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Next meeting MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2017, 7 PM. Fieldhouse, 6401 S. Stony Island. (following- July 10)
Guests -Golf for disabled persons, possibly presenter on a retrospective jazz concert in July
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Addendum- public meetings on Obama Center and Golf.

June 21, Wednesday, 6 pm. 1st of 3 public meetings about the Obama Center plans and golf consolidation. New information and public input and ideas. South Shore Cultural Center, 7059 SouthShore Drive. Next June 24, 27

June 24, Saturday, 10 am. 2nd of 3 public meetings about the Obama Center plans and golf consolidation. New information and public input and ideas. Hyde Park High School, 6220 S. Stony Island.

June 27, Tuesday, 6 pm. 5th Ward monthly meeting. La Rabida Hospital. This is the 3rd of 3 public meetings about the Obama Center plans and golf consolidation. New information and public input and ideas. La Rabida Children's Hospital, 6501 S. Promontory Drive.


J.P.A.C. NEWSLETTER JUNE 2017, Vol. 24 No. 6

Published by Jackson Park Advisory Council, the recognized advisory body to the Chicago Park District, Chicago Illinois.
JPAC's fiscal agent is The Chicago Parks Foundation, a 501c3.

President is Louise McCurry, 773 844-2225, commissioner751@comcast.net. Board- see the PDF version front page.
Other officers elected November 2016- VP Anne Marie Miles, Secretary Gary Ossewaarde, Treasurer Dwight Powell.

Editor Gary Ossewaarde, JPAC Secretary. Hosted by hydepark.org (archive section Hyde Park Record) website of Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (owner) by Dot Easy.

The purpose of the JPAC is to provide a forum for …users of Jackson Park; to advise and make recommendations to the Chicago Park District on park improvements and programs (and create/ ensure programs); to encourage long-range planning; promote community utilization and awareness of park and program and participation in planning; and seek alternative funding sources.

Fieldhouse, Park Supervisor Bobbie Beckam, 773 256-0903. Region Manager Maya Solis, 312 747-7661.
Area Manager Farah Tunks, 773 324-0540.
Parks Security- Lakefront - Thomas Snooks


Council meeting, JUNE 12 at 7 pm. fieldhouse, 6401 S. Stony Island.
Normal agenda items plus guests (disability golf, possibly on a jazz concert inf July), reports including park coordinating and golf

Events, workdays et al- See upcoming in the body of the Newsletter, below. (Thanks to those who helped with the 63rd st. beach clean.)

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Minutes of the May 8, 2017 Jackson Park Advisory Council meeting

Louise McCurry called the meeting to order. A quorum was present, and attendance 30. Introductions were made.

Darrow (Columbia ) Bridge. Tanera Adams from the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) provided an update and answered questions. The bridge is formally Columbia Bridge, as an extension of Columbia Drive to the east. It was originally built in the 1880s, 28 feet wide, and rebuilt for the Fair the in 1895- 56 feet wide and long. The bridge was rebuilt in 1941 and 1961. Phase I evaluation and planning is still underway. Work is funded 80 federal (SAWA program) and 20 state at $6M and will commence and be completed in 2019. It will be usable for ambulances and police as well as bikes and pedestrians- but will not be able to accommodate fire trucks. Work will include removal of the existing structure and abutments, steel beams and wall and replacing them (exact options are under consideration--access to the abutments, reestablished about 2002, may not be provided). The bridge will be rebuilt historically, under ongoing approvals by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, including the railings (part were used on the grounds of the Columbian Exposition). Paths will be provided (promised provisionally) as far as Stony Island.

April minutes. Members noted that a news item following the minutes, concerning crossing signals desired at the difficult, dangerous set of intersections of Cornell Drive and 59th/60th, is confusing. McCurry said she would clarify and seek a site meeting with CDOT, noting that even if Cornell Drive is changed, that is over a year away.

Wooded Island and ACE ecological project. Jerry Levy reported per project manager Lauren Umek that most of the plastic water piping will be removed this spring. The contractor is on site working. The Island is starting to flower. Many groups visit from the south end. The next workday is May 27, removing invasives.

Bobolink Meadow workdays are 2nd Saturdays 9-12 from the south end.

Fran Vandervoort announced the Jackson Park in Your Pocket is up as an app accessed from smart phones and other devices. Go to www.vamonde.com, make password, and find Jackson Park in Your Pocket.

McCurry showed photographs of a broken-stone breakwater that decades ago protected LaRabida Hospital and shore from wave damage. Today, groups of Eagle Scout, University of Chicago, and corporate (Exelon) volunteers come frequently to remove washed up rocks and debris and maintain wheelchair paths for patients. Groups will be coming to work on May 22 and several days in June, as well as at 63rd St. beach. June 4 U of C students and alumni are expected for a workday and a walk through Wooded Island.

Safety issues. Kenneth Newman and others discussed a broken drain pipe by 57th St. beach, drifting sand on the bike path at the south end of 57th beach, paths along Cornell opposite the Lab School, and curbing by 59th St. pier. Roberta Siegel noted that stop and other signs often are hidden by vegetation in summer- these should be reported to the 5th Ward.

Jackson Park Projects Coordinating Committee. Jerry Levy described the committee of about 15, made up of stakeholders, Park District leaders, the city, Obama Foundation, and Golf Alliance. A second meeting had a good discussion early in May, but there was nothing yet to look at. (The first presentation of the preliminary Presidential Center design occurred after the meeting.) The golf engineering studies and drawing of possible layout were held up by the serious deterioration found with the shoreline, especially at the south Shore golf course and by dilemmas presented by the water table at the pinch point at 67th St. It is hoped the committee can meet in June.

Fieldhouse and program. Supervisor Bobbie Beckam and Area Manager Farah Tunks gave the news that, thanks to the Obama Center project, there will be a new, state of the art Jackson Park fieldhouse (details to be developed collaboratively).

Tunks reported that coming to the current fieldhouse is a new program for ages 8-12, known as Kiddie College, similar to one at Ping Tom Park, to run September through June. Also, kid’s gardening classes in new raised beds north of the fieldhouse. McCurry said JPAC is in contact with those running the community garden program at Dyett High School (run by the students and that helps fill a food desert), to see if it could be adapted here.
The park district hopes to work out an arrangement for kids to swim at the YMCA across the street—they now go to Nash and Rosenblum. There was still room in the summer programs, and scholarships are available. Football now runs spring though November. The range of sports is now quite large- pickleball, golf, croquet, lawn bowling, tennis. More kids are being drawn from the 67th area. Instructor Andria Frink has returned from illness.

Treasurer. Dwight Powel reported $5,719 in the bank. Current purchases: binoculars and other supplies for the Migratory Bird Festival, and replacement fans for the fieldhouse (latter moved/approved up to $1,000).

JPAC and partners have been busy. Past events included Earth Day work projects April 22, which refreshed the Wooded Island chip trail, netted about 180 pounds of trash at the 57th beach and similar in the Music Court- Columbia Basin edge area. A large group from the Chicago Children’s Choir sang at Sky Landing and in the Music Court and did a work project. A highlight was the late afternoon One Earth Festival screening of “The City Dark” about the consequences of light pollution and nighttime blue light.

Migratory Bird Day Festival provided bird ID tours and the making of bird houses and feeders by lots of families on a very cold morning. Meanwhile, bird organizations did an annual count. That day also had the season’s first JPAC/Friends of the White City park tour, and a Jane’s Walk flashlight tour with 87 guests.

Obama Presidential Center. The initial design and model was rolled out at a big, invite event at South Shore Cultural Center. There is much to think about and changes in response to input are already being made.
Jackson Park Watch distributed and summarized a sheet of questions and comments worth considering and asking answers to- available at www.jacksonparkwatch.org. Examples (condensed and extrapolated): What is the actual amount of parkland gained or lost and what new parkland off-site could be created? How do we balance the new provision for children and activity with the need for peacefulness and the needs of wildlife in the adjacent core area? Who would pay for infrastructure work including to Cornell Drive? How will the input process be made broad and robust?
Lanita Ross, aide to Alderman Hairston (5th) said the Center should provide as broad a service to the community as possible, and not just be for visitors for a few years. She liked the idea of youth instruction, preparation and exposure to all the possibilities open to them, and that the programming starts right now. We have to make sure that CPS and more are bought into to the programming now.
The process and planning are just at the start, Mr. Obama said. The purpose is to create a Center for the community and for training the next generation of changes, as well as to reinvigorate the South Side. McCurry said that Mr. Obama called her and other stakeholders personally and sent a signed portrait- it will be placed in a cabinet in the fieldhouse.

Fifth Ward news. Lanita Ross noted especially a water safety demonstration by the Chicago Fire Department June 6 at 11:30 a.m. at 57th Street Beach and The Jackson Park Classic 5K run and walk June 15, 5 pm to support youth triathlon training and the South East Chicago Commission neighborhood enhancement grants. Also, there will be a memorial event for Sue Purrington, who inter alia worked for parks, at Promontory Point May 20, 4-6 pm.

COMING EVENTS. May 16 On the Table 6 pm at the fieldhouse.
May [27] Bench dedication and picnic 12-2 at 67th Ridgeland Playlot.
May 27 Wooded Island workday 10-1 from south entry.
History tours, Sats at 11 east side of Darrow Bridge.
June 3 63rd beach clean 12-2 or 3 meet at east end. Preferred: register with www.greatlakes.org.
June 10 Bobolink workday 9-noon at south end.
June 17 It’s Your Park Day-(Help needed w large groups) 9 am around fieldhouse, 1-3 La Rabida. Reg. wwww.chicagoparksfoundation.org).
June 24 Wooded Island.

oved to adjourn. Next meeting Monday, June 12, 7 p.m. at the fieldhouse.
Respectfully submitted, Gary Ossewaarde, Secretary


ADAPTIVE GOLF event coming to Jackson Park

Larry Labiak, CPD compliance director, has brought adaptive Golf events for differently-abled golfers to our Park Golf Courses for years. Adaptive Golf allows golfers who can't participate easily in other golf events to enjoy our green spaces and golf with peers. The Adaptive Golf event comes to Jackson Park September 15, T Time 1 pm. Larry will introduce the program at the June 12th JPAC meeting. Come and share your ideas or questions and sign up to help. Adaptive Golfers welcome your assistance and support. Golf should be open to everyone! As we restore our historic golf courses, we can make a difference in accessibility, fun, and acceptance for adaptive golfers!
And this is but one of several sports tournaments coming this summer, and one of several ways in which the golf course and other and other fields are serving youth to seniors right now.

Other program ideas and facility upgrades (such as at 63rd beach) will also be considered June 12.
And for park access, upgrades to some Metra service are in public meetings.

Comprehensive planning and coordination are underway on many fronts for Jackson Park.
The Chicago Park District has committed to a comprehensive planning process (thanks to those who worked for this including FOTP). Top officers have already shared, with and sought input from stakeholder organizations and groups, their initial assessment of features and existing framework recommendations for throughout the park. Some have already been evaluated and potential funding sources identified. For example, the Iowa Building repairs and programming have strong commitment, and the timeline and funding for the Darrow Bridge is in place. At the other end, matters that have a commitment but not yet a location and/or concept decision (such as for the fieldhouse) or that need to be both discussed with the community and considered, such as for their placement in tandem with other features that also are undecided. The Park District is in conversation with major project proposers and their design and engineer teams such as for the Obama Center and Golf Alliance and with city and other agencies—none of those ideas are set in stone, nor are studies complete as of this moment. And there are matters for which the decision, with the community, will have to be made first, most notable the future of Cornell Drive. The park district is working on preliminary sorting, feasibility and pricing of changes for its own facilities and features while saying that improvements for which it is not responsible are also needed, including to the shoreline and connectivity to communities, regardless of what major proposals are approved. They also note that most of the park and Olmsted’s vision has to remain in place, as good as they can be. Persons have told them that the greatest need is for a sustainable provision and mechanism for upkeep and maintenance. A little more patience is needed as information and assessments are developed and reconciled. We look forward to the Park District coming with its overall and specialized ideas to JPAC and other forums to start the process.

Among parallel processes, JPAC has two active committees chaired by Jerry Levy gathering facts and evaluating proposals and projects, making suggestions to proposers and the Park District and city and working to promote coordination between projects or changes, perceived needs and principles for the park, and what the park should look like as whole. Their purpose is also to bring a suite (maybe rotating) of interested persons from the larger community together with each other and those of the proposing bodies with power to make adjustments.
The JPAC Golf Committee has met twice. In January it endorsed the concept of a consolidated, industry-standard golf course provided that certain conditions are met, including for present golf clubs and residents and being open to the community, for youth and family facilities, training and jobs for youth, and be environmental responsible and provided the design and engineering study show feasibility and financial responsibility. At the May meeting, we learned of progress for the caddies and addition of a small or mini golf facility and also of expensive repairs needed to shoreline and drainage and complications with creating a connection between the courses and with the community. The committee agreed these improvements are needed in any case and to call for them, like are done in other parts of the city. Engineer studies and layout drawings are expected by June, when the committee will meet again.
The other committee is the JPAC Projects and Park Coordinating Committee. It brings stakeholders and proposers together with CPD and city. It has met twice and will meet again when more studies are released.

Other convenings in which JPAC has representation include the Advisory Council appointed by Alderman Hairston (and there are the ward meetings), and the Jackson Park stakeholders part of 1Woodlawn planning convened by Dr. Brazier with Chicago Community Trust and whose plan consultant is Skidmore.

Also, the Golf Alliance and Obama Foundation are holding lots of meetings. A recent meeting with the Obama landscape team led by Michael Van Valkenburgh showed discernment and openness. GMO 4

Congratulations to Chicago Park District and Chicago for moving up 4 notches to 11th place in the U.S. in The Trust for Public Lands ParkScore Index, which ranks park access, size, financial investment, and amenities. The Trust said Chicago has been for many decades on the cutting edge of park development. A key plus for the Trust is that 97 percent of Chicagoans are within a 10-minute walk of a park. At $137 per person, Chicago spends more than double the national median on parks, has more basketball hoops per population than the median, and earns marks for stellar new and renovated fieldhouses achieved and in progress and for the ChicagoPlays! playground initiative.
Among other initiatives are Lakefront Bike trail separations and other improvements (work at Jackson and South Shore will be done in 2018) and a quick test for unsafe water conditions that will be at all beaches starting this summer. And the beaches are regularly raked.
Of course, we know there are park deserts, deficient or poorly maintained--even unsafe facilities in many parts of the city, and a lack of dog parks outside parts of the North Side. What do we need to catch up with the 10 of the 100-largest-cities with best parks that are ranked higher?


Night Out in the Parks. Here are Jackson Park events in this citywide program- some details are not yet worked out. Check out South Sh & Midway online—and their movie and concert schedule is being completed.
Full schedule in www.chicagoparkdistrict.com or Chicago Park District’s My Chi Parks app.

_June 17, Saturday, 10 am-noon. Morton Arboretum presents “Wild INDIGO Bionature Explorations”. Meet at Jackson Park fieldhouse, 6401 S. Stony Island.

_August 4, Friday, 6-8 pm. BOTANIZING fm a BOAT with lagoon restoration project manager Lauren Umek. (Reg. with Night Out in the Parks—can arrange to bring your own canoe.) Meet at east side of Darrow Bridge.

_August 8, 15, 22, and 29 Tuesdays, 6-7:30 pm. STORIES W MUSIC at the 67th/Ridgeland Playlot (3 blks e. of Stony I.). Deidre Harrison of The Lucky Tykes and audience improvise performance or from beloved books.

_August 10, Thursday, 6-9 pm. SUMMER DANCE comes to JP fieldhouse, 6401 S. Stony I. Learn, show off.

_Sept. 1, Friday, 6-7:30 pm. INFERNO MOVEMENTS + Flux Bikes present a participatory soundscape at 63rd St. Beach. Build a one-of-a-kind experience.

_Sept. 15, Friday, 16 Saturday, and 17, Sunday, 6-7:30 pm. HEJLA YATKIN leads DANCE IN THE GARDEN OF THE PHOENIX on Wooded Island. Help create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Calendar of other events

_Saturdays, 11 am. WHITE CITY free TOURS of history, nature and the Columbian Exposition of 1893 footprint. Meet at the east side of Darrow Bridge (end of the parking accessed from LSD 58th Science Drive. Ray Johnson, friendsofthewhitecity@gmail.com. Contact Louise McCurry about shorter, more localized tour options, commissioner752@comcast.net.

_LAKESIDE LAWN BOWLING, southeast of the Museum of Science and Industry. For schedule visit www.lakesidelawnbowling.webs.com. CROQUET ALSO.

_June 3- Saturday – 1-3 pm. 63RD ST. BEACH SWEEP. JPAC with Alliance for the Great Lakes "Adopt A Beach. Meet east side of 63rd street Beach House. Bring water, sunscreen dress for weather. We have gloves, recycle and trash bags, and scales. Register at www.greatlakes.org/ Adopt a Beach.

_June 6, Tuesday, 11:30 am. Chicago Fire Department WATER SAFETY AND RESCUE DEMONSTRATION. 57th Street Beach. Details and parking- 5th Ward Office, 773 324-5555.

_June 9-10, Friday and Saturday. FRIENDS OF THE PARKS - Rethinking Parks- Parks as Democracy? Roosevelt U. Luncheon June 9, 11:30 am with panel and breakouts. Register at https://fotp.org. Ditto for Conference at Roosevelt on Saturday. There is also a soiree Monday evening.

_June 10, Saturday, 9 am-noon. Bobolink Meadow workday. Meet at the south end, by Golf Driving Range parking (off Hayes) parrybell@ameritech.net. www.bluestem.info/bobolink.

_June 12, Monday, 7 pm. MONTHLY JPAC OPEN COUNCIL MEETING in the fieldhouse, 6401 S. Stony Island.

_June 15, Thursday, 6:30 pm>. JACKSON 5K RUN AND WALK. Raises money for Triathlon training and for SECC neighborhood enhancement grants. (volunteers needed.) 63rd St. Beach.

_June 17, Saturday, IT’S YOUR PARK DAY. 9 am-noon. 1-3 pm La Rabida shores. Louise, 773 844-2225, commissioner751@comcast.net. Register with www.chicagoparksfoundation.org. including other local activities am and pm. HELP IS NEEDED WITH LARGE GROUPS COMING.

_June 24, Saturday, 10 am-1 pm. WOODED ISLAND WORKDAY. South entr. sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com .

_July 8, Saturday, 9 am-12 pm. BOBLINK MEADOW WORKDAY. . Meet at the south end, by Golf Driving Range parking (off Hayes) parrybell@ameritech.net. www.bluestem.info/bobolink.

_July 9, Sunday, 12-6 pm. ON THE BEACH: REMASTERED. cONCERT CELEBRATING TE 50T ANNIVERSARY OF KELAN PHIL COCHRAN'S ICONIC SERIES AND HIS 90TH BIRTHDAY. (JPAC will be honoring the upper story namingand plaque for Eric Hatchett and also the Schiff Legacy interactive fountain and serenity garden. . In 63rd Beach House east courtyard. FREE and unticketed. No food or alcohol allowed, water provided, food vendors on the beach.

Concert Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Kelan Phil Cochran's Iconic Series and his 90th Birthday.
Sunday, July 9, 2017 Noon to 6pm
63rd Street Beach House (east courtyard)
Over 17 artists and groups on stage
Food vendors on site
Admission Free

This event is made possible by ASCM Chicago, AARP, Joyce Foundation, Jackson Park Advisory Council, Chicago Park District

More information will soon be posted on Facebook- On the Beach: Remastered Honoring Phil Cochran

For and interview of Cochran by UC professor Zorach, visit

Note that JPAC will be honoring former president Eric Hatchett's past honoring with naming of the upper story, now with a plaque, and the Schiff Legacy that included the spray fountain and legacy garden.


_July 10, Monday, 7 pm. MONTHLY JPAC OPEN COUNCIL meeting- expected to be our annual picnic at the Iowa building on 56th St. and Peace Rising statues-- continuing discussion on the future look of the park-- unless there needs to be a larger venue discussing proposed projects.

_July 13, Thursday, 1 pm tee off. GOLF CLASSIC in Jackson Park. Raise funds for Chicago Parks Foundation. Contact www.chicagoparksfoundation.org.

_July 22, Saturday, 10 am-1 pm. WOODED ISLAND WORKDAY. South entr. sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com.

_July 29, Saturday. Soccer Clinic by Interantional Soccer Association. Take the Field track and field, 6100 block of South Stony Island.

_September 15, Friday, time tba. ADAPTIVE GOLF tournament. Volunteers will be needed, details tba.

JPAC events include the council meetings 2nd Mondays at 7 and the workdays. Appeals may also go out to help with large groups that frequently come to work in the park.

And watch for more.

JPAC On The Table May 16 2017, Jackson Park Fieldhouse (view/print this report in pdf)

JPAC hosted an engaging On The Table potluck discussion May 16.
How can you beat a delicious, varied feast, the congenial gathering of long-term and new members of our JPAC family, and discussion of new program and community engagement ideas for park and PAC. See the report attached to this Newsletter. Special thanks to the Park District and fieldhouse staff and the guests, who shopped or brought the food, especially Anne Marie Miles for fish and for turkeys that we baked on site. Ray Johnson made and showed a one minute video of Jackson Park features. On The Table ® is a citywide set of discussions on the same day, organized by Chicago Community Trust and Affiliates to bring people together to find solutions and mutual understanding in our communities. The key question in their post-dinner survey is, what action/task are you going to DO? Discussion may continue at our July picnic.

Table topics and discussion (Action Passport)
(Moderators moved, table members stayed)
Discussion 1: Equality of park programs for South Side kids. Moderator Jake Young.
Examples were briefly described: Kiddie College preschool, swim classes- where & how, children’s theater? video production? Other?
Discussion 2: After/beyond the Obama Center. Moderator: Louise McCurry.
A. Lakeshore protection measures? B. JPAC engage in community problem solving such as resource fairs, PAC and block club development, films, discussions? A community resource online master list?
Discussion 3: Fulfilling Olmsted’s dream- a democratic park. Multi-cultural, multi-age such as a mini golf maybe with a World’s Fair theme? Moderator: Ray Johnson.
TABLE 1. Discussion 1. Like the Kiddie College idea—must be subsidized/have very low price and be marketed to local families and, must have a high staff to kid ratio and forward-looking programming. ACTION: research including set up a team to visit current programs including Ping Tom Park, introduce a test or pilot.
Swimming lessons must be arranged at suitable facilities. Video creation and drama programs were supported, perhaps a program for kids writing their own stories or letters—ACTIONS: create a team to visit innovative kid and youth teaching facilities such as Hyde Park Art Center. Complete arrangements for swim lessons for JP fieldhouse.
Discussion 2. All the park and projects need to be synchronized. A major need is to resolve future of roads (Cornell Drive) and spaces such as the Golf Driving Range.
The table strongly supported shoreline protection.
Members felt strongly that JPAC should be more active in community building and problem solving. ACTIONS suggested: recruit more members, especially younger residents and form committees to take on such projects. Connect with the schools.
Discussion 3. Support for both a small/ practice themed. 3-5 hole course for families and a traditional put-put miniature golf.

TABLE 2. Discussion 1. Support the preschool Kiddie College and make it transformative but need to reach the local families and have ways to get the kids to and from the park including transportation.
Discussion 2. There are lots of ideas and needs for infrastructure improvement, but more information from studies, projects is needed first, especially on roads.
Discussion 3. Support kiddie golf.

TABLE 3. Discussion 1. Love the Kiddie College—visit Ping Tom.
Have a children’s theatrical center based on telling stories.
Discussion 2. Lakeshore- gather more information first.
Wants JPAC to seek things for the community.
Discussion 3. Want both small/family golf 3-5 holes and a putt-putt miniature.

Action points:
For the park itself, the convening would like looking again after more engineering and project information is available—some suggested a follow up convening in a few months. Specific item with the most consensus was for shoreline repair.
There was consensus to research and seek increased programming such as Kiddie College, swimming lessons, and drama—catching kids early.
And that JPAC should engage in community-building programs.
President McCurry said that the prime deficiency is equality- especially for programming to serve the communities and fulfill the park’s promise.
She suggested we each take a project that interests us and work on it- research it, develop a plan, test and implement it.

A hearty thanks to all for the repast cornucopia, above all Anne Marie Miles. Thank you to moderators Jake, Ray, and Louise and to Ray for producing our mini-golf video entry to On the Table. Thank you On the Table partner Chicago Park District, Kim Dubuclet, Farah Tunks and the Supervisor Bobbie Beckam and the fieldhouse staff.
Congratulations to the raffle winners of JPAC and On the Table tote bags.
Thank you to the Chicago Community Trust and Affiliates. On the Table ® is a citywide program of CCT and Affiliates.
Gary M. Ossewaarde, JPAC Secretary