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This resource database for parents, youth, LSCs, teachers and administrators is brought to you by the Schools Committee of Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference, Joy Clendenning, Chairman, Nancy Baum Asst. Chairman, and the HPKCC website hydepark.org.
Principal preparers of our youth programs database: James Harris, Gary Ossewaarde, Nancy Baum and several other committee members. Manager Gary Ossewaarde.
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Meetings, forums and opportunities.

Click here for The HPKCC Youth Programs Database: afterschool and out-of-school activities and school partners and schools programs, a large number of which have asked or consented to partner with the HPKCC Schools Committee in having their contact information and a brief description placed on our Database. This file is ALPHABETICAL (but most University of Chicago programs are grouped together). This form of the database is biased toward arts, science, academic/tutoring, sports and similar programs. The expanded database (next paragraph) has a broader focus with more social experience and service providers. Also, see below other directories in hydepark.org that can help in identifying and locating comprehensive services and resources for youth and families on the South Side, and see other online databases of youth programs. Please feel free to copy, print and disseminate! (Please note this is an Adobe Acrobat Reader (.PDF) file, derived from an Access spreadsheet. (Not all fields show-- if you need a zip code, age target of a program, or estimates of what (some) cost, contact us at hpkcc@aol.com - Gary Ossewaarde.) (If you do not have the free Acrobat Reader, click here to download.) Our document has nearly 50 pages.... Suggested: finding and either printing the page(s) of interest or hand-copying an entry needed.)

Program Providers: please send timely updates to hpkcc@aol.com attn. Gary Ossewaarde/Schools. And we are delighted to learn when schools bring in new partners.

Visit our Afterschool database directory expanded version, with nearly all area providers or serving youth in our area, grouped by type of program and with expanded descriptions and more links.
2011 Summer camps and spring 2011 opportunities are coming in!
This database's url is www.hydepark.org/education/afterschool.htm. Last updated August 8 2016.

Chicago Academic Games League (CAGL). CAGL (Chicago Academic Games League) is back (2014-15 school year) as an online afterschool program. The first CPS school in the program is Robert A. Black in South Shore. A teacher in the school must sponsor and lead this unusual, FREE program of game-based math learning and application. They are actively recruiting schools. The program is no longer a program of Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference or its Schools Committee. (See what it was in the past.)
We would really encourage other schools to join us in pioneering the resurrection of CAGL online. The program is free to the schools. Anyone interested should contact me at the number below (or reply to this email.) Thanks for your interest.
Buzz Allen, President, Accelerated Learning Foundation, 641-919-2466 enswell@gmail.com http://gamesforthinkers.org.

To a more complete description of the CPS After School/Office of Extended Learning Opportunities programs (separate page). A new CPS guide to integrating the arts (including social studies and sciences) into the curriculum and creating full engagement with arts program providers was released as of October 23. It was announced at, inter alia, the HPKCC Schools Committee September 29 2009 Networking Dinner for Schools and LSCs. For details contact artseducation@cps.k12.il.us. It's called the "Chicago Guide for Teaching and Learning in the Arts."

New visions look to more encompassing approaches or expanded roles for schools: visit our Assets-Building Program/Coalition Prospectus and Kids Promise Zone for Nearby Neighborhoods?

All-day preschool program at Ray Elementary School. 8-6 M-F . Here's their brochure: http://javerill.cuipblogs.net/files/2013/07/Prek-Brochure1.pdf (will be linked when received- administrator)
Link to the program: http://javerill.cuipblogs.net.

Contact: Jane Averil, Tuition-Based Preschool Program javerill@cps.edu.
773-535-0954 (classroom), 773-955-0122 (home)

Visit the interactive website of Black Youth Project, which also has a vast archive link on research on youth and their concerns. http://www.blackyouthproject.com.

APPLY NOW FOR FALL and year-round AFTERSCHOOL MATTERS PROGRAMS (with DFSS)- Ages 6-18. Includes summer meals! Centers- ours is in the 4th CPS Region. Get academic suport, health, Use the "Program Locator" http://www.afterschoolchicago.org.

Teens: Apply Now For Fall Programs


Teens who are at least 14 years of age and currently enrolled in a Chicago Public Schools high school are encouraged to apply. Visit the web site for further eligibility requirements.

These other online programs databases are also highly recommended:

Project Exploration's nationwide opportunity database, Discover Your Summer, http://www.projectexploration.org/dys.htm.

Black Excel Chicago KidStart Summer Jobs at http://www.blackexcel.org (Other guides include college/college search) (Other guides to summer jobs are in www.cityofchicago.org and www.chicagoparkdistrict.com.)

Gear Up Chicago guides: http://www.GearUpChicago.org and cuip.uchicago.edu/schools/gearup/chicago/resources.

The Network Directory of the Southside arts and Humanities Network of The Civic Knowledge Project, University of Chicago. Updated annually. Contact Joanie Friedman or P. Gaffney, 773 834-3929.

University of Chicago and UC Alumni Partnership programs for public school students and in area schools are in this website's UC & Schools page.

Visit the following for advice on children facing summer school or "not passing". http://pureparents.org/index.php?blog/show/Help_for_parents.

The Wallace Foundation supported a database of programs funded by After School Matters, but the latter does not show many programs in our area - find in - http://www.AfterSchoolMatters.org.

Not on line is a Guide to school and youth providers in Hyde Park and Kenwood, prepared by the offices of State Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (1301 E. 53rd St., 773 667-0550) and Ald. Toni Preckwinkle (4th, 4659 S. Cottage Grove 2nd floor, 773 535-8103) and found at their offices. Rebecca Janowitz is to be thanked for long work on this.

Meetings, forums, opportunities

August 23, Wednesday, 6 pm. HPK CAC (community action council for schools) meets adt Hyde Park Art Center, 5020 S. Cornell. Election of officers, Jane Averill Reading Day, consideration of draft letter on the Single Application.

Resumes in Sept, 24th Thursday, 5:30 pm. HPKCC Schools Committee at Kenwood Academy Media Center, 5015 S. Blackstone. Use parking lot door, right 2 corridors, left, Meia center is left in middle of corridor.

CPS Budget info links see in Schools Committee.

CAC WEBSITE IS http://hydeparkcac.blogspot.com. email hydeparkcac@gmail.com.
Community Action Council (CAC)- September 22, Tuesday, 6 pm. at Jackie Robinson School, 4225 S. Lake Park Ave.
Carl Hurdlick of CPS FACE writes: Our first CAC meeting for the year will occur next Tuesday, September 22nd @6pm at Jackie Robinson Elementary (4225 S. Lake Park Avenue). Besides a spotlight on Robinson and other school updates, the meeting will include break-out sessions in which participants will discuss and report back on our asset mapping project, the 2015-16 CAC calendar and topics, and our outreach & marketing efforts. We hope to see you then.

For a table of open houses for parents looking for public schools in the area go to
or visit http://www.hydepark.org/programs/schools.html and scroll to link at the bottom.

HYDE PARK-KENWOOD COMMUNITY ACTION COUNCIL FOR SCHOOLS has formed, elected interim officers, is submitting a short-term goals action plan for our schools, and set 3rd Tuesdays ), 6 pm (places change)

CACs work to empower the community they serve to lead the improvement of local quality education. A CAC consists of 25-30 voting members who are directly involved in developing a strategic plan for educational success within their community. CAC members can include all interested parties such as: parents; elected officials; faith-based institutions; health care and community-based organizations; Local School Council members; business leaders; educators and school administrators; staff members from Chicago's Sister Agencies; community residents; and students.

There will be two tiers: those who wish to fill out applications for serving on a 22-25 member steering council, and those who wish in other ways to be involved and informed. (Council members will have to submit to a CPS background check).
And start on setting priorities for our schools.

People who feel they can make the commitment are encouraged to attend. We strongly encourage parents of children in the schools to come, since they are the primary stakeholders.


The guiding principle of the CPS Arts Education Plan is that every CPS student will receive ongoing high quality arts education both in and out of the classroom.

Through a comprehensive and sequential study of visual art, music, dance, and theater from K-12th grade, all Chicago Public Schools students will have the opportunity to develop into innovative thinkers and creative problem solvers who are capable of expressing themselves, understanding others and contributing to their city’s culture and economy for years to come.

The CPS Arts Education Plan honors and promotes the critical role of certified arts instructors as anchors for building robust arts programs and creating strong arts partnerships in schools.

Five Guiding Principles

¦Provide equity and access to arts learning for not just some, but all children

¦Return the arts to the ongoing education and school day experience

¦Provide quality sequential arts instruction

¦Prepare young people for life and work in the 21st Century

¦Support increasing high school graduation rates


The CPS Arts Education Plan will focus on creating goals that will elevate the following six standards in the arts:

¦District Arts Policy
¦In School and Out of School Arts Guidelines
¦Arts Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
¦Data and Strategy
¦Arts Partnerships & Collaborations
¦Professional Development in the Arts

Visit the new HPKCC website, http://www.hydepark.org to find latest thoughts and updates by the Conference on schools and education. To navigate into this background and neighborhood HPKCC site, go to http://www.hydeparkrecord.org.

These other Schools Committee and Hyde Park Record directories, resources and pages can inform about broader services and resources for young children, youth and families on the mid South Side and what the Committee and others are doing:

STATE OF HPK SCHOOLS DECEMBER 2014 CPS PRES. TO THE CAC. (It is 8 MB and one slide may have error).

Dyett RFP issued by CPS Dec. 19 2014- link is in Schools-Educ. News.

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