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Volume 22, No. 9, September 2015
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The purpose of the JPAC is to provide a forum for …users of Jackson Park; to advise and make recommendations to the Chicago Park District on park improvements and programs (and create/ ensure programs); to encourage long-range planning; promote community utilization and awareness of park and program and participation in planning; and seek alternative funding sources.
Protecting Nature, Preserving History, Promoting Recreation"


September meeting agenda.

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WHAT'S UP AT THE AUGUST 10 MEETING? (items may be added to the agenda from now until the meeting- contact Louise or Gary) Fieldhouse, 6401 S. Stony Island.

Award of prizes in the Photography Contest
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Business - including minutes, financial and appropriations
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Old and New Business. Adjournment

Upcoming meetings and events-

Saturdays 11 am White City Columbian Exposition tours. Meet east of Darrow Bridge at CPD surface lot.

Workdays- Bobolink Meadow 2nd Saturays 9-12. Septemer 2. Meet at the south end. parrybell@ameritech.net.
Wooded Island- September 5 10 am south send and check with Jerry Levy as access to the Island is limited.

Pickleball Sundays at 4 at the 59th tennis courts. Lawn Bowling. Croquet. Bird walks Saturdays at 8 in the Bobolink Woods and Meadow.

September 5 (not August 22) progress tour (with work project)- meet at 10 am 4th Saturdays the soutb end/bridge to the Island




Louise McCurry convened the meeting at 7 p.m., a quorum being present. Minutes were moved and approved. There was no financial report.

Park, Facilities and Programs. Instructor Pierre Nealon reported summer camp full at 160. Offerings and dates have been modified and extended- added include western dance and a carnival day. Cross country, starting in September is geared to engage the youth in the football and other sports. There has been some damage to outdoor facilities, including from 4th of July illegal fireworks. Fitness equipment- further repairs or replacements are needed. There is ongoing water damage to the ceiling tiles in the gym. A member noted that the surfaces are coming loose in Nike basketball courts installed last year. Suggested: reviving winter sports in the 63rd fields- cross-country skiing and snowshoe. Two movies were very popular, but some gave up trying to find them as no signage identifies locations such as “Grove Six.”

Natural Areas.
Lauren Umek, CPD project manager announced that she and Jerry Levy will hold the next informational walk through and planting or other work option on Wooded Island on September 5, 10 am, from the south end. Possible is an evening walk through, requested by birding groups and others.
Project work progress includes: completed slopes and removal of invasives along shores of the lagoons and Jackson Inner Harbor (although funding is not yet assigned for planting at the latter- which was suggested for a workday). Water is nearly at proper level. 160 pounds of minnows were placed in the lagoons and will be watched for survival and growth. Stocking with larger fish awaits establishment of the lagoon and shore plants-- 90,000 plants and lots of seeds are in. At work is a daily crew of 15, several from the city’s Green Corps. Crushed limestone gravel for the roadway and paths to the overlooks is installed, but there was a delay in getting the right color (Olmsted palette) pavers for the overlooks themselves. The concrete roadway will be the last of the heavy work and must precede even partial opening of the Island. People have requested some kind of access to the Japanese Garden as soon as possible—it is opened to guided tours only, when safe to do so. Jerry Levy pointed out that the mulched side trails in the interior need to be reconstituted in coordination with the fall burn and getting ready for heavy planting. Asked about Sky Landing, Jerry said that the only work this year is the two mounds already installed that will surround the artwork.
Bobolink Meadow. Norm Bell reported that the huge meadow is in full, gorgeous summer bloom of purples, golds, and other colors and abuzz with this year’s bumper crop of dragonflies as well as the birds. A church group participated in last Saturday’s workday, and college and church groups are coming. A fall burn is anticipated. (Ed. Note- background, latest, and workdays on Bobolink is in http://bluestem.info/bobolink/.)

President’s report. Several church and college groups, and Unum (as well as CPD crews) are coming to work on LaRabida point, shores and gardens in the next few weeks. This will include planting, trimming, and debris removal. A group of students from UC rearranged some of the protective rocks at LaRabida beach into charming “chairs” in conjunction with cleanup. Louise suggested JPAC think about setting up a committee or work/stewardship group like we have for Bobolink and Wooded Island.
The problem of flooding pedestrian underpasses has been surveyed—repairs will be a big, expensive project.
Horses in the park: a group has been training kids to ride and taking rides around the Iowa building through parts of Jackson Park and the Midway.
There have been varied complaints and problems with the 63rd St. Beach and Pavilion. (Ed. Note: the interactive spray fountain has since been repaired and will be staffed). Beach sweeps with Alliance for the Great Lakes and volunteers will take place August 21 10 a.m. and in September.

Business. Election of a Vice President to fill the remainder of the term (November). It was noted that Fran Vandervoort has been elected the vice president the new Stout Park PAC. She will continue to be active in JPAC and keep us on our toes. She received a round of applause for her service as VP. Election to fill our vice presidency having been publicly announced for this meeting and a Park District staff person being present, nominations were opened. Moved to elect Anne Marie Miles by acclamation. There being no other nominations, Miles was elected. As per Park District rules, members cast paper ballots, which were counted and turned over to the fieldhouse staff. 2
iscal. The Park District and Chicago Parks Foundation have modified paperwork and require affected PACs to have individual nfp TINs. Moved by Margaret Schmid, seconded and approved to proceed.
Ossewaarde asked for a report at the next meeting report on what appropriations are needed for ongoing projects such as the photo contests and appropriate needed funds.
10,000 Ripples proposal. Moved by Esther Schechter, 2nd Fran Vandervoort to approve and request two Buddha head sculptures for the Iowa Building area, understanding that they will remain about a year. Unanimously approved.

Other business and announcements. Esther Schechter called attention to the cloth-birds artwork by Margot McMahon (Chicago Sculpture International) on a dead tree along Lake Shore Drive.
Anne Marie Miles noted that whatever other effects the increase in Lake Michigan water level has wrought, the boaters have been helped.
August 11 a press release will be held by the Park District and the committee for the naming of the 31st St. Beach and Park for Dr. Margaret T. Burroughs. JPAC has supported this naming and worked with the committee to gather support. (Ed. Note- information on the naming and its relevance to JPAC is appended to the September Newsletter.) Members were encouraged to join the board at this press release at 31st St. beach.
The board and members will speak at Wednesday’s CPD Board of Commissioners meeting, supporting the naming and presenting park concerns and needs.

Next meeting is on September 14, Monday, 7 p.m. location tba- 6401 S. Stony Island if not changed.

Moved to adjourn 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary M. Ossewaarde, Secretary_____________________

JPAC was a proud participant and supporter of renaming the 31st St. Beach and Park (29.75 acres from 26th to c32nd) the Dr. Margaret T. Burroughs Beach and Park Feature of Burnham Park. A fine naming press release with elected officials and the Chicago Park District on August 11 was followed by formal approval by the Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners on August 12, waiving the normal 45 day comment period (there had already been ample comment with an outpouring of support). Margaret Gross Turner Burroughs, 1917-2010, born in Mississippi, was from youth an active participant in the artistic, social and political life of Chicago's Bronzeville and the Bronzeville Renaissance and a poet, writer, artist, educator, and activist throughout her long life. She was the longest-serving CPD Commissioner, serving until her death. She was a founder of both the South Side Community Art Center and of what became the DuSable Museum of African American History, the latter started in her house. Her concerns and service were broad, including African Americans, women, children, the incarcerated- and her reputation was worldwide. A collection of her artwork and memorabilia can be viewed in the Margaret Burroughs Gallery in the South Shore Cultural Center, in the two museums she co-founded, in blown up murals in the 53rd St. Metra underpass, and may collections public and private.

JPAC appreciates, among other help for the park, her support of the rehabilitation and landmarking of the historic 63rd St. Bathing Pavilion and naming of its upper terraces for former JPAC President Eric Hatchett, who worked for the restoration and for children's programs.

The 31st Beach and Park were an important part of the extension of shoreland under Daniel Burnham's Plan of Chicago, providing new recreational and natural land for then densely populated South Side and Bronzeville-- the only beach in the early 20th century where black persons could go--as well as providing protection for the new Lake Shore Drive. It was also the location (c26th St. part of the beach) of the beating and drowning of an African American youth who had strayed into the white-claimed section of beach, which incident sparked the days-long Race Riot of 1919.__________________

The summer Photography Awards will be given at the Sept. mtg. & prints mounted in the fieldhouse. This project is being assumed by a group that includes Hyde Park Herald, with continuing support from JPAC.

JPAC appreciates the efforts of Alderman Hairston, CPD including Alonzo Williams for the 63rd interactive fountain repairs and reopening. We thank CPD crews for much cleanup and pickup. 3