Shoreline Protection Project 37th to 45th Sts. 2003-5

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To proposal for permit 43rd to 45th, submitted to Illinois Dept. Nat. Res. Nov. 21, 2003, with site schematic and cross section.

Sponsors and Team- see in 45th-51st.

New shoreline and park being built mid 2004 37th to 45th St.s In progress mid 2004

existing 37th 45th

site plans and profiles for 37th to 45th

proposed improvements 37gh -45th to parking, lakefront path, beach

The 40th beach was greatly expanded in the August 7th exhibits.

40th Stl beach, access system and revetmetn cross section

40th pier, aquatic access  and access system

There was strongly expressed desire for some kind of lateral step descent in addition or in place of switchback ramps.