CTA South Side Maps

(Some parts out of date)

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See the changes which went into effect August 31, 2003. Maps there show routes further south and all the way into River North. See descriptions of further changes in December 2003 and June, 2004. Map of changed routes 15, 28, X28 but these are now superceded by the map below. Hours of No. 6

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New UC/CTA routes and their maps: http://www.yourcta.com/maps/bus/bus.html

Not shown: the new 192 which runs one-way rush hours, morning from Northwestern (Ogilvie) and Union Station to UC Hospitals Goldblatt entrance 860 E. 59th, and reverse in the afternoon. Also new #174. For schedules see U of C Routes page.

X28 runs to Union Station downtown via Adams (west) and Jackson (east) --rush hours weekdays only. #2 goes to North Michigan Ave. thence to Navy Pier. #6 travels Michigan to Wacker, thence east and back to Wacker and State, thence south to Balbo and east to Columbus/Lake Shore Drive.

No 4 now runs at night south to the (accessible) 63rd/Cottage Grove terminus of the Green Line and the No. 63 bus.

For safety, the #2, 6, 10 (when it runs), X28 and Metra Electric are preferred for going to and from downtown. X55 makes limited stops to the Orange Line/Midway Airport--many prefer it to the Green or Red Line. In HP it stops at MSI, 55/Hyde Pk Blvd, Lake Park, Woodlawn, Ellis, Cottage Grove. If you want to take the 55 to the el, Green Line is closer but the Red Line has fewer stops and is said to be faster and safer and runs 24 hour. #6 runs latest of the express buses, to around 1--after which your only direct recourse Friday and Saturday is #173 (Michigan Avenue).

On Metra, the 55-57 station is the all-trains-stop, the only one between 12th and 115th. However, the South Chicago Branch makes all stops--note that some are flag, including 47th and all between 59th and 71st/Stony Island.

Hours: #6 Weekdays 4 am-2:16 am. Saturdays 4:45 am-1:48 am. Sundays 5 am-1:43 am.

January 2006 CTA Map. Local Closeup map. Below see a wider view. Routes have changed on the 170-174s and 192 is new- see next map down or UC Routes.

Map of all Hyde Park routes from CTA/UC brochure

Below: larger context