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Volume 22, No. 11, November 2015
Published by Jackson Park Advisory Council, a recognized advisory body to the Chicago Park District, Chicago Illinois. JPAC's fiscal agent is The Chicago Parks Foundation, a 501c3.
President is Louise McCurry, 773 844-2225, commissioner751@comcast.net.

Editor Gary Ossewaarde, JPAC Secretary. Hosted by hydepark.org (archive section Hyde Park Record) website of Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (owner, hpkcc@aol.com) by Dot Easy and OnShore Communications

Founded in 1983

The purpose of the JPAC is to provide a forum for …users of Jackson Park; to advise and make recommendations to the Chicago Park District on park improvements and programs (and create/ ensure programs); to encourage long-range planning; promote community utilization and awareness of park and program and participation in planning; and seek alternative funding sources.
Protecting Nature, Preserving History, Promoting Recreation"


November meeting agenda.

Upcoming meetings or events - South Parks Public Workshop - FLYER (also attached to the pdf print/mailed version)



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Contacts: JPACChicago@gmail.com, 773 357-7617; Secretary Gary Ossewaarde, 773 047-9541, President Louise McCurry, 773 844-2225.

Visit also, esp. for workdays http://www.bluestem.info/Bobolink/ and http://www.friendsofthewhitecity.org.

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Newest park additions: New fibar chips for Dickerson and fieldhouse playgrounds;
identifying sign on the Iowa building

Page on the Obama Presidential Library with links.
Record of the January 12 2015 open discussion of the Library at JPAC meeting

To Army Corps Project -JPAC's information page with links including to the USACE official site.
http://www.project120chicago.org. Recent material is posted on the park Framework and 4 projects underway or provisionally proposed. See also gardenofthephoenix.org.

Running set of minutes and standing resolutions.

WHAT'S UP AT THE NOVEMBER 9 JPAC MEETING? (items may be added to the agenda from now until the meeting- contact Louise or Gary) - FIELDHOUSE, 6401 S. STONY ISLAND AVE. 7:30 pm. to accommodate the afternoon Workshop.

The meeting will start later than usual due to the South Parks Public Workshop that day, and business may be abbreviated. Business - including minutes, financial and appropriations, ELECTION OF OFFICERS
Discussion of work done east of Lake Shore Drive and the beaches, safety issues there, solutions.
Reports and updates from council officers and committees, park staff, Wooded Island project, South Parks Workshop
Burnham and Olmsted awards (although these may be given at the Workshop)
Review recommendations for Park District budget for the park including asks
Old and New Business. Adjournment

Upcoming meetings and events-

November 9, Monday, 2 pm- 7 pm. South Parks Public Workshop.
2 -4 pm informal open house. 4:15 pm Washington Park History and Ecology. 5:15 pm Jackson Park History and Ecology. 6:15 pm Framework Plans Progress Updates. Open discussion throughout. Presented by Chicago Park District, Project 120, Heritage Landscapes. At Washington Park Refectory, 5531 S. Russell Drrve (the columned building in the center of the park). Open, no pre-registration required. FLYER

November 12, Thursday, 6 pm. Julia Bachrach, Chicago Park District Historian, gives an illustrated lecture on the topic of her recent book, Jens Jensen and the Prairie School. Gordon Parks Arts Center Auditorium, University of Chicago Laboratory School, 5815 S. Kimbark. Space is limited. RSVP is required- flwright.org/programs/enrichment2 -- $10 to nonmembers of FLW Trust.

Workdays- Bobolink Meadow 2nd Saturdays 9-12. NOVEMBER 14. Meet at the south end by golf driving range lot. parrybell@ameritech.net.
The Fall colors are beautiful in the Meadow, and there are many interesting things to do, including planning and preparing for a bird friendly collection of native shrubs at the south entrance. The Park District is encouraging this project and will supply shrubs of our choice in the Spring. We hope to see you on Saturday.
November 14.

Wooded Island workday- likely done for 2015. Check details with Jerry Levy. There will be a tour Nov. 28 10 am.

White City Tours- over in Jackson for the year.

Bird walks Saturdays at 8 in the Bobolink Woods and Meadow (if Island is opened, will move there).

Wooded Island progress tour-NOVEMBER 28 10 AM. Details sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com.



The meeting was preceded by a toast to the Columbian Exposition at the battlement wall, where the original LaRabida replica and museum stood at the Columbian Exposition near the replicas of Columbus’ first journey’s ships.

Louise McCurry convened the meeting at 7:20 p.m. in LaRabida library. Guests Erika Kelly, Kevin Lee, and Kimberly Oglesby were welcomed. Updated Newsletter front page was distributed. September minutes approved upon motion of Fran Vandervoort and second of Kenneth Newman.

Team and president’s reports. Wooded Island. 25 attended the birding and update walk October 7. A count showed a 20 percent increase in birds and more species including a rebound in herring gulls, which had been largely driven out by a rival species.
White City Plus tours were winding down for the season, ending with October.

Safety- attempted criminal activity occurs, balanced by police moving perpetrators out of favored places. A major problem in parts of the park, including LaRabida is lights burned out or not working. (Superintendent Kelly stated at a CPD board meeting that adequate and working lighting is a priority of the Park District, so we should not hesitate to report lights out.) A major problem reported by members is periodic or perpetual flooding such as at underpasses, south of the running track, and along a stretch of Lake Shore Drive (east side, related to planting and sand placement as well as storm attack—corrections are promised there).
Along the shores and beaches considerable storm damage and washing up of stone and large amounts of trash from the Lake has occurred recently—the beach sweeps, such as a large one recently with Alliance for the Great Lakes and service groups is only temporarily effective. Damage is especially severe by LaRabida and the end-wall, which are not protected from the open Lake waves, and stretches north of 63rd beach.
Bike paths are deteriorated, grown over, especially north of the running track, west of Cornell up to 60th and on the east side of Cornell Dr. from 63rd to Marquette west of the ball field. Trees around the track need trimming.
Service: Mt. Carmel students spread chips and mulch in Dickerson/other playgrounds and mulched trees.
Walking approaches to the park under the railroad especially (kids coming for soccer use them) are deteriorating and covered with trash. JPAC with Midway PAC has explored with agencies cleaning out invasives and trash along the tracks crossing the Midway; Metra examined their section and has committed to doing some remediation, although they have 40 miles of track along the Electric Main Line.
More trees were observed dying, to be added to dead trees slated for removal as the PD can get to them. All of these matters as appropriate will be assigned for work order requests or budget asks.

Iowa building- an identifying sign has been placed on the building, grass cut nicely, and lights replaced. Cleanups occur and more are planned. Flower bulbs will soon be planted on the north side, flowers next spring since there is now a water source. More improvements are likely. Major headaches are the broken-up patio pavers and the roof.

Louise McCurry opened the floor for discussion of partnering with the Midway Advisory Council on recognition and restoration of, and grounds improvement around the stone bench west of Stony Island that memorializes two Woodlawn-Hyde Park women who were among the founders and leaders of the Illinois League of Women Voters and of local social services and served in the Illinois General Assembly in the 1920s. Thanks to the initiative of Fran Vandervoort, Louise McCurry, Patricia Morse and others and interest from the Chicago Park District, the monument is researched and under restoration evaluation including determination of how to proceed and funds needed. Motion by Fran Vandervoort and Louise McCurry to work with the Midway PAC to advance this undertaking. Approved.

Programs- football is full but there was still room in the afterschool. (We were told that Jackson does not have an Afterschool Matters program.) Suggested were ways to make the fieldhouse more attractive to kids; JPAC was asked to explore mosaics, which have been highly effective in schools and the park underpasses.

New business. JPAC agreed that election of officers will be held in November if possible and nominations are open (and can be sent to the officers now or can be made at the meeting). Also at the November meeting JPAC’s annual Burnham and Olmsted awards will be given; consensus on winners was reached. The Burnham goes to a group/organization or its representative; the Olmsted goes for promoting nature or natural areas.

Moved to adjourn. Next meeting is November 9 7 pm at the fieldhouse, 6401 S. Stony Island.

Gary M. Ossewaarde, Secretary