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Jackson Park Advisory Council September 9 2013 council meeting minutes

President Louise McCurry convened the meeting at the fieldhouse at 7:30 p.m. with 17 in attendance. Minutes of
the previous meeting were approved. Louise showed a plaque honoring Dr. Anne [Ridgeway] of Walgreen’s 71st
Jeffery store for providing backpacks and supplies for the summer campers. It is hoped Ms. Hathaway can attend
the October meeting to receive her award.

President McCurry reported on repairs made near LaRabida Hospital and to 63rd St. beach house. Lori Michal
reported that repairs were made at the bowling green/croquet clubhouse. Work is needed on the west green and
more members would be a help. And it’s a long walk from parking.

Fran Vandervoort reported on the first JPAC/Friends of the White City tour- part of the 1893 Fair footprint, this including the Midway (Another was planned for Sept.) and on splendid the Beekeeping workshop Sept. 7 by Michael Thompson. Realization of the nature trail between the south ends of Wooded Island and Bobolink
Meadow appears closer.

Willows were blown down in that area and a number of trees or branches in various parts of the park by yet another windstorm. On Wooded Island, removal of ground invasives continues along with protecting volunteer oak sprouts that have grown up due to more sunlight after removal of invasives (thanks to many volunteer groups). Work was done in the lagoons reducing algae and aerating the waters and more
improvements may be done at the Japanese Garden.

Naming of the north bridge to Wooded Island for Nancy Hays- the PD committee appears to be backlogged.

The play equipment at Dickerson Playlot was removed and was awaiting foundation and installation work by the contractor and setting a community workday to spread the fibar. Police seemed to be getting control of issues in
that sector and north of the park.

Lighting timers seemed to be reversed at the Iowa building.

Fieldhouse. Fall programs started early this year, along with school. Every effort is made to give the kids experience in a wide variety of sports. The revised summer program was successful, but the cost, including of transportation, remains a barrier for some families.. Jackson Park teams won several trophies this year. Apostolic Church helped supply individual trophies. University of Chicago bike police and stationed guards are in place
along a considerable stretch of Stony Island with the opening of the Lab School’s Early Learning Center. A modern “safe” intersection has been installed at 58th St. It appears hard to get seniors to come into the fieldhouse for programs. Members encouraged starting green programs with partners.

The meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m. NEXT MEETING AT LA RABIDA HOSPITAL OCT. 14 (Columbus Day),
7:30- starting at the circle at the end of the Drive for a salute to the Columbian Expo – 120 years ago.

Respectfully submitted, Gary M. Ossewaarde, Secretary

THANKS TO ALL WHO CAME TO SPREAD THE FIBAR AT THE DICKERSON PLAYLOT SEPT. 28! All that remained was for the contractor to reset the fencing. This playlot serves ages 5-12. Chrysalis lot, for the toddlers will be done in the spring. Earl B. Dickerson was the first black graduate of the U of C Law School, was the first black Democratic alderman in City Council (and considered for first congressman), argued Hansberry vs. Lee
(restrictive covenants) before the Supreme Court and a major civil rights and business leader.

Jerry Levy re Sept. 28: Please accept my most enthusiastic thanks for those of you who helped out this Saturday. We
had at least 70 volunteers and put in over 7 hours work. Besides our regular group we had Students from the U of Chicago,
the University of Ill., Roosevelt University- and our local Boy Scout group. We have now identified about 150 volunteer Oaks
the majority of which are only 1 or 2 years old. They have been flagged, mulched and most of them have been fenced. This
will make it much easier to monitor them over the next few years when they are so fragile. Even if only one out of three make
it that should mean wonders for preserving Wooded Island as a predominantly Oak habitat as far as the tree ecology is
concerned. Thanks again for your part and come out and watch the Oaks grow with the rest of the…trees plants and grasses.

Norm and Gail: Bobolink has been chosen to receive a Chicago Wilderness 2013 Conservation and Native
Landscaping Award. We’re very excited about it. It's a great tribute to the Chicago Park District, their restoration
contractors, and the volunteers who have worked hard to maintain and enhance the Bobolink woods and prairie. [Report and
pictures on the Sept. 28 U. of C. Day of Service is at http://bluestem.info/bobolink/september-28-day-of-service.html.]
See you October 12 for Bobolink- parrybell@ameritech.net. Next Wooded Island contact FriendsoftheWhiteCity@gmail.com.