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Obama Presidential Center
. 1893 Col. Expo. Osaka. Nike bases. Army Corps in Jackson Pk.
Chicago Plays playgrounds (in this page)
How to book a workday in Jackson Park

Burnham. Burnham Nature Sanctuary
Promontory Point /Latest.

Park PAC and conservancy homepages in this site, followed by the PACs' own websites

Cornell Cornell's website
Elm. Elm Park's website
Harold Washington
JPAC/Jackson hub. JPAC's website
Kenwood. Kenwood Park's website
Midway Plaisance
Washington. Washington Pk's. Washington Park facebook.
Washington Park Conservancy's.
Friends of the Japanese Garden's (Osaka) website
. Project 12o.

Visit the Midway Plaisance Tour incl. Columbian Exposition! by Trish Morse.
Chicago Park District- new website incl. parks/council pages/ events/ SIGN UP.

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Activities/ Nights Out in the Parks- MyChiParks.org (or go to Facebook My Chi Parks and download the app) and find out how to earn Park Points.

PACs- put your events and meetings in the Hyde Park Herald- hpherald.com. Thursday morning for the next issue (Wednesday).


2020 Budget procedures and requests. (2019 approved- see your park's) to see it and your park's visit CPD website, look for finances- budget and management. And start on 2020 now- hearing passed, submit ideas to Region Managers.

Chicago Park District 2015 Board Meeting Calendar.You may also find Board Meeting dates (May 9 2019 the Annual Meeting 11:30 am at Fosco Park, 1213 S. Racine.) https://chicagoparkdistrict.legistar.com/ .

Read a snapshot of HPKCC take on state of parks in Sept. 2008 Conference Reporter.

PAC events permits
For permits and private events visit http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com, click permits, download as necessary. Questions? call 312 742-5369. Rules and requirements have changed, and all permits are handled downtown with the exception indoors and special facilities such as South Shore Cultural Center. More below.
Boulevards, anyone?

Neighborhood Enhancement Grants.

The Park District previewed new council standards with select councils. Provisions were found by councils to be unworkable or unacceptable. The district started over with a committee that includes councils, and new guidelines were written , but with still some problems. Visit the Park Issues Page, including for coverage, council and HPKCC comments, orig. draft. CPD Park Council standards are on line from Friends of the Parks.
See in Park Issues on revision of equitable distribution standards.

Next registration for park programs: 2nd month before the quarter begins- parks east of California Ave. Tuesday . In person in parks Saturday after.


PACs hold elections annually, hold meetings in park fieldhouse or other public space, must announce meetings 14 days in advance, and must keep binders in the fieldhouse- PAC BINDER:

· All PACS are required to keep a binder in their local field house.

· Please work with your park supervisor to ensure that your binder is up to date with membership applications, bylaws, minutes, agendas, bank statements, elections results.

· PACs are public bodies and the general public should have access to that information.

NEW WEBSITES FOR JACKSON PARK/JPAC (in addition to JPAC website here): http://www.jacksonparkadvisorycouncil.org,
Bobolink Meadow Volunteer Website. Friendsofthewhitecity.org

New Friends of Osaka Garden foundation: watch here for further information- http://www.friendsofthejapanesegarden.org, email japanesegardenfriends@gmail.com. Project120Chicago.org
Our Osaka page.

Latest on beach pollution and swim bans. More at CPD Office of Green Initiatives, Cathy Breitenbach.
To find our about your beach today- @chicagopark on facebook/Twitter, 773 742-2324, or cpd website.

Read about the Rainbow Beach conversion to school land issue at http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/content/education/chi-rainbow-beach-parkmar18,0,5726230.story

Jobs and Summer Programs for kids and others. See also AfterSchool, Recreation

For these visit Chicago Park District: http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com. Or 312 742-PLAY:
Can I swim at the beach today? Park Dist. website or 312 74BEACH.
Rentals, weddings et al: go to park district website: Permits, Special Events Permits.

Beaches open Memorial Day weekend and close after Labor Day. Find out if your beach is open and safe: Text 312 715-swim text the word beaches and text in the name of your beach. Outdoor pools open 3rd weekend in June.
Or call 312 74-beach or visit http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com or its Facebook and Twitter links.

Information on what this means- visit safebeachpage.

See your park from above with Google Earth.

Park District area preliminary budget hearings come in the summer- SEE WHAT PARK COUNCILS, USERS ASKED . In budget page.
See report on a meeting with park district officers, led by Nichols council, on IT, communications and work order procedure. In Nichols homepage.
To reports on HPKCC parks committee meetings in Parks Committee page.
To Olympics in Washington, Jackson Parks; controversy. HPKCC letter to Mayor.
Rebuilding Our Parks.
From recent HPKCC Conference Reporter Parks reports
Playground safety scores on on the Friends of the Parks website.

Related web pages: Hyde Park Garden Fair Committee. Navigate from there to Hyde Park Gardens and Gardening (Watch for gardening seminars next winter!). Garden Fair's Site. L.I.L.A.C. Metra embankments. Gardens home.
Green Calendar/Resource page.
Envir. Sust. Comm. & Docs.
Dog Friendly Area (or -ness) vs. Dogs and Wooded Island
Recreation and Fitness.
Park fundraising. The Capital Budgets are in PD website.
Park budget requests.
HPKCC Parks Committee:
Report on Small Parks Networking meeting and program. PD Budget link, hearing, FOT/PD briefing mtg. Movies and more in the parks.

To the virtual links at left to several parks, structural, activities, and issues pages add:
Burnham and sub. Burnham Nature Sanctuary
Bessie Coleman Park,
Cornell Playlot Park,
Elm Park
Harold Washington Park

Harris Recreational Center
Kenwood Park,
Promontory Point Park,
Spruce Park,
Stout Park,
Washington Park Arboretum Fountain of Time
Don't miss what's in Other Parks.

See Morgan Shoal/Pebble Beach final plan, Shoreline related park projects, Lakefront Prot. Ordinance, South Lakefront Access

South Side Nature Oasis Programs as well as park volunteer opportunities are in the Green page.

Our parks range from vest pocket to neighborhood parks (some with regional attractions) to the big regional parks that surround us on three sides. A few have active councils. Their schedules are found in "Advisory Councils." The Conference provides support services for and has special ties to the councils for Nichols Park (an HPKCC affiliate) and Jackson Park. HPKCC is proud to manage and maintain JPAC's website, here, as "Jackson Park" top of left bar.

If you see something happening that shouldn't be, call 911 and Park Security 312 747-2193.

For Permits, go to the park district website- search special events permits or permits (latter will bring you to all, including baseball fields.)

The folks at the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference welcome your comments and help. Remember our e-mail address is hpkcc@aol.com. Parks webmaster: Gary Ossewaarde.

Friends of the Parks website Advisory Council Blog

Some Photo Galleries

55th Street Berm and some garden and greening styles in Hyde Park
63rd Street Jackson Beach House/Schiff Interactive Play Fountain,
Animal Bridge
Jackson Park lagoons
MSI U-505 construction and move
Nike C-41 Bases
Osaka Garden in Jackson Park

Wooded Island
Harold Washington Park
Midway Readers and Winter Garden
Promontory Point
South Shore Cultural Center and more with its timeline (main parks have timelines)
Spruce Park
Washington Park incl. Fountain of Time
(More in pages of the several parks (Jackson, Midway, Nichols) and site of Mary Rose Shaughnessy)

In this home page:

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FEBRUARY 9, 2019 FROM THE PROMONTORY POINT CONSERVANCY (formerly Save the Point). Arrangements have been made and FUNDS ARE NOW IN HAND FROM THE PUBLIC to install a commemorative limestone boulder with plaque honoring the SUCCESSFUL NAMING OF PROMONTORY POINT IN 2018 ON THE NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES. (SEE PROPOSED TEXT AT THE PROM. POINT WEBSITE). Sponsors were the Chicago Park District, Promontory Point Conservancy, Hyde Park Historical Society and more. Major in-kind and monetary grants have already been received, the boulder and location designated, and plaque wording approved. READ, GIVE, SHARE STORIES. https://promontorypoint.org or https://promontorypoint.org/give. HPHS is fiscal agent and is a 5013c.

WE ARE PLEASED TO WELCOME in summer 2018 A NEW PAC IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD, MA HOUSTON. This park is by Reavis School, 50th and Cottage Grove. More info coming.

Link to a wonderful article in the New York Times about how great parks make great cities and neighborhoods-

To learn more about Chicago Park District visit http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/

If you volunteer or wish to volunteer in parks, please note that new procedures including online sign up are being implemented. Be sure to catch up. This includes mandatory fingerprinting and background checks depending on the kind and degree of involvement.

Dates of importance

Meetings schedule

CPD BOARD MEETINGS - Check back for details as locations and times have been in flux lately.

THE 2019 BOARD MEETINGs, July 10, 11:30 am, 541 N. Fairbanks, 8th floor unless in a park.

Click on the Legistar link to view the agenda and meeting details. Also, please register to receive automatic notices when an agenda has been posted to our legislative web portal. Last, if you no longer wish to receive this email please notify the Office of the Secretary.

The Budget Recommendation is available online and copies have been placed on file in the Secretary’s Office. To view the Budget Recommendation click on the link below.
http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/departments/finance/budget-and-management/. This year the budget document has changed format, stress goals and offerings rather than how much each park gets. It was approved. Friends of the Parks has issued a report saying the budget disadvantages minority and low income sections of the city. This is disputed by th Park Distrit.

To view the agenda, click on the Legistar link below.


Chicago Park District Release of 2019 Proposed Budget & Public Budget Hearing - Wednesday, December 5th
The Chicago Park District has released the 2019 Budget rec
ommendations<https://assets.chicagoparkdistrict.com/s3fs-public/documents/page/2019%20Budget%20Recommendations.pdf> document. To review your park's budget and to see the whole document, visit the park district's Budget and Management webpage<https://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/about-us/departments/budget-and-management>. The Chicago Park District will have their public budget hearing<https://chicagoparkdistrict.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx> on the proposed budget on Wednesday, December 5th at 11:30am at the Park District's Administration Building, 8th floor, 541 N. Fairbanks, Chicago, Illinois 60611. The deadline to sign up to speak is by 4pm on Monday, December 3rd. The Board of Commissioners will vote on the budget at their monthly meeting, scheduled for December 12th (see details below). If you do not see your park's budget page or have questions, please reach out to Friends of the Parks at (312) 857-2757 ext. 7 or machucan@fotp.org<mailto:machucan@fotp.org>.

Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners Meeting - Wednesday, January 9>
The complete 2018 meeting schedule<https://chicagoparkdistrict.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx> is posted on the Park District website. You can speak on behalf of your park or parks issue by signing up<https://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/get-involved/speaking-board-commissioner-meetings> by 4pm the MONDAY before. The December meeting is Wednesday, December 12th at 11:30am at the Park District's Administration Building, 8th floor, 541 N. Fairbanks, Chicago, Illinois 60611. Check the District's website<https://chicagoparkdistrict.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx> to confirm the meeting time, location and agenda. NOTE: The Park District has changed the deadline for signing-up to speak for the People in the Parks section. It was changed from the day before the meeting and is now the Monday before the meeting. The time remains 4pm.


Check back each year for December- final budget then December mtg, Wednesday, 11:30 pm. Chicago Park District board meets at 511 N. Fairbanks Ct. 8th floor. To speak and for agenda, visit legistar- https://chicagoparkdistrict.legistar.com/Default.aspx. Sign up to speak by email at at signuptospeak@chicagoparkdistrict.com.
(reg. to speak by late afternoon day before- see below.)

Normally in 8th floor of CPD, 541 N. Fairbanks at 3:30 PM. Next June 12, 2018.

Please click on the Legistar link (in 2nd week of December) to view the agenda and meeting details. Also, please register to receive automatic notices when an agenda has been posted to our legislative web portal.

Legistar Link


Sign-Up To Speak Procedures (Changes were put into effect May 2018- including that one must sign up 2 days in advance (by 4:30 pm on the Monday before). Meetings are moved permanently to 11:30 am. Total time for public to talk is 30 minutes.

Registration Requirements. Persons who wish to address the Board during the public comment period must complete a registration form which includes the speaker’s name, contact information, any relevant title or park affiliation. Registrations must be submitted to the Secretary of the Board of Commissioners or her designee by email, by telephone or by in-person request. Email submissions must be sent to signuptospeak@chicagoparkdistrict.com<mailto:signuptospeak@chicagoparkdistrict.com>. Telephone submissions may be called in to (312) 742-4299. In person registrations will take place the Tuesday before the meeting from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at 541 N. Fairbanks Court, 3rd Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60611. Registrations must be received by the Secretary no later than 4:00 PM on the day prior to the board meeting. The request must set out clearly the nature of the subject matter to be presented and must relate to matters within the authority of the Board of Commissioners. The Board reserves the right to make additional methods of registration available from time to time.

Online Sign-Up can be made via email at signuptospeak@chicagoparkdistrict.com . Registrants must submit the following:

· Name

· Contact information

· Relevant Title or Park Affiliation

· Issue they wish to address

Supporting documents can be attached to the email for submission to the Board of Commissioners

Telephone Sign-Up can be made at (312) 742-4299. Registrants must submit the following via telephone:

· Name

· Contact information

· Relevant Title or Park Affiliation

· Issue they wish to address

Please leave the above requested information after the recording.

In-person Sign-Up can be made the day prior to the meeting on the 3rd Floor of the Administration Building at 541 N. Fairbanks Court, Chicago, IL. 60611 from 1:00-3:00 PM.

Budget hearings- for year 2020.

Share your budget ideas and concerns or submit written comments only through the dedicated budget webmin form by clicking on the link below. (The CPD 2016 has been adopted.)

2019 Park District Budget IS RELEASED (and has been approved) on the Park District’s website<http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/departments/finance/budget-and-management/

PAC park event permits for 2019

PAC Partnerships and Permits for Events:

The Chicago Park District is pleased to announce our 2017 Special Event Permit Application process. Mark your calendar for November 4, 2016 at 9am, when application intake for all 2017 event levels will open.

Here's a quick overview of the two-step process: purchase the non-refundable $35 2019 Permit Application Fee online, which secures your space in the first come-first served processing queue.

Once you purchase the 2017 Permit Application Fee, submit your completed Special Event Permit Application online. Links are provided here:


If you have any questions, please contact The Department of Revenue, Permits Division at 312.742.5369

Please use CODE: AC 2017 EVENT to waive the $35 application fee. Please work with your park supervisors for planning PAC events

HPKCC and its Parks Committee contributed to the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Neighborhood Enhancement Grant program of South East Chicago Commission in partnership with Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference and Hyde Park Bank, a Wintrust Community Bank, and in 2018 POAH Housing Plus ain 2018 a Smith Foundation matching grant. We give a special shout out to Hyde Park winners 2017:
- Cornell Park, awarded a grant for development of its natural area and kiosk. )And a big PD grant to enhance the park and the nature play area. )
- Chicago Public Arts Group to complete the mosaics in the 57th Drive underpass.
The Conference gave at least $4,000 to PACS, enhancement grants and other park promotion and organizing activities in 2015-16 FY.
2019 NEGs applications are open through May 24. Check www.secc-chicago.org. (HPKCC did not contribute this year.)

2018 Hyde Park Winners- Midway PAC for more bulb planting.
Nichols Park PAC for landscaping at the south fountain
Augustana Church garden
Ray school landscaping and garden
Mural "Childhood Is Without Prejudice" restoration, under the 56th St. Metra/CN viaduct

We always deeply regret when there is an incident, killing, or accident in one of our parks.

Sign up to volunteer at South Shore Cultural Center- "League of 100" including in the nature sanctuary. www.volunteersignup.org/RCFB3

Events and meetings and special announcements

A special announcemts from Anne Renna regarding the ball field by Ray School/Bixler Playlot. July 1, 2019.
Friends of Ray School was fortunate enough to be awarded a grant from Major League Baseball and the Scotts company to renovate our baseball field (located on CPS property to the east of the school building, just north of 57th Street). The renovation work begins this week and includes mostly infield work with the addition of clay around bases and new infield sod. For at least 3 weeks after the sod is installed (or until August 1st, safely) we will need all people and dogs to stay off the field so the grass can become established and healthy. We love that the Ray School playgrounds are used by so many in our community and we expect to permit community groups to use our new baseball field outside of school hours in the future. If you're interested in joining our Google group for managing the Ray baseball field renovation and later programming on the field, please send me a direct message and I'll add you to the list.
indings, background.

WORKDAYS. Check out www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/ge-involved-/volunteer/natural-areas-community-stewardship-days and other subpages.


New in Jackson Park: 3rd Sats. 10-12 63rd St. Beach Natural Area- ewarden@sheddaquarium.org.
TreeKeepers workdays and Columbia Basin area natural area workdays- Nancy Joseph njoseph2008@aol.com.

2nd Sats 9-12 Bobolink workdays (meet driving range lot.
4th Sats 10-1 Wooded Island (meet south bridge)

New in Jackson Park: 3rd Sats. 10-12 63rd St. Beach Natural Area- ewarden@sheddaquarium.org.
TreeKeepers workdays and Columbia Basin area natural area workdays- Nancy Joseph njoseph2008@aol.com.

Midway Plaisance work events

Aug. 19- visit their facebook page or website for details.

Nichols Meadow workdays 2019, 3-5 mostly 3rd Sunday.

July 21, Aug. 18, Sept 15, Oct 17

Burnham Nature Sanctuary. Workdays 1st Saturdays (unless preceding a Monday holiday then 2nd Sat.) 9 am

South Shore Cultural Center 3rd Sats at 10. (August's is part of a Monarch Butterfly Festival (all day)


Elm Park (Woodlawn north of Kimbark Plaza 53rd)
August 17 2019 afternoon. Mandala Arts will present a participatory family program celebrating three cultures in dance, music, and theater in the park. Free. Picnicking welcome. Bring own seating.

MOVIES IN HAROLD WASHINGTON PARK 2019. G rated, family friendly

July 22- Dream Girls

July 15- 4-Star Brass Band performs in Harold Washington Park.

Kenwood. July 26, 6:30 pm Hyde Park School of Dance performs.

5 movies (generally with pre-screening activities starting at 7) on Wednesday evenings starting July 10.
Midweek @ The Midway.

July 27- Bantu Fest

August 5-9, 19-23 soccer camp


July 19-21, 26-28. 6-8 pm. Shakespeare in the Parks. Hyde Park Community Playsers presents "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

July 27 Saturday- early evening Night Out in the Parks- Melanin Voices at Nichols. Young, black female poets and artists tell their stories.

Nichols Park George Franklin Summer Sunday Concert Series. 4-6 pm. 53rd Kenwood. Bring own chair. Free, outside.
July 21- Character Readhe- Celtic
July 28- Manny Torres- Pop/Sou
August 4- Chicago Loud 9- Hip Hop/Rock/Pop
August 11- 28 Days- Classic Rock/Top 40
August 18- Dave Herrero- Punk
August 25- Zeramela and Friends- Jam Band
Sept. 1- One More Moon- Folk
Sept. 8- Billy Flynn- Blues

South Shore

July 23, Tuesday, 7:30 pm. Project Tool in Set ... with Keishe Janae. Co-produced by DJ Sun Selector. Free.
August 17-- Monarch Butterfly Festival.

Jackson Park

JPAC/Jackson Park Spring-Summer 2019 Calendar rev. of 7-22-2019

(Find rolling updates at http://hydepark.org/parks/jpac/2019 Spring Calendar.pdf )

Next August 12.

63RD ST. BEACH NAT AREA 3rd Sats 10-12 (Jy 20, Au 17, S 21, O19). SO SH CULTL CTR NATURE SANCT 3rd S 10-12 WOODED I. 4TH SAT. 10-1.
Columbia Basin, TreeKeepers- Nancy Joseph njoseph2008@aol.com.

JACKSON PARK 1893 WORLD’S FAIR TOURS. SATURDAYS, 11 AM APRIL-OCTOBER. Meet at east side of Darrow Bridge (pkg lot s of MSI). Itineraries vary. Q or confirmation- Louise McCurry.
AUDBON BIRD WALKS SAT AM AT 8 - CIRCLE FROM PARKING LOT SE OF MSI, around MSI south sud/Basin, Wooded Island, and around through Bobolink Meadow north to start point in pkg lot..

(Events are subject to change.) Except as otherwise noted, contact Louise McCurry with questions.
We need volunteers to help on special events, workdays -contact Louise McCurry, commisioner751@icloud.com, 773 844-2225 June 21, and special-group workdays.

Our piano ) in the fieldhouse is available to play 9 am-6 pm. (closed Sundays)
Tuesdays through July 30, 1 pm.. Free short lessons on our piano with Thaddeus Tukes! Fieldhouse.

July 24, Wednesday, 6-8 pm. Summer Dance. A variety of genres with live band. In the Music Court and pkg lot southeast of Museum of Science and Industry. Exit LSD at 5800 light.

July 27, Saturday, 10-1. Wooded Island Workday. sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com. Meet at south bridge to the Island. We are going to have an interesting group consisting of a number of People from the Providence Bank in South Shore. Used to be the South Shore Bank. Among others its Pres. And 3 founders. We’re going to be doing some mulching, weed pulling and path clearing. We’ll need as many of you especially our regular heroes to help organize and execute this event. Thanks, Jerry

August 2, Friday, late afternoon. Party and showcase for end of summer camp. Fieldhouse. Limited non-student entry.

August 9, Friday, details tba. Installation party for our new sculpture's 1-year residency at the fieldhouse.

August 10, Saturday, 9 am-noon. Bobolink Meadow Workday. www.bobolinkvolunteers.org.

August 10, Saturday, dusk. Movies in the Park- “Wonder Woman”. MSI lawn (inside if rain). Pre-activities.

August 12, Monday, 7 pm. Jackson Park Advisory Council. 6401 S. Stony Island.

August 14, Wednesday, 6 pm. Summer Dance- Music Court pkg lot south of MSI.

August 17, Saturday, 10 am. 63rd St. Beach Natural Area Workday. ewarden@sheddaquarium.org.

August 24, Saturday, 10 am. Wooded Island Workday. sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com.

August 28, Wednesday, dusk. Movies in the Park. Local Film Showcase. MSI lawn (rain: inside). Pre-activities.

NIGHTS OUT IN THE PARK. Flashlight Tour rescheduled June 29 but probably full..
Movies (MSI lawn), Aug 10 Wonder Woman. May be one Aug 24 at 63rd beach.

Summer Dance (Music Court & lot se of MSI) July 24, Aug 14. Draws from all over the city!
SUMMER CAMP & session registration opened online April 23, in person April 27 for programs June 24-August 2. A variety of programs for kids, youth and adults from pickleball and ping pong to sports, weight & fitness to crafts. Low prices; scholarships are available. Info and reg. at PD website.


HBCU golf association will hold an open tournament August 17.

There may also be an adaptive golf tournament in September. And part of the Senior Games is usually in Jackson Park.



Bixler - tba.
Cornell Park PAC meets 4th Mondays 6:30 pm, at Catholic Theological Union, 5416 S. Cornell. August 26? normwbell@gmail.com.
Elm PAC meets at Nichols fieldhouse 4th Tuesdays 6 pm except does not meet much in winter. tba?
Harold Washington Park 2nd Wednesdays- May 8 Nichols fieldhouse- now watch for organizational meeting.
Harris Park Advisory Council. 3rd Weds at 4. 6200 S. Drexel meeting room.
poss. tba
Jackson Park Advisory Council meets 2nd Mondays at the 7 pm at the fieldhouse, 6401 S. Stony Island. August 12.
Kenwood-sch. 4th Tuesdays , 6:30 or 7 pm at St. Paul & Redeemer, 4945 S. Dorchester, Bylesby room or, pkg lot entrance.
Midway Plaisance meets 2nd Wednesdays 6:30 pm at the fieldhouse. August 14.
Nichols at Nichols fieldhouse 7 pm 2nd Thursday- vanb@uchicago.edu. August 8.
South Shore Cultural Center Advisory Council 10:30 am 2nd Saturdays at 7059 South Shore Drive. August 10.
Spruce Park Adv. Co. 3rd Mondays, 6 pm. at Nichols fieldhouse clm3611@aol.com, tba.
Stout 1st Tuesdays, 6 pm at Nichols fieldhouse- eastkenneth@gmail.com. tba
Washington. 3rd Wednesday 7 pm at the fieldhouse, 5531 S. King Dr. August 16.
(Mandrake 3858 S. Cottage Grove- 3rd Tuesday?, 6:30 pm. )

Department of Legislative and Community Affairs Update:
Please welcome the newest addition to the Department of Legislative and Community Affairs Wade Chan. Wade will be working with the Dog Friendly Areas and with Volunteer Groups. DFA’s please contact Wade Chan with any questions: wade.chan@chicagoparkdistrict.com or 312-742-4628.

Almost every playground in Hyde Park and most in Kenwood have been replaced under this 3 year program. Beginning in 2013 there were regional then localized meetings, at first a contest for those PACs and neighbors clubs most interested in having renewed play equipment and selecting the same. Later, to the extent possible neighbors, schools etc. were engaged and aldermen held equipment choice meetings. From the start, Friends of the Parks, Chicago Children's Hospital/Safe Play Coalition, and Chicago Parks Foundation have been involved in the program. The original impetus included realization that it would take decades to renew all playgrounds unless funds were raised and, frankly, corners cut-- standardized choices, equipment only, replacement only, and simple fibar on the ground. This also required clear community commitment to workdays and upkeep, especially of the fibar under the slides and swings and periodic delivery of fibar to parks. All equipment and contractor work is carefully inspected before the fenced-off work area is reopened.

In 2013 Mayor Emanuel’s Chicago Plays! playground renovation program was launched with its goal to replace 300 playgrounds over the course of five years in communities across Chicago. Using community input and commitment more than 300 playgrounds will be renovated by the end of 2016. A full year ahead of schedule! This program has impacted neighborhoods all across Chicago from Mary Margaret Langdon Playlot in Rogers Park to Bessemer Park in South Chicago and hundreds in between. Children have enjoyed safe, fun, and modern new equipment throughout Chicago!

The University of Illinois' (Chicago) Illinois Prevention Research Center has been working with the Chicago Park District since 2013 to evaluate the Chicago Plays! program. Learn how our team has used observational methods to gather data on how park use and park activity have increased since the playground renovations. We will be sharing results from Year 1 of our evaluation at a meeting July 18 at Kilbourn Park 9 a.m. This data can be used to inform new proposals for repairs and renovations in your neighborhood park and continue the success that the Chicago Plays! program has found.

Design for renewed Bixler playlot:

Bixler Playground equipment rendering CPD

Find Bixler PAC facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1704771603106656/

Openlands trees available for public spaces twice a year.

Openlands, an organization that protects the natural and open spaces of Illinois, is accepting applications for its 2016 TreePlanters Grant.

The grant will be used to plant trees in neighborhoods throughout various communities, and residents in Chicago have from now until Jan. 11 to apply for a chance for their community to take part in the grant.

Applicants are required to identify locations in their neighborhood for 10-30 trees to be planted on public land.
Go to http://www.openlands.org/treeplanters-grant.



The Park District, thanks to a gift from Kenneth Griffin, will be fixing the remaining Lakefront Trail miles (where possible separating bike and pedestrian traffic) by 2018.
And congratulations Harold Washington Park, which will have renewal of the tennis courts thanks to a grant from the Pritzker Family Foundation (including Dr. Bryan Traubert).


Wooded Island is open again.

Dogs are prohibited in Natural Areas, which includes all of Wooded Island (including the Japanese Garden) and the Bobolink Meadow even on a leash. There is a minimum fine of $300. It's ordinance VII.B10a.

Of course everyone thinks their dog is an exception but a study in Biological Letters by Peter B. Banks and Jessica V. Bryant, showed that walking large or small dogs on leash made a huge difference. "Regardless of the type of area, dog walking led to a 35 percent reduction in the number of bird species and a 41 percent reduction in overall bird numbers, compared with the control. (People walking alone caused some disturbance, but less than half that caused by people with dogs.)" the dogs are predators to the birds even if yours is not so much.

Migratory birds are at grave risk of extinction, these are natural areas to give them somewhere to be on one of the great migration routes, they need all the help they can get, so please choose to walk your dogs on the 600+ other acres of the park.

However, Darrow Bridge across the north neck of the lagoons at Columbia Basin connecting parking to the east and Wooded Island/ Japanese Garden to the southwest and points west is closed. Most important is that funding for the whole has been secured. CDOT (Tanora Adams) reported at the May 8 2017 JPAC meeting. In mid-July, CMAP planning agency approved the reconstruction, which gives certainty. A public meeting will be scheduled for later 2017. Federal permitting still required. The reporting CDOT official was unable to confirm 2019 as start date. It is important to remember that the responsible agency for Darrow Bridge is the Illinois Department of Transportation.

First Sundays into fall- bird tour in Washington Park, 8 am, meet at Refectory.


PAC Workshop: Culture for Every Park: Identifying Creative Assets & Resources in Our Neighborhoods
Saturday, June 15, 2019 Piotrowski Park, 4247 W 31st S. 9:30AM- 12:30PM

And BIODIVERSITY FLOURISHES IN MANY OF OUR WATERS, including Morgan shoal, an ancient reef that protrudes almost to the surface of Lake Michigan off 49th St. Several locals have documented this (see its story) and the Chicago Tribune ran a feature July 22, 2016.

(See above for park advisory council meetings.)

- Returns in May 2018. COLUMBIAN EXPO/WORLD'S FAIR one hour tours select Saturdays 9:30 am. Contact Louise McCurry, 773 844-2225. SCHEDULE MAY CHANGE

How to book a workday for your group in Jackson Park.

2017 Park District Budget
The 2018 BUDGET IS ONLINE on the Park District’s website<http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/departments/finance/budget-and-management/>


Generally 2nd Wednesday, 3:30 pm. Chicago Park District board meeting at 541 N. Fairbanks Ct. To speak recommend signing up (and seeing agenda) before 5 pm day before- https://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com.legistar/Default.aspx. Many have been speaking lately- you may be denied even if come an hour early day of meeting.

Online and in person registration for Fall Camp and programs for parks has started, watch now for winter- to do this online you must have registered. Look first at the checklist in the site and your park's programs (or in any park the programs you are interested in) and conditions. Note that if programs are filled or cancelled, registrants are referred to similar programs at other parks.
In person registration in parks usually opens the Saturday after online registration.

The Chicago Police Department introduced a new mobile unit approach to beaches and parks in June 2016.

Harold Washington Playlot Park is one of 4 lakeside park sites chosen for pavilion-kiosks in connection with the Chicago Architecture Biennial (Oct 3-Jan. 3 2015-16) design competition. The design was deemed by community and alderman and nixed.

Things progress-- thanks to a generous family donation, the Wallach Fountain at the 55th entrance into Promontory Point will be restored in spring 2016 (not yet?).
Assessment continues for the Women's Memorial Bench on the Midway east of the railways. Cleaning and improvement work continues along the tracks.
Stout Park is in process of planning replacement of removed of dead trees and is getting new playgrounds starting in June 2016. Nichols had two stumps transformed, into a "wolf" and a "heron."
Play equipment replacements continue to be planned and made. Bixler will also get a new playground starting in June. PLAYGROUNDS WILL BE UNDERWAY IN SEVERAL PARKS BY MID-JUNE. PLANNING FOR SEVERAL OTHER PROJECTS IS UNDER WAY.

A fine cross section of city parks leaders gathered May 30 2015 at Nichols fieldhouse (under sponsorship of Elm Park and CPD) and shared suggestions for small parks. Successes ranged from good kiosks to good playgrounds and general attractiveness to appropriate programming and activities that give neighbors reasons to get together and bond. There were community-area meetings checking up on how parks are serving users and communities.


New opportunities for PACs are coming forward with the Chicago Parks Foundation as well as Friends of the Parks. chicagoparksfoundation.org, fotp.org - Nichole: MachucaN@fotp.org.


Windy City Hoops brings yearround basketball to boys and girls aged 13-18 in var. parks (incl. Jackson)- Fridays 7-10 and Saturdays 5-10. Forms are at parks or aldermanic offices.312 742-7529 or 312 774-2001.

Park Points and the Night Out in the Park App-- My Chi Parks.

Are you a loyal patron of Chicago’s parks? Then Park Points was made for you!

The Chicago Park District is excited to announce the launch of Park Points, a new and innovative program designed to enhance further exploration and engagement for park patrons by rewarding some of your everyday interactions with the Park District. The first of its kind in the country, Park Points is available through your mobile device, desktop, and any other devices with Internet access.

Park Points provides you many ways to earn points simply by being a Chicago Park District patron. Earning opportunities could include visiting a specific beach or park, sharing photos via social media, participating in certain classes, attending specific events, and more. As exciting activities are happening in our parks and facilities we will let you know exactly how to earn more points. In fact, by signing up today and linking some of your social media accounts, you’ll instantly be rewarded with points!

The best part of it all is that you get to take the points you’ve earned and bid on exclusive experiences such as turning on Buckingham Fountain, private training from a boxing expert or taking a boat cruise to enjoy the lakefront fireworks! And that’s just the beginning, throughout the year we’ll be adding exciting experiences for you to bid on.

Park Points is our way of saying thanks for being our biggest supporters and reward you for your continued loyalty.

If you have not checked out Park Points yet, visit www.chiparkpoints.com to register and start earning points now!
Park Points: https://chiparkpoints.com/


Night Out In The Parks is back All Year Round, and with it comes an exciting new way to get all the schedule information – a mobile app! The “My Chi Parks ™ app is available now as a free download in both the Apple store and Google Play store!

Act NOW and get rewarded with Park Points. Download the My Chi Parks ™ app, sign into or sign up for Park Points and earn 1,000 points! Sign up for Park Points: https://chiparkpoints.com/

There are 1000 events happening in Chicago’s parks this summer. Check out what is coming to a park near you: http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/events/

January 8, 2015. After lengthy board discussion, the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference affirmed its support for having the Obama Library on the South Side of Chicago; it did not offer an opinion on the siting or conditions in the U of C bid

How did your park fare in the remap going into effect in 2015? Nichols, Elm stayed in the 4th, Spruce and Butternut and Harold Washington moved to the 5th, Stout and Coleman and Cornell and Coleman stayed in the 5th.

We look with interest at lakefront enhancements, particularly to planned nature and birding habitat expansion along the lakefront from south of McCormick place to 47th St. - especially west of the Drive, which will add to the additions made east of the drive and the natural areas in Jackson Park and at South Shore Cultural Center and in the Calumet region. Thousands of bird friendly plants and trees and ground cover are involved.

We are thrilled to announce that Friends of the Parks has named ELM PARK ADVISORY COUNCIL Advisory Council of the Year. The honor was conferred at FOTP's Annual Recognition Luncheon, February 2 2012 at Chicago Cultural Center. Erma Tranter, Pres. of FOTP, said the council was selected for insuring that Elm Park is not taken for a parking lot. "through special events and volunteer plantings, Elm Park became the heart center of a Hyde Park neighborhood." These sentiments were also given by Ald. Will Burns, who cites the PAC as an example of citizenship in action.
res. of FOTP, said the council was selected for insuring that Elm Park is not taken for a parking lot. "through special events and volunteer plantings, Elm Park became the heart center of a Hyde Park neighborhood." These sentiments were also given by Ald. Will Burns, who cites the PAC as an example of citizenship in action.

Chicago Sculpture International will be bringing world class sculpture to our Lakefront parks 2012-13. For information on this really bid show, visit. http://chicagosculpture.wordpress.com.

New CPD registration system and website is up and running:

Nov 1st, Tuesday, 9 am- online registration for Winter Camp and programs for parks east of California Ave. starts- to do this online you must have registered. Look first at the checklist in the site and your park's programs (or in any park the programs you are interested in) and conditions. Note that if programs are filled or cancelled, registrants are referred to similar programs at other parks.
In person registration in parks usually opens the Saturday after online registration.

*Save the date** Fall Day Camp registration is just around the corner! Online summer program registration begins Mon., August 3 for parks WEST of California Ave. and Tues., August 4 for parks EAST of California Ave at 9 a.m. In person registration begins on Sat., August 8 at most parks. Some parks begin Mon., August 10. View The checklist and program or parks offerings and create a wish list beginning Get a chance to win Exclusive Early Access to Registration through Park Points™. Not a member? Sign up NOW and start earning toward this great reward!

Substantial changes have been made to the system by ActiveNet, the Park District’s web vendor (more on these changes below). While we believe these changes will make a big impact on the performance of the system, the Park District is taking the extra step of dividing registration into two different zones, to help ensure a successful fall registration.

It is important that all patrons update their account information prior to fall registration.
Update your account information now. Once logged into the system, click on the "Answer/Edit Account Questions" link. Look for these questions under the "Account Creation Questions" section for each account holder. Remember to update this information for all individuals on your account
. Questions? at the website or play@chicagoparkdistrict.com.

The Chicago Park District has launched a new website and mobile site in January 2012. The website will feature a fresh new design along with other enhancements including improved navigation and park search, interactive maps, and a new program registration system that allows patrons to view their registrations (both past and present) via their account. Starting January 3, patrons can register for a fitness center or lap swim membership through the new registration system, and create an online account. Patrons must set up an account before registering for programs or memberships. More information will be available on our website and in the December email newsletter.

Summer online registration begins Monday, April 9 at 9 am.

With the high amount of traffic anticipated on the first day of online registration,
you may experience very high wait times after first selecting a program to be added to your cart.
If the following wait screen appears when you register, please do just that – WAIT.
If you leave the page, refresh or hit any other key, you will lose your place in line.
Remain on this page until you are automatically moved along to the next screen.

HelHELP TO GO TO DAY CAMP ETC.:p to go to park camp and related CPD programs

Summer is around the corner, and the best way to keep the children of our communities safe,
is to keep them occupied. The Chicago Park District has many free-to-low cost programs for
youth and teens alike this summer. Thanks to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Summer Safety Surplus
grant, we are able to offer financial assistance to thousands of children for day camp.

Applicants must provide proof of participation in the Illinois Free and Reduced Lunch Program.

Applicants who do not participate in the school lunch program can prove eligibility by providing
income verification (i.e., 2012 recent pay stubs for last 30 days, AFDC / TANF case #, a copy
of a recent IRS 1040 form). All information submitted is confidential.

To apply for financial assistance, bring copies of the required documents to the desired park
through June 11 during normal park hours.

If you know of any families that may be able to take advantage of this opportunity, please feel free
to share this information.

Chicago Park District Day Camps run June 25th through August 3rd.

Contact your local park for details.

Sharing is caring, Nicole Berry ;)
Marketing Communications Professional

Keep up with the Park District on TV! Chicago @ Play is a monthly program dedicated to what's going on in city parks. Watch episodes on our YouTube channel or tune in to Chicago Municipal TV, channel 49 (depending on your cable provider), twice daily at 6:30 and 10:30 p.m.
In this month's show learn about:
- "Take the Field", an initiative bringing 10 new artificial turf athletic fields to Chicago parks
- Ice Skating
- Volunteers
- Special Recreation Cooking Class

Park Permits

Councils were told that if THEY are doing the event and don't have inflatables, liquor etc. fees are waived and (NEW-- NO INSURANCE NEEDED). But the people at Park Hq and the park supervisor still have to be consulted.

"When is a Special Event Permit needed?

You must apply for a Special Event Permit when your event has one or more of the following elements:

(1) 50 or more attendees/participants;

(2) alcohol;

(3) amplified sound;

(4) tents 10'x10' or larger;


(6) photography, video or other media recording;

(8) inflatables.

If you are unsure whether or not a Special Event Permit is required, please contact the Department of Park Services at (312) 742-5369.

How do I apply for a Special Event Permit?

The Special Event Permit Application can be obtained by

(1) downloading the form from our website at www.chicagoparkdistrict.com and clicking on "Permits"; or

(2) visiting one of our region offices or administrative office.

You can also contact the Department of Park Services at (312) 742-5369 or (312 747-2001 (TTY).



Upcoming meetings/opportunities and news:

Next PAC Networking- tba, coming. But Polar Picnic at Chi Cultural Ctr. Feb 5, Thursday, noon $ moorem@fotp.org.

Important Notice:
The Park Advisory Council Networking Meeting has been rescheduled to Tuesday, September 25, 2012 due to the North Region Budget Hearing.
Please join us for the PAC Networking Meeting

"How to Leverage Government Funds"
Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Friends of the Parks
17 N. State Street, Suite 1450

Chicago Park District on line registration -- go to the website to set up your account.

How did your park fare in the ward remap? Parks in HPK stayed pretty much as they were (Elm, Nichols, Spruce staying in the 4th but Harold Washington, Butternut going into the 5th.

What are urban parks most useful for? Findings in an article in Urban Portal online- urban.uchicago.edu. "...parks and sidewalks not only provide opportunities for exercise but also raise the self-efficacy, defined as the confidence to exercise, of elementary school children. Being surrounded by parks, the authors argue, increases children's satisfaction with their neighborhood, which, in turn, makes them feel more comfortable with exercise." But the positive effects depend on specific architectural features, such as having water features. Walking paths are not significant except that cul de sacs encourage more independent activity. Urban kids use their parks more intensively-- as back yards-- than suburban and tend to be more satisfied with equipment even when parks of the latter are better maintained. Maintaining parks are of course expensive. There may be some disadvantage to walking and using parks (especially exercising there) where there is high vehicle emission- and these tend to be low-income areas. Not to be overlooked are the social advantages: given their ability to encourage people to get together, parks increase neighborhood ties and generate the social capital that helps communities thrive. [ed comment- all the more important to keep them free of crime et al including tensions and make them easily and safely accessed.]


This is a breakout group of the quarterly convening (by HPKCC) of neighborhood community organizations and is connected with the HPKCC Parks Committee.

Parks having active websites and messaging [Elm, Jackson, Kenwood, Washington and its Conservancy do.]

Ask the Herald to have a "box" with parks happenings and information (agreed by Herald).

Collect information on calendric specials such as Earth Day and publicize, including via aldermanic blasts.

Reach out to groups such as Chicago Cares that volunteer in parks to increase commitment/involvement in HPK parks.

Encourage public monitoring and reporting of problems in parks from appearance to safety; publicize 311 and Park Security 312 474-2193.

Gaining and managing dog parks continues to be a vexing question. There may be viable options in Jackson and Harold Washington.

Volunteers need to be recruited for the 4th on 53rd Parade and Picnic committees (Nichols Park Advisory Council, 4th Ward Office.)


Friends of the Parks invites you...

Patrons should contact their local park for more information.


Summer Job Opportunities with Chicago Park District.
Looking for a summer job? The Chicago Park District has a number of seasonal positions available to work with our day campers, in landscape, at our beaches and pools, and more! Visit http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com to access the Chicago Park District's new online application program, to view open positions and to apply online now.

Summer Movies in the Parks- series at Jackson 63rd Beachhouse, Midway, South Shore Cultural Center... and individual showings such as at Bixler and Nichols.


Workdays and more in Washington Park- see Washington Park page.

Jackson Park volunteer workdays. And more locations see Jackson Park's newer website, http://www.jacksonparkadvisorycouncil.org.

For now the regular schedule will be 2nd Saturday mornings for Bobolink Meadow and 4th Saturday 10 am-2 pm (changed) for Wooded Island. These are being reconsidered.

Wooded Island 4th Saturdays, , 2-5 pm (changed). Jackson Park volunteer workday on WOODED ISLAND. Meets at Darrow Bridge south of MSI Columbia Basin. Volunteers are EXPECTED TO TELL THE SITE STEWARD THEY ARE COMING (You can then also get full information about the work, gloves, what to bring etc.) Site steward Jerome Levy weekdays 12-5 at 312 832-1616 or evenings and weekends 773 955-6384 or sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com. Parking is available east of Darrow Bridge (reach from Lake Shore Drive at 5800 and veer left).

Bobolink Meadow 2nd Saturdays, 9 am-12 pm. BOBOLINK MEADOW Workday. A great day is planned preparing sections for new woodland seedings. Volunteers are EXPECTED TO TELL THE SITE STEWARD THEY ARE COMING (You can then also get full information about the work, gloves, what to bring etc.) Meet at the south meadow near the Driving Range road (north of Hayes Drive. There are parking lots). Work is based on a walk through with CPD. Contact parrybell@comcast.net. Visit Bobolink Meadow Volunteer Website.

LaRabida-Promontory Point and harbors. Louise, 773 844-2225.

63rd and north- to be determined.

Contact Norm Bell about opportunities in the corridor from 63rd Beach peninsula to 57th beach.

Watch where and how you park your bike. People who lock their bikes to saplings or trees are killing those trees. The cambium, or living tissue layer of a tree, lies just beneath the bark. If the bark is bruised or damaged by contact with bike frame, or U lock, or chain this leaves an opening into which a very prevalent fungal disease can enter. This can kill the tree and all to often does.

Chicago Park District Board Committee meetings are held 2nd Wednesdays but can move once a quarter. Sign up to speak online by late afternoon day before, or in person up to an hour before the meeting.

Next, Wednesday, 3:30 pm, 451 N. Fairbanks. DEC. 10 FOR BUDGET FINAL VOTE.

Committee meetings are held in the afternoon, short meetings at 451 North Fairbanks, 8th Floor:

The full Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners will meet the same day at 3:30 pm. (Four times a year the Board meets at a park fieldhouse.)


For information incl. access and parking, or to... contact Secretary at officeofsecretary@chicagoparkdistrict.com or go to the district website and look under departments for Board of Commissioners, or to receive the agenda via fax call the general number 312 742-PLAY option 9. Re: disabilities access call Compliance Officer, 312 742-4686 or TTY 312 474-2001 at least 48 hours ahead. Look here for agenda items of general and area interest. The People in the Parks section is intended to let you voice your concerns. To speak go to the website, Notice of Meeting on the homepage, and from there to sign up (through the day before). Or go that that day and sign up 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

To view the Board committee agenda, please visit:


To view the Board agenda, please visit:


The Public Participation portion of the Board's regularly scheduled committee meetings will commence at 10:30 a.m. and at 4:00 p.m. for the Board's regularly scheduled Board meetings. Any individual interested in making a presentation must register with the Office of the Secretary in person between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. on the day of the Board Committee Meeting; and between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. on the day of the Board meeting.

For additional details on Public Participation rules, please visit:


Please contact Jill Heise at 312.857.2757 xt. 17 or heisej@fotp.org with questions or comments.



The Public Participation portion (People in the Parks) of the Board's regularly scheduled committee meetings will commence at 10:30 a.m. and at 4:00 p.m. for the Board's regularly scheduled Board meetings. Any individual interested in making a presentation must register with the Office of the Secretary in person between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. on the day of the Board Committee Meeting; and between 2:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. on the day of the Board meeting. BETTER IS TO GO THE WEBSITE ANYTIME FROM FRIDAY THROUGH TUESDAY 5 PM AND REGISTER ON LINE TO SPEAK.

The resolutions can also be found by going to: http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/docs/948e1358-218c-4df8-9d34-7bac0c4faa06_document.pdf


· As a reminder, the Public Participation portion of the Board's regularly scheduled committee meetings will commence at 10:30 a.m. and at 4:00 p.m. for the Board's regularly scheduled Board meetings. Any individual interested in making a presentation must register with the Office of the Secretary in person between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. on the day of the Board Committee Meeting; and between 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. on the day of the Board meeting.

· Registration must be made in person by the individual who will make the presentation.

· Representatives may not sign up another speaker via proxy.

· Speakers will be limited to speak on one (1) agenda item during one Committee meeting, and cannot speak to any other item from other Committee meetings scheduled for the same date.

· Groups must select a maximum of two (2) representatives from those who have signed up to speak on their behalf. The Board Secretary will schedule group speakers according to topic.

For additional information on the Chicago Park District's rules on public participation, please visit http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/docs/948e1358-218c-4df8-9d34-7bac0c4faa06_document.pdf

Please consult www.fotp.org or join Friends of the Parks Facebook for updates on events, volunteer opportunities, Park Advisory Council events and more! If you are interested in Jill attending your PAC meeting, please contact her at 312.857.2757 xt. 17 or heisej@fotp.org



or visit our Parks Mtgs Schedule page.
the regional budget hearings are scheduled as follows:


City Council Committee on Parks and Recreation. Ald. Mary Ann Smith, Chairman

Generally meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 11 am. However, it now seems to bounce around.
City Hall room 201A.



See report on a December 14, 2006 and January 11 meetings led by Nichols Park with park district officers on communications and work order procedure-- in Nichols home page.


Upcoming area park advisory council meetings (not all) There is a problem here- visit instead Council meeting schedule page.


From government hearings etc.:





What neighbors said about their parks at a HPKCC public discussion on the neighborhood, October 2005

Parks, recreation, beautification
· Table 1 Save the Point and the Southside lakefront
· Table 2 Parks
· Table 3 Maintain parks and beaches
· Table 4 The Point

· Table 1 Increase early evening activities for teens and adults, make sure they can get there safely
· (? Table 3 Entertainment for older children and adults)

· Permitting loud rock music in Jackson and Washington Park at private and public functions
· Park District should look into re-establishing basketball at Farmers Field and at the east send of 54th Street
· More (crime?) prevention needed in parks
· Need a dog park
· Combating noisy festivities in parks near residential areas
· Landscaping to beautify each block

At the February 18, 2009 forum on Challenging the Next Decade, neighbors said by a large margin that they want to keep their lakefront, parks and open space and greenery.




Park News

Workdays-generaly Burnham 1st Sats 9:30, Jackson 2nd and 4th Sats 10-1 through November, Nichols see Nichols page, Washington us. 3rd Sats.

Parks also have various seasonal coordinated cleanups under the city, park district, Friends of the Parks, Alliance for the Great Lakes and more.
Next is THE GREAT RAKE UP November 7, 2009, 9-noon. Please call the Chicago Park District volunteer coordinator if you are interested in participating at 312.742.4775. South Side parks participating:
Russell Square - 3045 E. 83rd St .
Calumet - 9801 S. Ave. G
WASHINGTON - 5531 S. Martin Luther King Dr .
NICHOLS - 1355 E. 53rd St .
Hamilton - 513 W. 72nd St .
Sherman - 1301 W. 52nd St.

Special Nov. 14- planting dune grass at 63rd St. Beach- register with Becky at 312 742-4072.



On the budget front: (More in the Budget page.)

View the 2008 budget (over 300 pages): park district site, go to Budget or Departments, budget or Capital Improvements. FINAL BUDGET HEARING THURSDAY DECEMBER 3, 4 PM, 541 N. Fairbanks 8th floor.


Park fundraising and how it is to be done is of concern. See some tips from a CPD seminar.

Equitable distribution being rewritten in CPD Code

At the end of 2009, it was learned that CPD was updating its Code including that dealing with equitable distribution of resources (Chapter 13) without at that it being known what the replacement language might be. This chapter was put in at conclusion of court monitoring an d remedial spending following a federal consent decree of the 1980s. In late January 2009 alternate drafts were being exchanged between CPD and Friends of the Parks that all hoped would be satisfactory and guarantee this important non-discriminatory practice in a positive way. Top

CPD and FOTP worked out good language. See in Park Issues.


Online Registration (Utilizes PayPal). Available to view, register on line (set up your account!) or in person about two months in advance (for example April for summer programs).

Before you register online for one of the fall classes, we encourage you to review the new screens and review our Q&A about the new system. You can do this by copying and pasting the web address below into your web browser:

You can view program offerings online now. To do this, copy and paste the
web address below into your web browser:

Registration for park programs opens online and later in person at fieldhouses about a month and a half ahead of start of programs in the quarter you are registering for. Fall online registration opens August 11 (Mon), in person August 16 (Sat)- call 773 256-0903. . www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/content.home.cfm. More detail in Parks Directory. Exact change please.

MovMovies and more in the parks

Midway Plaisance Wednesdays (Midweek @ the Midway)

Others reasonably nearby - include South Shore. Most other large parks have one to three a season.

The Chicago Park District operating budgets, which you can find online at:


We are also interested in hearing about any events you may have coming up in the new year at your park- please let us know of them so we can post them on our website.
(This website can also forward the document to you- contact us at hpkcc@aol.com.)
Happy Holidays!




New process and form for asking for a new playground or playground upgrade

You can inquire at Friends of the Parks--www.fotp.org or email jonesjp@fotp.org. 312 857-2757. Or erik.varela@chicagoparkdistrict.com.


General and specific parks news and some views and appeals


Council, Conference, Friends of the Parks, and Green News, Announcements and Bulletins

The Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference Board has these standing parks resolutions:

  1. Concerns and objections to deep budget cuts and their impacts on children's programming, staffing, and parks upkeep. Committee currently satisfied with program budgeting but concerned about thin program staffing and maintenance/landscaping budgeting.
  2. Support for the work and plan of the Promontory Point Task Force and now process under Sen. Obama (thrice reaffirmed and continuing).
  3. General support for a class A-1 fieldhouse north of HPK.
  4. Support for the efforts of its Nichols Park Council affiliate to achieve a balanced approach to the park's entry face at 53rd Street and the fit of the Murray gym addition to the existing gardens, also general support for continuing role of the Garden Fair in planning and planting the formal garden. Satisfied so far but garden and Meadow support remain shaky.
    December, 2004: Reiterates support for Nichols Park Council's pursuit of a design including space for public activities in the plaza, good passage and sight lines, and for better procedures facilitating strong, predominant public/neighbor's input into decisions via their voice the councils, noting councils are the best voice for their parks. Notes that NPAC is an affiliate committee of the Conference.
  5. Recommendation that Dept. of Environment et al move beyond warnings to learning causes and applying solutions to beach pollution and swimming bans.
  6. Supported Harold Washington Council in is opposition to placing a parking lot in Harold Washington Park (successfully).
  7. Expressed process and practical concerns and suggestions to Mayor, Olympic Committee and Park District.

See HPKCC recent letters and resolutions on the parks and councils.

Park District Community Outreach Manager passes along this website for seeking grants for partnering in park improvement: www.fdncenter.org. And don't forget that many organizations offer grants for improvements in parks and open spaces (find links in Other Links or Green page): Parkways Foundation (CPD), Chicago Botanic Garden, Chicago Wilderness, Friends of the Parks, City of Chicago Greencorps, Lake Michigan Federation, Openlands Project.

Youth Net Grants for kids training this summer--orgs. including parks are urged by Robert Steele to apply. Kids should also sign up. To find out more contact jkerr@alternativeyouth.org. http://www.cityofchicago.org/cys. Try also googling in ChicagoKidsStart. Programs provide 10-12 year olds with activities and exposure to rec. and envir. careers, 13-15 y-os activities and vocational choices, 16-18 y-os paying internships leading to consideration for park district and city positions.

Greencorps Chicago has yearly assist programs, including, one-time hardscaping. Their site, www.greennetchicago.org, is a good source for information not only on grants but much new thinking-in-practice on many ecological and environmental living fronts. Watch for t he next Great Perennial Divide and Clean and Green events (Check the rules.) Bulb Distribution April 1.
Green and Clean May 14.

Burnham Nature Sanctuary has monthly cleanups first Saturdays contact George Davis.

Nichols Park Meadow workdays. various Sundays3-5 pm. Meet at the Meadow, west side of park west of Kenwood, between 53rd and 54th. 773 955-3622.

Friends of the Parks has revised its Guide for Parks Advisory Councils. Contact John Paul Jones at 312 857-2757 x 15.

FOTP programs:

Friends of the Parks Seed Grants are given annually to advisory councils and Adopt-a-Park groups. Up to $1,000. Go to www.fotp.org and download or call Renee Chester, 312 857-2757 x 15. Applications due mid February each year; announcement in March. Note, not limited to organized councils. For grant application for Friends of the Parks Seed Grant contact sullivanme@FOTP.ORG.
Complete and return the form by February 22, 2005 or you can
contact Mary Eileen Sullivan at the email address below.
Get ready now for 2007.

Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Chicago (Children's Memorial Hospital) will inspect parks, especially playgrounds. Works with Park District and Friends of the Parks including with workshops, Community Build program.

Friends of the Parks Community Service and Adopt-a-Park programs: contact Director of Volunteers Eileen Sullivan, 312 857-2757 x 13.

Lake Michigan Federation announces grants for aquatic habitat restoration/enhancement. Several times a year. Contact: Joel Brammeier - 312 939-0838 x4 or jbrammeier@lakemichigan.org. Deadline is March 31. Applications are available online at www.glhabitat.org/grants.html

3rd week in April Earth Day. http://www.fotp.org. Lake Michigan Federation Adopt-a-Beach cleanup and problem id. Training at LMF office March 16, April 12 5 pm. www.lakemichigan.org/adopt/default.asp. adoptabeach@lakemichigan.org.

The Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Network and Fund (GLAHNF) offers grants of up to $3,500 twice per year for community-based habitat protection efforts. Types of projects that would be considered for funding include, but are not limited to: land use and watershed advocacy and planning; watchdogging of regulation implementation, reduction of polluted runoff, rehabilitation of ponds, lagoons, shorelines, and other wetland areas for fish and migratory bird habitat, and non-partisan voter education and citizen involvement initiatives. Also, this is the second year of a two-year wetlands theme for GLAHNF, so a portion of the available funds will be dedicated specifically to wetland projects.

Some key project criteria for all GLAHNF funding: grants are for smaller organizations, with budgets of about $250,000 or less; projects should be action and advocacy based (education alone will not likely be eligible); funds cannot be used for construction and/or planting costs, but can be used for other aspects of restoration efforts; projects should be in the Lake Michigan drainage basin, or a case must be made that the project will provide benefits to habitats/species inside the basin.

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Around the Parks, Councils, and HPKCC's Parks Committee

Burnham Park History (in City's Lake Shore Drive site) (Burnham issues--see in Other Parks and Shoreline.) Our Timeline. Framework Plan--confined to the dustbin by Olympics and politics?

Visit the Promontory Point site for the latest on the revetment controversy very important in the community, and bulletins. Start with latest. Point home. Save the Point website. Promontory Point Park. Senator Obama has initiated a preservation-based resolution process with expert third party review by preservation experts of the U.S. Corps of Engineers. But the design process can't start without iffy funding.

Bessie Coleman Park at 54th and Drexel tried a council and found a block club model most successful. The park is kept looking nice and well used.

Kenwood Park Council is reconstituting - and dealing with conflicts from expansion of a field as well as ongoing upkeep and drainage issues. Programming is a strong as the fieldhouse allows.

Jackson Park's Wooded Island interior in fallExplore the Burnham Natural Sanct. (north of 47th Street parking lot east of the Metra). Local park advocate George Davis, HPKCC board and parks committee member, is volunteer site steward. He has much experience with Open Lands.

Be sure to visit visit the Jackson Park website hosted here!

Time Transfixed: Lorado Taft's restored Fountain of Time is in view again. After a two-year renovation funded by the Art Institute of Chicago-administered Ferguson Fund and the Chicago Park District, Taft's monument in Washington Park just west of Midway Plaisance and Cottage Grove Ave. (5900 South) is again open for viewing. Learn more in our Washington Park pages and Fountain and Basin and Preservation Beat.

Don't miss our Midway site, including new vision for a children's learning garden, which will be a first in our parks, and the midweek@themidway summer programming. Also, visit the virtual tour of the Midway and its history!

Nichols Park page has the latest on north end redesign and the work and issues of this active council. The new gym is open and dedicated. So is Cosmo Campoli's Bird of Peace. Meadow and Formal Garden work, 4th on 53rd, Concerts.

See South Shore CC for events schedule at and latest plans for the Cultural Center!!

Landmarked status: The Republic (Golden Lady) and 63rd Bathing Pavilion in Jackson Park, South Shore Cultural Center.

For notes on the state of parks as assets in Hyde Park and Kenwood, and recent and ongoing concerns of park advocates and users: continue at our Park Issues page.

An album of the Hyde Park and Kenwood parks can be viewed on the site of HPKCC member Mary Rose Shaughnessy. If you would like your album linked here or wish to send us pictures to post, contact hpkcc@aol.com. See also the Photo Galleries listed at the top of the page. We are especially looking for pictures documenting changes, improvements, unaddressed problems, events or group /sports activities.

Learn about the
Parks Committee of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference.

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