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Published by Jackson Park Advisory Council, a recognized advisory body to the Chicago Park District, Chicago Illinois

Editor Gary Ossewaarde, JPAC Secretary. Hosted by hydepark.org, website of Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (owner, hpkcc@aol.com) by Dot Easy and OnShore Communications

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Next meeting Monday, July 8, 7:30 p.m. at the fieldhouse, 6401 S. Stony Island 60637.

Jackson Park Advisory Council June 10, 2013 Advisory Council meeting

Louise McCurry called to order, 19 present including Area Mgr. Cordell Hopkins, JP instructor Pierre Nealon.

Park improvement potential planning/project. Mitchell Murdock, Park District Natural Areas Manager, and Julia Bachrach, Park District Planner and historian gave an update and sought more input on a potential Park District and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project under Federal designation 506. It is still in exploration as to whether there is a project (a federal interest or FID); work would not begin for 3-5 years. Any work includes 5 years of warranty/maintenance. The parties want to ensure public input from the onset about the park and particularly any restorations or enhancements to habitat (the ACE interest) and or landscape and historic views and features. If the project lacks public support, it would disappear, and no ACE funding would mean no project by the Park District. Large areas of the park are under consideration, but anything recreational, institutional, or along the lakeshore is excluded. The parties are concerned that any other projects such as cherry tree plantings mesh with this and be park-suitable. They are especially interested in where shrubbery could be expanded or replaced, the presence and health of particular kinds of habitat where called for, and with the lagoons, including maybe recreating islands that used to be there. Presenters will meet next with fishers.

Attendees gave insights and concerns on particular places and changes that might be sound or avoided. They gathered around and wrote ideas on a large map-- noting sections of the park they thought degraded or unattended, or that they especially liked and wanted to make sure are preserved. Examples:

-Improve landscaping and maintenance between the outer and inner harbors north of Marquette Drive;
-Improve along Marquette Drive Coast Guard to Cornell drives and north on Cornell (excepting the already kept up Growing Power garden)- including fixing or providing trails/walks and plant more trees;
-Between Cornell Dive and the West Lagoon—have more shrubbery etc. to reduce noise and roadway/city views; improve vistas and habitat without creating unwanted hiding places;
-Improve around the north bridge to Wooded Island (some were leery of too much work here);
-Be careful about large areas of monocultures especially of ornamental trees;
-Maybe create a few small openings to the Island lagoon edge to create optimal vista points (some opposed this-said people have vistas at the Japanese Garden);
-Ensure any reconstructed islands in the lagoon can be sustained and provide optimal habitat for frogs, turtles and other amphibians and that netting for plant establishment not damage birds; ditto lagoon shore plantings;
-Consider the needs of birds and other wildlife and lean towards more vegetation rather than less.

Park programs. Instructor Pierre Nealon reported on successes of Windy City Hoops and varied spring camp sports. JP Teams are winning at regional games, and it’s hoped at the citywide and beyond. Upon query from Dwight Powell, Area Manager Hopkins agreed to look into application of the proper number of coatings that last longer on the gym floor.

Treasurer. Powell reported $4,183.37, some transactions in process. Dues payments from more would help.
May minutes were moved by Powell, 2nd by Jerome Levy and approved.

Safety-security. Copper was stripped from the 63rd pavilion. Park District police have been very proactive, 3rd District less so in getting out of cars to patrol. Broken benches are repaired promptly but re-vandalized—when people report problems (directly or in the PD website) please make sure location and description are exact. A (cleaning crew?) boat in the lagoon was reported as potentially disturbing birds and should be suspended during migration.

Nature and more. Workday progress continues and organizations such as Jewish Community Center continue tasks in the park. On Wooded Island many oak samplings have been ID’d and will have protection. Some were planted and survive, others are natural volunteers. They do better because choking weedy plants and understory are gone.

A walk through was held at La Rabida peninsula east shore with Supt. Kelly and other staff: accomplishments by CPD and volunteers were praised and further needs here and elsewhere in the park were noted.

JPAC sponsored a bike clinic at 57th beach including with Blackstone Bicycle Works.

Playgrounds. JPAC was successful in its requests for playground replacements in the northwest corner of the park and at the fieldhouse. Input into design was taken at this meeting. Work will start in a few months. Thanks to all!
Park District budget hearings are expected to start in July.

Adjournment. Next meeting July 8.
Respectfully submitted, Gary M. Ossewaarde.

Workdays: 2nd Saturdays- Bobolink 9-noon, La Rabida 1-3 or so. parrybell@ameritech.net, Louise 773 844-2225.
4th Saturdays 10-1 Wooded Island. Contact sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com.