Nichols home including routes to other pictures including the Formal Garden, Wildflower Meadow, and North End construction.

Views of Nichols Park

Views progress from Gary Woljniak's water sculpture and commemorative plaza at 55th and Kimbark to the rear of the Neighborhood Club (dog training in progress), past the ball field, tot lot, the Hill so popular with dog walkers and sledders (as seen looking southeast over the pedestal of the Cosmo Campoli's Great Bird of Peace, slated for outside the entrance to the new gym), the tennis courts, the Meadow, and (across the green and orchard to the northeast), the Formal Garden. West of there is a treed rolling lawn, to the north the trees and hedge along 53rd Street.

Nichols views-Wolniak Mem. Fountain Nichols views-Wolniak Mem. Fountain
Nichols south end Nichols benhind the Neighborhood Club-dog training
Backstop of the Nichols softball field Nichols tot lot, southeast side
Nichols playlts in the eastd center Nichols looking back over the Hilll toward t he Neighborhood Club
Nichols tennis courts Drinking fountain at the southeast corner of the Nichols Wildflower Meadow
Nichols Formal Garden area Nichols Formal Garden area
The Nichols 53rd lilac-locust-hawthorn berm The Nichols 53rd lilac-locust-hawthorn berm