factors of transit, walkability, parking involved in Harper Court/City Lot redevelopment? Give us your sense; we will start a page soon.

CTA Board meets second Wednesdays, 1o am, 547 W. Lake. These are brief, largely pro forma, and non participatory-or have been until now. Only 15 minutes is allowed for comment period at Board meetings. You must sign up in advance by calling Gregory Longhini, 312 321-0394. CTA lets any one person talk only once in six months. So sign up so they won't say nobody cares. An alternative is to pick up/view on their website the press briefs and submit written comments.

The separate CTA committees include Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Capital Construction Oversight, and the Finance, Audit & Budget Committee. For an exact schedule of committee meetings call 312-664-7200 x15026.

Metra Board meets 2nd or 3rd Fridays 9 am at 547 W. Jackson, 15th floor.
September 15 there will be a presentation on the Gray Line. October 12 Mike Payne addrssses th Metra board on the Gray Line proposal.

The RTA Board meets 1st Thursdays, 9:30 am at 175 W. Jackson Blvd. They will aslo soon be holding a series of public regional hearings on budgets, strategic and capital planning.

City Council Transportation Committee. 2nd Thursdays 9:30 am. Lively!

Visit reports on past meetings between the HPKCC Transit Task Force and CTA officers.

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (was Regional Board) and partners held seven regional meetings for comments on updating the Regional Transportation Plan. For places and information, visit the following:,, Planning: Contact also re: RPB planning conference October 16-19.
The agency is now seeking public input on strategic repot on the agency fort he General Assembly. See report in

Check for meetings at Campaign for Better Transit and in
The CBT Transit Task Force meets Wednesday, October 12, early evening at 332 S. Michigan #500.
On the agenda are getting CTA board members to participate in planned rail tour, accountability, latest on what to expect in next budget.

The Clean Air Quality Commission holds periodic day-long conferences. Contact Center for Neighborhood Technology. The HPKCC Transit Task Force works with CNT and its Chicagoland Air Quality Commission.

Chicago Transit Coalition meetings (HP Transit Task Force is a member)- contact the chairman.

Gray Line Coalition has not met lately- contact Mike Payne from this link:

Reports on CTA-HPKCC Transit Task Force meetings (cache).
Reports, Updates from the Transit Task Force.
2004 HPKCC Bus Route Workshops.
Visit reports on Parking by Task Force Chairman, members, others.

What neighbors said about transp., pkg. at HPKCC Forum 10/05 (follows)

What neighbors said about HPK transportation, parking at a HPKCC public discussion on What's Right, What's Wrong about Hyde Park? October 2005

Changes wanted
· Table 2 Paratransit land coordinated transportation
· Table 4 Improve poor management of public spaces, e.g., no bike riding on sidewalks…
· Table 5 Better transportation at night

· Transportation within HP
· Parking issues, street cleaning
· Parking difficulties
· Need cab service
· Parking
· What happened to taxi cab service?
· More parking
· Double-parking should be immediately punished by (towing, fines)
· 52-54 Lake Park Parking Lot (what about it?)


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