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August 12 2013 JPAC meeting and picnic

Jackson Park Advisory Council held a grand potluck picnic at the “Iowa” building in the northeast corner of Jackson Park. Several members we had not seen for awhile came, as well as special guests including Erma Tranter, President of Friends of the Parks and other staff who were thanked for the many services of FOTP to Jackson and the other parks. Member Madiem Kawa of the Washington Park Conservancy also attended.

Louise McCurry presided at the meeting, which included re-acquaintance introductions. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Treasurer Dwight Powell reported no transactions but that with more contributions we can do more for kids and the park. Powell and McCurry reported that, thanks to Ms. Ridgeway at the 71st and Jeffrey Walgreens, back-to-school backpacks will be furnished to the many kids who completed this summer’s day camp at Jackson Park. The council also approved a $55 honorarium for the upcoming September 7 beekeeping workshop at the fieldhouse (1:30-3:30 p.m.).

Erma Tranter supplied details on a collaborative study and brainstorming by four focus groups (including among others Chicago Park District, Lurie Children’s Hospital and FOTP) about ways to encourage participation in parks, especially by teens, to combat violence, grow activity and learning in safe places, and combat obesity. One of the outcomes is the Chicago Park District’s Park Points program (to be announced publicly the following day). Every time one participates in a park program, camp, volunteer day, movie or other Night Out in the Parks program one earns points that can include for example one-on-ones with celebrities and heroes. (visit http://www.chiparkpoints.com. “Engage. Earn. Redeem.”) We were encouraged to check the park district website or call the fieldhouse 773 256-0903 for programs and activities in Jackson or nearby parks.

Norm Bell reported that more groups have worked in Bobolink Meadow, which is in wonderful shape and beauty. JPAC conducted nature walks on two weekends and Friends of the White City has been conducting tours. Other groups conduct tours, including at least 3 on a recent weekend day. The park district has been diligent cleaning up after the major storm damage to trees this summer.

President McCurry and Secretary Ossewaarde met with Alderman Leslie Hairston, park district manager for community affairs Kim DuBuclet and Michael Brazell of park district police and security on park issues. The parties agreed to park district proposals to close “at dusk” the road to the golf driving range/Bobolink and Wooded Island (from the south end of the north bridge). The park district agreed to check or activate (if not already complete) the security camera southeast of the Museum paid for by Ald. Hairston’s budget. Several attendees gave suggestions for park improvements including for the Iowa building.

The highlight of the evening was the award of JPAC’s First Golden Lady Award to Frances S. Vandervoort. Among Fran’s current JPAC responsibilities are the Nature and Nature Trail committee and tour brochures. Testimonials and a plaque were presented. Madiem Kawa read a bio and encomium to Fran’s many works over the years as a teacher (who showed many students the wonder of Jackson and other parks and of Lake
Michigan) and community and park volunteer. Here is an excerpt:

In the 1970s, Fran was a key advocate to preserve the portion of the Bobolink Meadow that is now known as the
golf driving range; she helped organize the first bird walks in Jackson Park's Wooded Island and Washington
Park. Her expertise and passion for the natural world and historic preservation will be felt by many future
generations. Her historic park involvement inspires program development and participation in nature and historic
walks, biodiversity restoration and connecting kids to stewardship. Fran's kind, generous and supportive nature is
what made her one of my dearest friends and mentor. She taught me to trust in the good work of inspiring
children into stewardship.

The meeting was adjourned c.8:30 p.m. Next meeting Monday, September 9, 7:30 p.m. in the fieldhouse.

Respectfully submitted, Gary M. Ossewaarde, Secretary

AfterNote: JPAC responded with a letter of support to a CDOT inquiry proposing seeking funding for restoration of the Clarence Darrow Memorial Bridge. Restoration has been a standing priority of JPAC and a matter of concern to Chicago Park District.

Workdays, Workshops, Tours, Exhibits - a selection

JPAC WORKSHOP: September 7, Saturday, 1:30-3:30 p.m. BEEKEEPING with Michael Thompson of Chicago's Honey Co-op. At the fieldhouse, 6401 S. Stony Island Ave. No bees, just a fascinating program and how people can help save a threatened resource in nature, agriculture and gardens.

Parks Budget notice from CPkD: FY’2014 Budget Season is underway and the locations, dates and times for the Regional Budget Hearings are as follow:
Central Region- Fosco Park , 1312 S. Racine Ave, Chicago IL 60608 (312) 746-5086 September 24, 2013 Registration begins at 5:30p – Hearing starts at 6pm sharp
North Region- Horner Park, 2741 W. Montrose Ave. Chicago IL 60618 (773) 478-3499 September 26, 2013 Registration begins at 5:30p – Hearing starts at 6pm sharp
South Region- Tarkington 3344 West 71st St. Chicago, IL 60629 (312) 747-6136 September 30, 2013 Registration begins at 5:30p – Hearing starts at 6pm sharp (tentative – awaiting confirmation)
Please keep in mind that the area meetings have been replaced with a more efficient and accurate Budget Ideas web form that will allow the public to comment in that manner. The web form is on the Chicago Park District web site under the Budget Office at:
Please share this information with fellow advisory council members and other community members.

Wooded Island Bird and nature walks Weds at 7, Sats at 8 from the Darrow Bridge.

September Workdays: September 14, 9 a.m.-noon- Bobolink Meadow. Contact parrybell@ameritech.net
September 28, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Wooded Island. From Darrow br. Contact sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com.

Exhibits and Tours: Now open through Oct. 5 at Regenstein Special Collections: Exhibit on the Columbian Exposition and the Century of Progress. “Souvenirs! Get Your Souvenirs! Chicago Mementos and Memorabilia.” Souvenirs can come in all shapes and sizes; they can be simple or complex, tasteful or tacky. This exhibition will present various souvenirs created for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, the 1933 Century of Progress International Exposition, and the City of Chicago. It draws on collections throughout the Special Collections Research Center, catalyzed by the Ian Mueller Collection of Chicago Memorabilia. Mueller was a Greek scholar who died in 2010. Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-4:45 p.m.; Saturdays: 9:00 a.m.-12:45 p.m. when University of Chicago classes are in session. With a web-based companion exhibit at lib.uchicago.edu/e/webexhibits/. 1100 E. 57th St.

Museum of Science and Industry. Open through Feb. 2. “80 at 80” See 80 rarely displayed artifacts in an exhibit commemorating the Museum's 80th anniversary.

September 21, Saturday. Opening today at Chicago History Museum: "Siam: The Queen and the White City." In the Costume Gallery. Honors Queen Savang Vadana who organized her country's displays for the Fair's Women's Building and presented to Bertha Honore Palmer (Chair of the Board of Lady Managers) the grand album that is part of the current exhibit. 1601 N. Clark St. Info 312 642-4600, http://www.chicagohistory.org.

September 14, Saturday, 1-5 pm. Chicago History Museum bus tour "Devil in the White City" based on Erik Larson's novel about the 1893 Fair in Jackson Park. $55, $50. Res. req. http://ww.chicagohistory.org, 312 642-4600. Leaves from Museum entrance, 1601 N. Clark St.

September 21, Saturday, 10 am-noon. Chicago History Museum Family Trolley Tour. “Footsteps Through the
Fair”- follow the adventures of 13-year-old Rosie Beckett at the Fair as in the book Fair Weather by Richard
Peck, including products introduced at the Fair. From the museum, 1601 N. Clark St. Pre-reg. req.- $20/10 or
$15/5. http://www.chicagohistory.org, 312 642-4600. Led by Josh Eisenberg. Rec. for grades K-8 but children must be accompanied by adult (and vice versa!).

September 22, Sunday, 9:30 am-1 pm. Chicago History Museum bike tour, "Ride Like the Devil." From the
museum, 1601 N. Clark St.- 20 miles of biking at pace of 12-14 mph, helmets req. Pre-reg. only- $25, 20.
http://www.chicagohistory.org, 312 642-4600. Ride by key sites and buildings and then the Fair site in JP.