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Nichols Park fieldhouse and fountain plaza redesigned, repaved in brick

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For three years Nichols Park Advisory Council met with the park district and contractors to achieve a quality, practical configuration of formal gardens and a gathering and performance plaza that would visually and for traffic flow connect well, mesh well the entrance of the new Nichols Fieldhouse/Murray Gym with the north fountain and its formal gardens. After much back and forth, the Park District and its contractors have re-finished the plaza according to the design thought out by the Council. Here are pictures of the reconstruction, October and November 2005. Compare with construction drawings in these pages:

Nichols Park Framework and North End Planning
Framework Plan of 2003
Garden Fair Proposal of 2003
Nichols Plaza under first construction

Bird of Peace
Dedication of the Bird of Peace
Nichols Gardens under Re-construction

Pictures by Gary Ossewaarde, early November 2005. Moving approx. from west to east. First is the redone half-circles west of the North Fountain plaza.

Half--circle English garden walks west of the north fountain plaza More of semi-circle walks west of fountain, this time looking southewest
Looking along one of the walks through the reconstructed English Garden near Nichols Park north fountain Nichols Plaza reconstruction
Detail of brick pavers Nichols Park March of the bricks, Nichols Plaza  Nov. 2005
Nichols Plaza half bricked View of the north foutain gardens and walks, being reconstituted Nov. 2005