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NOTE- Due to the fieldhouse being closed for Veterans Day, THE NOVEMBER MEETING HAS BEEN MOVED TO LA RABIDA CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, 6501 S. PROMONTORY CIRCLE DRIVE. Access the drive from Marquette Drive between Jeffery and South Shore Dr.

Jackson Park Advisory Council Advisory Council Meeting - October 8, 2012

Louise McCurry convened a commemorative moment at the Circle on the north end of the Promontory peninsula. We commemorated the Columbian Exposition and its role in so many aspects of Chicago and local history and in building connections worldwide. October 1892 saw dedication of the Fair (70,000 attended) and October 9 1893 was Chicago Day with 900,000 visitors. (In the 22nd anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire.)

McCurry then reconvened the meeting in LaRabida Hospital, 10 being present. Zion Banks of LaRabida welcomed JPAC and said drilling for pillars would start soon for the new outpatient building. She noted a book on the hospital’s history.
McCurry distributed many pictures from her research on the Columbian Exposition and changes to parts of the park over time. She suggested developing brochures, signage and tours to spread the history that few know. Jerry Levy showed his new flyer on the history and transformations to Wooded Island- that it was lightly vegetated (except for burr oaks that predated the Fair) in early years but is now a forest, and how the Rose Garden was very differently shaped originally and hung on for several decades despite little tending.
Gary Ossewaarde read a brief report from the stewards about Bobolink Meadow work and beauties.
Barry Rapoport reported on the Haitian Pavilion (including that African Americans could eat there- and with white people) and its association with Frederick Douglass and his work. Fran Vandervoort gave the geological history of the park and South Side—a story of fossil reefs and beaches and of ridges and water-filled swales.

The Safety Committee has walked most of the park and prepared a repairs list for the park district. Repairs are being made to areas damaged by a cross-country bike race. A new sign with rules at the north entry to Wooded Island was reported needed.
Carolyn Marsh rolled out a beautiful birding brochure and checklist funded by Audubon. It’s been distributed to bird tour guides. Members greatly admired the brochure.
The Signage Committee is ready to do a final check of informational signs the Park District is proposing.
Mr. Lopez of Mt. Carmel High School offered to engage student groups for community service days projects. The Sports Committee seeks to meet monthly to, among other tasks, get the schools and others on the same page of scheduling and to make sure sign-up and rules are followed for the track and other fields.

Minutes of the September meeting were approved as corrected.
Nominating- Fran Vandervoort agreed to serve as chair. Nominations for the four offices can be given to her at 773 752-8374 or from the floor at the November meeting when elections will be held.
The meeting was adjourned. Next meeting NOVEMBER 12, 7:30 (rev. fldhse closed) MOVED TO LA RABIDA
______Respectfully submitted, Gary M. Ossewaarde, Secretary_____________________________________

Bobolink report- (Norm Bell and Gail Perry, from out of state). It was a busy month in Bobolink. We had three different groups come for workdays. We planted 13 new Oak Trees, seeded bare areas with native plant seed, collected lots of native plant seed from the thriving prairie areas, and removed many destructive invasive plants. There are pictures and reports on our website, http://bluestem.info/bobolink/. (Check with parrybell@ameritech.net or sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com with any questions about or activities in the natural areas during the rest of the year- dependent of course on weather.)

We were thrilled to learn that…
Our site stewards, Norman Bell, Jerome Levy, and Gail Parry, were selected by Friends of the Parks to receive Stewardship Awards and Frances S. Vandervoort was selected as a 2012 Drought Buster.
The awards will be conferred Sunday, November 4, 2-4 p.m. at the historic Fuller Park Fieldhouse, 433 W. 45th St. RSVP to sullivanme@fotp.org.

And the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago held a bird walk in the park October 21 in conjunction its special exhibit, “Between Heaven and Earth: Birds of Ancient Egypt.” 1155 E. 58th St. (a half mile west of the park), Museum open Tues. through Sun.
You can see live birds in the park- take a walk led by Audubon experts every Wednesday 7 a.m. (a little later in winter), 8 a.m. Saturdays. Meet at Darrow Bridge south of Museum of Science and Industry basin.
Or just go to the Island (and Osaka Garden) and the Meadow—pick up a brochure in the box just north of the north bridge to the Island, and if one of our stewards is working there, they will gladly suggest what to look for.