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Published by Jackson Park Advisory Council, a recognized advisory body to the Chicago Park District, Chicago Illinois

Editor Gary Ossewaarde, JPAC Secretary. Hosted by hydepark.org, website of Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (owner, hpkcc@aol.com) by Dot Easy and OnShore Communications

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Next meeting Monday, June 10, 7:30 p.m. at the fieldhouse, 6401 S. Stony Island 60637. This is an important meeting seeking input on park planning and on choices for new playground equipment at 56/Stony.


Jackson Park Advisory Council May 13, 2016 council meeting minutes

Following a toast in--and inaugurating—the new Jackson Park- Nancy Hays Gallery, Louise McCurry opened the meeting. After introductions, minutes of the April meeting were moved by Jerry Levy, 2nd Fran Vandervoort and approved.

Treasurer Dwight Powell reported an increase in funds from $4,047.87
to $4,282.85. McCurry invited all to take or renew memberships. She also encouraged members and friends to take photos of the park for the new gallery.

President’s report. The 3rd Police District has been doing a fine, proactive job. JPAC photos of unsafe physical conditions have been submitted and most already addressed. Harbor dredging is in progress.

JPAC continues to meet with stakeholders about their needs and ideas—for example DuSable Fishing group and Friends of the Phoenix Garden Foundation.
A park walkthrough is being planned with Chicago Park District leadership.

A fine Tool Workshop was held May 11 in the fieldhouse. A comprehensive Bike Clinic with several participating organizations was announced for May 18, 1-3 pm at the 57th St. Bathing Pavilion. In light of successful family nature tours, a public one may be held- stay tuned .

Physical instructor Pierre Neelon reported for Park Supervisory Wm. Tillis. Windy City Hoops (basketball for teens Friday and Saturday nights) is growing and our track and field teams consistently win at regional meets!

Jerry Levy reported on the beauty and upkeep of Wooded Island and Bobolink Meadow (which has been expanded northward with a new rail fence)—plants and birds were a little late this year, but now in glory and have rain. Fran Vandervoort noted over 500 plants put in last Saturday. A key access road to the area has had holes filled. Nature trail brochures are progressing, as are templates for interpretive signage.

Sonia Cooke, president of the Phoenix Garden Foundation (was Friends of the [Osaka] Japanese Garden) reported on this year’s carefully planned planting of about 125 cherry and other trees, underway and replacing invasive thickets at the Columbia Basin and toward the Japanese Garden outside the designated natural area. She hopes this will draw people to walk through the Museum’s back yard and over to the Garden and then discover the rest of Wooded Island. McCurry discussed ideas for cultural uses of the geometric Music Court north of the lagoons and Bobolink.

Douglas Washington of AYSO soccer presented a need for new mobile soccer nets for the 63rd fields.

Ray Johnson of Friends of the White City discussed the need for and types of historic signage (including views) for which they intend to raise funds. (Johnson also arranged funding a trophy case for the fieldhouse.)

Beth Herring stressed the need for replacement of play equipment in the northwest corner of the park by Bret Harte School- for which JPAC has submitted a proposal to the CPD-Friends of the Parks play equipment replacement initiative.

CeCe Edwards of Grand Crossing Park described a Black Star Project tutoring program in their park that JPAC could tap into. She also noted that CPD announced a decision to not treat for emerald borer ash trees in parks but to replace the trees that die with other species.

Presentation: Mitchell Murdock of Chicago Park District Natural Resources, Julia Bachrach of CPD planning/history, and a representative of the US Army Corps of Engineering presented and sought input on the early stages of planning of historic, landscape, and sound ecological and habitat planning and restoration improvements in the park, designated Section 506 Great Lakes Fishery and Ecosystem Restoration (GLFER). The CPD and ACE have partially-overlapping but somewhat different mandates, and they are evaluating, with public input, whether there will be a partnered set of projects for the park that could cost up to $10 million. (Note any Lakeshore work is excluded as that is controlled by a separate federally-designated ongoing program for the entire lakeshore.) Principles were set forth, with the park district stressing the historic integrity of the park including Olmsted's vision of vistas, elegant but concealed design, stress on relaxation and enjoyment of the sublime and beautiful—the genius of the place, subordination of details to the whole, avoidance of mere novelty, grouping of plants including an abundant understory and layering, tempered by good habitat in the appropriate/ designated parts of the park. Noted was that Olmsted’s park designs were quite open. The Army Corp stresses ecology including sound lagoon management and habitat. The review of the history and changes in the park over the decades and the distinct types of habitat and landscape in the park was especially helpful. The Olmsted Center has expressed an interest in providing technical advice.

The next opportunity for public input will be at the next meeting, including a mapping exercise and discussion of specific areas or vistas people would like to see restored or enhanced. This will still be ahead of the start of official feasibility and project-discovery exploration. Ongoing public input is promised early and during the entire development and implementation of the project, should one be approved.
Dwight Powell moved, 2nd Esther Schechter and approved for the Park District and Army Corps to continue exploration and planning toward a Section 506 project.

The meeting was adjourned a little after 9 pm. Next meeting June 10.
Respectfully submitted,
Gary M. Ossewaarde, Secretary

HARBORS, BEACHES, AND SAFE SWIMMING. An interesting set of articles by Jennifer Delgado appeared in the May 25 Chicago Tribune regarding the ongoing problems posed to harbors and boaters by short and long-term trends regarding Lake Michigan. Even storms that help raise the water level can wash sand across navigation channels. Under consideration could be some structural modifications beyond just depending on continual dredging with limited funds. It would be a shame if most of the boating community, an important part of the park-using public, were to abandon the harbors in Jackson Park.
Ms. Delgado also announced that the Park District will extend to all beaches the real-time predictive modeling of water and beach conditions that have been tested over the past few years with 80-90% reliability, in addition to the daily testing that depends on growing samples. Please be advised of the ways to find out if swimming is open at your beach: http://www.cpdbeaches.com. 312 74BEACH (742-3224), Facebook/Twitter@chicagopark or Text 312 715-swim text the word beaches and text in the name of your beach. And when you get there, check the whiteboard.

Maria D. Stone of Friends of the Parks wrote to JPAC May 29:

Friends of the Parks and the Chicago Park District have received and reviewed your community’s nomination for Jackson Park (5625 S. Stony Island) for the Chicago Plays! Playground Renovation Program. We are pleased to announce that Jackson Park has been selected as the one of the first playgrounds to be built in the first year of the Chicago Plays! program.

The Chicago Plays! Program has created much excitement and has gotten Chicagoans thinking about community and its importance to their parks. There were numerous outstanding nominations from community organizations across the city of Chicago so the decision making process was a difficult one. The commitment and enthusiasm that your community has displayed in your application was evident and both the Chicago Park District and Friends of the Parks are excited to work with your community to make this new playground a reality.
Over the next few months we will work with you regarding the anticipated construction date and playground designs. Your community will have the opportunity to select playground equipment based on the provided designs. Congratulations on your new playground!
[ed.: it is our understanding that the CPD will renovate the playground at the fieldhouse this fall; that at 56th St. will be done next spring.]

Workdays: Bobolink 2nd Saturdays 9 a.m. to noon. Contact parrybell@ameritech.net for information. (There is a half-marathon along the south lakefront June 8. Next June 8 and July 13.
Wooded Island 4th Saturdays 10 a.m. to 1 pm. Meets at Darrow Bridge. Contact sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com. June 22.

Bird walks are conducted by Chicago Audubon Wednesdays at 7 a.m. and Saturdays at 8 a.m.

Check Chicago Architecture Foundation for tours of the White City. http://www.architecture.org.

E-mail notice will be sent if there is a family nature walk or a workshop in late June or early July.