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Minutes of the September 10, 2012 Jackson Park Advisory Council meeting

Louise McCurry convened the meeting at 7:30 p.m. at the fieldhouse, a quorum being present.

Minutes of the September meeting were move by Jerry Levy, 2nded by Esther Schechter and approved.

Treasurer Dwight Powell reported on program expenditures and that there remains nearly $5,000 in the treasury.

Athletic director Andrea Frink thanked JPAC for many things it has done including for day camp and fieldhouse.

New business. The president appointed with council consent Jerry Levy as parliamentarian for keeping meetings on topic and businesslike.

President’s update. McCurry said a meeting would be held Sept. 11 with Osaka Garden and park landscape managers concerning inter alia cherry trees. Attention was called to Barbara Brotman’s fine article about the park in September 5’s Tribune. Pickleball is drawing large numbers. Midwest National Finals in croquet were held at the Bowling Green. Jewish Federation youth and other groups did much work in the park, esp. LaRabida.
Cross country biking was moved this year to lessen damage, but damage was done and had not yet been repaired by the organizers—communications on this matter were underway to include a letter acting for sanction and repair and citing other tournaments that “do it right” was moved by Levy, 2nded Dwight Powell and approved.

Powell will also send a letter to schools supporting that they following rules, permitting, scheduling and communication with PD staff re using fields and avoiding conflict over their use. Problems caused by washroom closures after Labor Day were noted.

At the region park budget hearing, McCurry noted improvements and opportunities but also safety hazards on the LaRabida peninsula—this area could be a real focus for youth, who need more opportunities in the park. Members here set some ideas for more variety of activities were suggested for winter and the fieldhouse.

Signage, esp. for natural areas. Levy reported on continuing focus meetings with the PD. Varied brochures are also in development. Some good-sized trees were planted in Bobolink, and ash-borer treatment applied in the park. Levy gave appreciation for Open Lands, which does much in Jackson and other parks, including through the tree survey. Open Lands will be consulted / enlisted concerning very low branches in parts of the park esp. south.

Safety and upkeep. Several volunteers agreed to walk parts of the park and take pictures of and write down and report things broken or otherwise posing hazard. Gang gathering was reported at 57th beach 8-10 pm’s. Police response has been good especially along 63rd including the beach and for underpasses. Barry Rapoport reported on facilitating removal of graffiti from the Douglass monument.

Sports and fields- Aaron Stephens reported some problems with baseball fields and backstops near Golden Lady and on successes of Apostolic Church teams and youth programs that include in the park.

New business. Levy proposed and moved guidelines for park business: 1) none is to say they are speaking for (as opposed to being a member of) JPAC or expressing its positions without prior JPAC approval. 2) Money or grants are not to be raised for or in the name of JPAC without specific approval; when such is raised there must be a means of reporting the activity of the fund. 2nded by Powell and approved.


Respectfully submitted, Gary M. Ossewaarde, Secretary

Communications: Drainage from LaRabida’s planned outpatient roof. Suggestions and approval is being coordinated with Friends of the Park. (The project in generality was approved by JPAC in previous months.)

Continuing: Bobolink Meadow workday October 23 parrybell@ameritech.net.
Wooded Island workday October 27 sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com. Meet at Darrow bridge
Bird Walks Weds. at 7 a.m., Sats. at 8 a.m. from Darrow Bridge.
Go to www.chicagoparkdistrict.com for Halloween programs, activities and classes in the parks