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Next meeting MONDAY, JANUARY 9, 2017, 7 PM.
Guests -from CPD: Supt. Michael P. Kelly
, Jerome Scott (trees), Lauren Umek (naturalist, being invited), Thomas Snooks (Park Security), Willa Lang of Chicago Parks Foundation. Mr. Kelly is expected to address the golf proposal in light of the overall park and planning.
Minutes & Finances
Reports/updates/actions, including Wooded Island and nature/landscape issues
Old & New bus, Announcements, adjourn
(Note-- there is NO presubmission of questions to JPAC or another party.)

JACKSON PARK ADVISORY COUNCIL 33rd YEAR! Founded 1983- 34th year!
J.P.A.C. NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2017, Vol. 24 No. 1

Published by Jackson Park Advisory Council, the recognized advisory body to the Chicago Park District, Chicago Illinois.
JPAC's fiscal agent is The Chicago Parks Foundation, a 501c3.

President is Louise McCurry, 773 844-2225, commissioner751@comcast.net. Board- see the PDF version front page.
Other officers elected November 2016- VP Anne Marie Miles, Secretary Gary Ossewaarde, Treasurer Dwight Powell.

Editor Gary Ossewaarde, JPAC Secretary. Hosted by hydepark.org (archive section Hyde Park Record) website of Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (owner) by Dot Easy.

The purpose of the JPAC is to provide a forum for …users of Jackson Park; to advise and make recommendations to the Chicago Park District on park improvements and programs (and create/ ensure programs); to encourage long-range planning; promote community utilization and awareness of park and program and participation in planning; and seek alternative funding sources.

Fieldhouse, Park Supervisor Bobbie Beckam, 773 256-0903. Region Manager Maya Solis, 312 747-7661.
Area Manager Farah Tunks, 773 324-0540. Parks Security- Lakefront - Thomas Snooks

Next council meeting: MONDAY January 9 2016 7 p.m. AT JACKSON PARK FIELDHOUSE, 6401 S. STONY ISLAND.
Guests -from CPD: Supt. Michael P. Kelly, Jerome Scott (trees), Lauren Umek (naturalist), Thomas Snooks (Park Security).
Minutes & Finances
Reports/updates/actions, including Wooded Island and nature/landscape issues
Old & New bus, Announcements, adjourn

Following meeting Monday, February 13, 7 pm at the fieldhouse.

New- since this newsletter was assembled.

December 18 Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a major golf course redesign and program, under Tiger Woods (TGR Design), WPGA, and Western Golf Association. Superintendent Kelly and a team answered questions at the JPAC MEETING JANUARY 9. More community meetings wil be ongoing, including the 5th Ward meting January 24, 6 pm at South Shore Fine Arts Academy, 1415 E.70th St.
A Chicago Tribune article by Teddy Greenstein gives the project background and is at http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/golf/ct-tiger-woods-south-side-golf-project-spt-1218-20161216-story.html. Article in the Dec. 17 Sun-Times by Fran Spielman focuses more on park impacts and issues. Link is:
Hyde Park Herald- hpherald.com/2016/12/16/tiger-woods-will-lead-design-for-golf-complex-in-jackson-park.
And see in depth Tribune article January 8 by Kathy Bergen.
JPAC has not yet held discussion or taken a position on the matter.
The CPD Board will discuss awarding a design and engineering contract January 11, Wednesday, 3:30 pm at 541 N. Fairgbanks 8th floor.

Also, thanks to a $12M gift from Ken Griffin arranged by mayor Emanuel, the remaining sections of the Lakefront Trail, including by Promontory, Jackson and South Shore Cultural Center, will be refurbished, with where possible separation of bike and pedestrian traffic. Standard widths for th e 18 miles of Lakefront trail will be 12" asphalt for bikes and for pedestrians 14' asphalt plus 6' soft-mix on each side. Note that it will not be easy or perhaps possible to meet these standards in all sectors from Jackson south.

A history wall be funded for inside the fieldhouse. Thanks to the Chicago Parks Foundation.

January 16, 10:30 am-3 pm. On Martin Luther King day, teen clubs will have a peace event, including reading of essays and performance pieces at the Art Institute.
The Lift Every Voice installation
will occupy the main hallway of the Modern Wing and consist of footprints that participants trace and illustrate with their action, symbolic of the steps they will take to achieve a more peaceful world. The growing spiral of our footprints will follow the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and his vision for a more hopeful future where there is freedom, equality and justice for all people.
In addition, immerse yourself in performances by Reborn Poetry Ensemble's young poets, and enjoy a reading ofA Gift from Greensboro by author Quraysh Ali Lansana. Teen interns will lead short art talks in the galleries featuring selected works on view.
Please use the Modern Wing entrance at 159 East Monroe Street —admission to the museum is free for Illinois residents. Indira Johnson.


A Christmas and Hanukah "thank you" from President Louise McCurry

This year we celebrate our first Christmas and Hanukah season gift to the community of a reopened Wooded Island, a beautiful park filled with new, safe playgrounds, replanted and renewed lagoon overlooks and pathways, renewed Garden of the Phoenix, Yoko Ono's beautiful world peace gift "Skylanding," Indira Johnson's inspirational "Peace Rising", the Jackson Bark, the safe, renewed 57th, 63rd, and LaRabida beaches, acres of pruned, replanted,and now visible, green recreation areas, a pruned and mud removed Music Court that is being used again by musicians, reclaimed and rehabbed abandoned tennis courts where our seniors are actively playing pickle ball, and harbors where our children are learning how to sail and swim, and miles of safe lakefront paths where moms with babies in strollers are now safely running from 56th to 67th street. It is with such gratitude for Your Genius and Hard Work at reclaiming and rebuilding a healthy, green, and inspirational Jackson Park as a Gift for today's children and tomorrow's grandchildren, that I am celebrating and sending best wishes as you are celebrating this Holiday Season!
Louise McCurry December 2016


Next workdays. spring 2017. Bobolink Meadow Contact parrybell@ameritech.net (spring)
Wooded Island- spring 2017 Contact Jerry Levy, sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com.

We are pleased to announce that Wooded Island is open permanently for all visitors. The gates at both the north and south entrances will be open. Fences will remain up to protect the new plantings but will not impede access to Wooded Island. Yoko Ono's world class new sculpture, SKYLANDING, will be open in the Garden of the Phoenix at the north end of the Island.

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Jackson Park Watch citizen group- www.jacksonparkwatch.org
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Abstraction of front page, plus updates and more.
December 2016 MINUTES
Features on Wooded Island issues, park rules, signs and naming
Wish list, Programs for youth
News re the park
JPAC tasks and accomplishments 2016, and new in the park


President Louise McCurry called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. in the fieldhouse. A quorum of members was present, with total attendance 32--several new or guests, a diverse representation of neighborhoods, interests.

Minutes of the October meeting were moved, 2nded and approved.

Treasurer’s report. Dwight Powell reported $4,990+ as of the most recent statement. Dues/contributions are coming in (and some came in this evening). Expenditures included $106.09 for turkeys for the kid’s foot race and a church ad for JPAC and park programs, $44.08.

Handouts and oral notices-- JPAC children’s initiatives past and proposed;
Suggestions for long-term asks for the park;
Obituary for long-time parks, JPAC, and South Side activist Kay Clement;
Member Bob Nelson’s new book about the Chicago harbors, “Dirty Waters”; and
Wooded Island rules and CPD general Code, and WI signage, concerns and CPD answers.
Attendees were encouraged to attend Candles and Carols at the Shrine Dec. 17.

Wooded Island. Jerry Levy reported mulching the self-sprouting oaks. WI concerns from last month were solved.[*]

Bobolink Meadow. Norm Bell said there are also about 30 new oaks there (a third having been planted)- an oak can live 500 years and there are a large number of animals and plants that can live in/on oaks. In response to Jane Masterson’s citation of recent findings of better success saving partially diseased ash trees (and at low cost), Norm thought the remaining ash in Bobolink are too far gone. Re: tree diseases, experts will be consulted starting with CPD. In November, a team from Nature Conservancy did a Bobolink workday. Native plants were given by Kathleen Soler of the Park District and planted. Workdays are over for the year. A burn is expected in the spring.

The Photo Class and Contest went very well, but deadline for submission will be extended through January to encourage more kids to participate.
The U of C is soliciting Ideas for a ML King project for a team of its students. Suggested were hanging photo montage*, other tasks in the fieldhouse--please give ideas to Louise McCurry. (*Park has applied for a history wall in the fieldhouse.)
Volunteers are needed to help with the kid’s Christmas Party, probably December 23, details coming.

Nature Trail: Fran Vandervoort reported on continuing work on Jackson Park in Your Pocket, which will be in app and brochure form. She reported that Project 120 paid for the videotaping; the final product is being prepared gratis by Vamonde of IIT. There is enough good material left over for additional loops. She was asked that the full accounting include the many in-kind volunteer hours.

Park program. Pierre Nealon said fall programs are winding down and that preparations are underway for winter programs that will start early in January. There will be a wide variety of sports, as well as off-season conditioning for other sports. A first-time girl’s team is forming (the teams are normally co-ed); gymnastics are popular with girls. Twelve turkeys were given out to winners of the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. Awards were distributed for football, which enrolled 150 this fall. Two problems were reported for the gym- lights are dim except by the bleachers, and the scoreboard, damaged by rain a couple years ago, is still not functional. Inquiries or work orders will be made.

Anne Marie Miles reported on the second year of the Jackson Park Yacht Club/CPD partnership sailing classes, which were full, with a diverse set of students aged 12 plus, including from Altgeld Gardens. Growth, and inclusion of more local youth requires fundraising for boats, including for Sea Scouts - CPD wants the latter boats located in the main harbors to the north. Youth are being encouraged to take swimming lessons in surrounding parks with pools, including Harris and Washington. Dwight Powell and others noted that JPAC pushes for and keeps sailing and swimming programs here-- if the funds are not used on the South Side, they are taken to the north.

Bob Nelson, author of Dirty Water, history of the Chicago harbors and the Park District, talked about the Coast Guard Station from 1907 through its ups and downs, including its recent stint as a popular restaurant, and the elimination of amenities post privatization. There are reuse ideas but problems with the roof and perhaps more.

Safety: Stephanie Franklin discussed the WhistleStop anticrime program being revitalized by Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference. Louise McCurry noted that homeless were living and starting fires under the Nancy Hays bridge and that criminal activity continues to re-emerge and be combated in the 63rd Cornell parking lot and by the 59th “dog-tennis” area. Kenneth Newman asked that people riding or walking trails move fallen branches.

McCurry announced there are at least three park and community planning processes coming in mid January or February (dates tba- Supt. Kelly poss. 1/9). Two will be public—CPD General Superintendent and CEO Michael P. Kelly will meet with JPAC and the community about the long-term layout and programming of Jackson Park. Representatives of the Obama Presidential Foundation will hold a public meeting on impacts and promises (re: the park) of the Presidential Center. Also, Rev. Brazier of Apostolic Church will continue to convene groups around community and park planning for the coming of the library, with hope there will be a single plan. The Apostolic meetings are by invitation, but JPAC, Project 120,Jackson Park Watch, and many others participate. Powell said it is important that groups and interests take a holistic perspective and try to get on the same page. William Hill noted 63rd St. vacant lots were put on hold re: the city’s initiatives- green lots and sale of lots to neighbors.

Sylvia Brooks said the 67th-Ridgeland playground group continues to work on naming, making a garden, and events. She proposed also a broad get together like the On the Table gathering last May. Members asked that the community garden at the golf course sw edge be revived and safe- perhaps by thinning surrounding vegetation.

Karen Szyjka, manager of the Japanese Garden for CPD, talked about conditions and ideas for more full realization. The latter include expanded plantings under the tree rings and of ground cover and conifers, and expansion of the moss garden. The cherry trees were pruned in a way that creates an illusion of depth. She suggests a healing-walk brochure. CPD is meeting with designers about a replacement traditional fence or wall. (not to enclose the Skylanding sculpture-- she was asked to return with a set of options when ready.

Signage and rules on Wooded Island. A paper with questions was distributed by Jackson Park Watch and summarized by Margaret Schmid. Also, handouts re: the Island with responses to various questions, concerns, and requests (some by CPD project manager Lauren Umek), and sections of the CPD Code were distributed and summarized by the JPAC President and others. Highlights of responses: McCurry had conferred with CPD leadership-- regulations are uniform across the district. Tonight’s discussion revealed that more clarity may be needed regarding future of fish stocking and fishing and whether sign language about fishing may need changing in the future. Jerry Levy noted five signs on the Island that point out its designation as the Paul H. Douglas Nature Sanctuary. [Ed.- other questions raised are considered in discussion pieces in the accompanying Dec. Newsletter.]

Jane Masterson sought more involvement of naturalists, including tree condition experts and suggested a nature subcommittee for JPAC- Julius Stanley moved the same. It was approved, but by consensus more discussion and implementation were deferred to the next meeting, with CPD experts asked to attend.

MOVED TO ADJOURN. Next meeting January 9, time and place as today.

Respectfully submitted, Gary Ossewaarde, Secretary


[*See following regarding Wooded Island issues. An additional one from November: a timetable is being developed for access to the new trail around the south branch of the lagoon, and for now security concerns have been called to the attention of Park Security.]


Questions raised about Wooded Island and Signage and some responses

Lauren Umek, CPD project manager writes November/December 2016. (ed. By Gary Ossewaarde, JPAC)

The concerns [recently] brought up...are timely and already on our radar. Wooded Island and the areas around it are entering year 3 of a 5 year restoration project and while we did allow public access to Wooded Island this October, much of the work planned here is not complete and thus not all of the amenities have been replaced or installed yet. So, no, these are not trivial concerns to be mocked, but things that are very much on CPD’s radar and are in progress. I’ll address [the] main concerns [of a park-user’s letter to CPD:]
1. Water fountains – we are looking into an appropriate location for both best public access and efficient installation considering infrastructure for a new water fountain, but this won’t occur until spring at earliest.
2. Installation of a new bike rack near the Japanese garden is also in the works – again, this would happen in spring at the earliest due to weather.
3. There are several, at least 4 pairs of garbage and recycling bins on Wooded Island – a pair near each of the new overlooks as well as near the north and south entrances to the island. Many of these bins are a painted metal type, and not the larger, plastic style that were there and are common in other parks. (Receptacles [whose placement had raised concerns] are being moved off the overlooks themselves.)
4. The benches that are currently on Wooded Island are an older bench style and we are looking into repair or replacement options. Broken wood slats were replaced as a fix until a longer term solution is reached. Benches cannot be replaced under the Army Corps project as that project and its related funds are dedicated to ecosystem restoration (and not public amenities).
I am sympathetic to the “bump” feel of the new concrete pathway but encourage park users to view this as an opportunity to take a moment in our busy urban lives to slow down and appreciate the space, flora and fauna of the island. There are many other ways to travel on asphalt quickly on wheels throughout the city, but there is only one Wooded Island.

Regarding park rules and signage (by Lauren Umek)- New park signs were installed prior to re-opening of Wooded Island to the public as the site enters year 3 of the 5 year Great Lakes Fishery and Ecosystem Restoration project. These new signs now include historic and nature-oriented photos of the park, maps, a description of the recent park improvements, and the park rules. These rules include Park District wide rules (i.e. permits required for large gatherings and no littering, alcohol, smoking, vehicles, etc.) as well as site specific rules that are determined by park staff. The rules on this sign, while the language has been adjusted, are the same as before with the addition of the new rule “Do not touch or climb on the Sky Landing artwork” that accompanies the installation of Sky Landing and is a standard rule for public art/non-playground structures. |
Of the rules that seem to be of conversation within the community – dogs and fishing – these rules are not new and were posted on signs to the island for several years, and were replaced with new, improved signs so that they would be more visible. Fishing has been and will remain prohibited from Wooded Island. There are currently no fish stocked in the lagoon at the moment (only small fish introduced for migratory birds), and will not be stocked for game fishing, so this rule is new but not really applicable at this time.

From Chicago Park District Code - Chapter 7, B10. a (1)
“… Animals may not enter or remain in any building, zoo, playground, harbor, lagoon, swimming pool, spray pool, garden, athletic field, animal or bird refuge, or other areas that may be designated by signs as prohibited areas….” The entire Code - Chapter 7, which covers laws, hours, restricted areas, destruction of property, fines, renaming, permits, and animals (B.10), is found in:

(See PDF version of this Newsletter for picture of current sign with rules.)
From one of the new signs: Natural Areas- Chicago Park District

Please report any concerns or vandalism immediately to Chicago Park District Security (312) 474-2193.


Questions raised in the Jackson Park Watch December 12 handout
(Response by Gary Ossewaarde)

Park District rules and Code. The whole Code was revised a few years ago, partly to address legislation, liability concerns, duty of responsibility/accountability, uniformity (and, doubtless control). They were reviewed by Friends of the Parks and committees of PACs. Changes were made before Board adoption, but there was never complete agreement. A code of clear rules would seem to be necessary, experience shows, but could perhaps be balanced by signs with icons or wording of how people CAN enjoy their park responsibly—as signs in schools and some in parks now do.

Fishing future for the lagoons. Fishing on the Island was past practice but in modern times formally not allowed. Ideas mentioned have been to move signage for fishing at least from the bridges, or have structures at some overlooks that serve fishers but prevent trampling of shore vegetation or bothering fishing birds-- but such have not so far been considered. GLIFER prospectuses did suggest larger size and species of fish down the road, so clarification is needed. Adjacent Columbia Basin is stocked with game fish by the state, and good fishing is common in the harbors and Lake Michigan shore.

The question of dogs on the Island has been revisited often. JPAC has consistently supported no dogs, agreeing with most of the birding community and studies and in order to protect the Garden—again partly from experience with a small, irresponsible minority of dog owners. It seems highly unlikely, no matter if every park change happened, that most of the park would not be friendly to dogs on leash. In fact, JPAC has supported the idea of a dog-friendly area in the park.
There are at least five signs on and at the Island referencing the Paul H. Douglas Nature Sanctuary.

Renaming the Japanese Garden. Renaming the Japanese Garden. A few years ago, the garden’s conservators and CPD proposed a renaming because Osaka no longer sponsored the Garden: Interest by the larger Japanese community might be encouraged, and the site’s historical and cultural meaning and significance could be enhanced by honoring the Phoenix Pavilion, a gift of Japan and there 1893-1946. This writer’s understanding is that the change was publicly proposed at CPD board meetings (covering at least the usual comment period) and had no objections. The Superintendent (under CPD Code) then approved the change. The naming was never an issue in the large, small, and JPAC meetings about Project 120 and proposed enhancements at the Garden.

JPAC Wish List, large-scale items (discussion draft) (E. Schechter, members)

1. New or improved well-equipped energy efficient Field House with two multipurpose gyms, expanded indoor and outdoor fitness center including workout areas, a nature education center, and wi-fi enabled meeting rooms.
2. Outdoor area for teaching hands-on gardening.
3. New and safer configurations of traffic routes throughout the park.
4. Relocation of athletic fields that will be used for the library.
5. Repaired sidewalks and bike paths (including Lakefront Trail, Darrow Bridge).
6. Restoration of the historic Women’s Memorial bench at the south end of the Midway.
7. Upgraded and beautified Metra Station at 59th Street.
8. Repairs and upgrades to the Iowa building
9. Tree replacement and planting plan and program

JPAC proposed programs for kids (discussion draft) (E. Schechter, other members)

1. Involve kids and their families in interactive nature class as part of JPAC's "No Child Left Inside" program. Activities will involve plant and animal identification, aquatic biology, and photography competitions.
2. Invite community support through volunteer programs, sports, and special events organization and participation.
3. Support community participation in special events, including ?Jackson Park? History programs and history fairs. This can involve public speaking and participation in history, photography, and nature competitions.
4. Encourage local high schools to involve students in programs for earning "service points" through participation in ?Jackson Park? improvement activities including tree planting, weed removal, seed collection, lagoon cleanup, and trail maintenance.
5. Encourage reading by providing books about nature, Chicago history, and wildlife. Tutoring should be available for students with limited reading skills.
6. Develop physical fitness training with indoor and outdoor activities, including such special events as a "turkey trot." Also, use the proximity of Lake Michigan for developing swimming skills.
7. Encourage school registration and attendance by providing free backpacks and school supplies.
8. Consider a Youth Advisory Council--develop communication and leadership skills


Golf proposal. A proposal to redesign and combine the Jackson Park and South Shore Cultural Center golf courses to tournament standard was introduced December 18 by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and CPD Superintendent Mike Kelly. Supt. Kelly will present details (as known) and the relationship of the proposal to the park, present and future as a whole and will answer our questions, and the numerous questions and ideas that have been raised, at the January 9 JPAC meeting. A wider community process is expected this winter. This editor has assembled informational material, questions, and some history of golf in Jackson Park -- http://www.hydepark.org/parks/jpac/golf.htm.

>Lakefront Bike Trail. A $12 M gift from Kenneth Griffin will allow the remaining miles of the Lakefront Bike Trail to be upgraded or repaired by 2018. We know that separation of bike and pedestrian/running traffic will not be possible on much of the south part of the trail, but we encourage members to submit both ideas and any needs for repairs or signage. One of the many public meetings and charettes that informed the LBT plan was held in Jackson Park under sponsorship of Friends of the Parks, Active Transportation Alliance, and Chicago Area Runners Association.

>Jackson Park will host a Martin Luther King Day youth peace event at the Peace Rising sculptures January 16 at the Iowa Building. Inter alia, the Teen clubs and councils will read their essays and perform. For adults interested in attending, details should be available by the January 9 meeting or from Louise McCurry. Funding is provided by Chicago Parks Foundation

>A History Wall will be designed and installed in the Jackson Park fieldhouse. Thank you to Chicago Parks Foundation for arranging funding and to CPD and CPF for starting the ball. We expect youth to be involved. Anyone who wishes to volunteer for an advisory committee can contact Gary or Louise. A signup sheet will be available at the meeting.

>Progress promised on park security issues. Drive through to identify hot spots was done and short term and ongoing strategies identified. Parks Security phone- 312 747-2193. Or Thomas Snooks of Park Security Lakefront can be reached at thomas.snooks@chicagoparkdistrict.com.

JPAC tasks and accomplishments for 2016

Park proposals, ideas, planning- hosted guests and discussions, participated in those of others
Events in the park and out, including Migratory Bird Day, dedication of Peace Heads & playgrounds; picnic; On the Table; activities such as nature and history tours and photo contests
Reporting and getting fixed problems, damage, safety issues, flooded underpasses, Iowa bldg.
Workdays in natural areas and many parts of the park- thousands of volunteer hours
Facilitated with the kids and youth programs, including holiday parties, book bags
Participated in PAC conferences and working groups, helped organize and work for new PACs
Developed website and social media, made videos for app Jackson Park in Your Pocket
With others made strides toward a lively, presentable and safe park and engaged with our communities

New in the Park—Peace Rising at the Iowa Bldg. WI- now open, Yoko Ono’s sculpture, new paths & overlooks, habitat restoration ongoing. Temp. public art works. Resurfaced sports court

# # #