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Jackson Park Advisory Council January 9, 2012 Council Meeting

President Louise McCurry convened the meeting at 7:30 p.m., 14 in attendance and park staff person Eric Hammond.

December minutes were accepted as presented.

Treasurer’s report- Dwight Powell. December 30 balance was $4,854.57 reflecting December additions of $170.00 and subtractions of $161.27 including $9.18 monthly maintenance fee. Total expenditures for 2011 were $1,161.46. This was considerably smaller than in 2009 and 2010 when we undertook major expenditures for work by Care of Trees but represents an increased commitment to programs and workshops. 2011 started with a balance c.$3,300; 2011 contributions to JPAC totaled $3,195.00, considerably higher than in previous years and providing a considerable surplus over expenditures. However, there is work planned that will draw funds down. The annual solicitation was instructed to be sent, and fundraising/gathering of sponsors for major projects will begin.

Natural areas. Jerry Levy reported on beaver damage. Authorities were not sure all beavers were relocated out of the park or that new may not have come in. Larger, higher metal armor has been placed around many vulnerable trees. The newly planted cherry trees were not damaged. Another burn may be coming in the Island interior. Our Wooded Island Trail brochure is quite popular. Fran Vandervoort proposed we develop a brochure for Bobolink and for a circle walk including the Island, south lagoon edge, and Bobolink. A walkthrough of such trail will be held. Noted was contractor and CPD work done on the edge of the south and east lagoons improving trail-like accessibility and planting trees and brush. Need to press against unsuitable activities there was stressed. Stewards and the president were asked to inquire who is removing netting from and around the lagoon islands and why.
Vandervoort said bookmarks are nearly ready to go to press and a general brochure is being prepared. Various uses were discussed including as thank-you’s and incentive. Moved by Powell, 2nd by McCurry and approved to spend up to $500 to complete these printing projects.
Bobolink Meadow. Ossewaarde read from report submitted by Norm Bell and Gail Perry: “Woody invasives and debris have been remove from areas in the ‘woods’, along the lagoon, ad along the eastern fence, opening them up for seeding and planting with native grasses, forbs, shrubs, and trees in the spring” after a burn (if held).”The path has also been altered,” using timbers (as in several other parks) to discourage trampling and allow adding soil in low spots and planting diverse native plants close to the path.

Cleanup rounds. These will be regularized for spring. The area around Jackson Inner Harbor needs a major effort in addition to present pickup. Some bushes destroyed by LaRabida are on the capital list. The ‘Iowa’ building has had lights replaced; there is still some graffiti and a problem with accumulating cigarette butts. Someone has taken up residence under the Darrow Bridge, setting fires—patrol response has been marginal.

Park and Program. Eric Hammond, Recreational Leader announced an Adult Aerobic Fitness programs, evenings ten weeks to March 25 under Erica Robinson. A new youth class is DJ’ing for Beginners Wednesday evenings. The annual Martin Luther King, Jr. essay contest will be judged January 12 mid afternoon. JPAC provides judges.

Old and new business. Member experts on fields stressed the need to make the baseball diamond north of Hayes/Stony an attractive draw and park showpiece. Kenny Newman asked about the possibility of a shot put on the north side of the new track and field.

Esther Schechter asked we explore improvements and activities for the 63rd beach house and placement of the promised plaque honoring deceased JPAC president Eric Hatchett who worked for beach house restoration. Also, that we ask about any plans for the vicinity including the fishing pier and other staged projects.

Workshops. Next is Small Tool Sharpening, February 18 1:30-3:30 p.m., fieldhouse. Planning for more continues.
Ossewaarde distributed a bullet-sheet of JPAC accomplishments of 2011 and goals for 2012 (attached).
Members are asked to make a special attempt to attend the February 8, 4 pm meeting of the Chicago Park District Board at Kennicott Park, 4434 S. Lake Park.
Council leaders will attend a PAC networking meeting January 23 5;30 at Friends of the Parks featuring CPD’s new Programs Director Vaughn Bryant. The park’s Alderman, Leslie Hairston (5th) will be among those honored at Friends of the Parks Annual Awards Luncheon February 2. There will be a learning conference for all and any PAC members February 25 morning at South Shore Cultural Center. Friends of the Parks: fotp.org or 773 857-2757.

McCurry announced that the February meeting will be at LaRabida, 65th and the Lake to see plans and site of proposed expansion. A tour is included.

The meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Gary Ossewaarde, Secretary


“Sharing Nature, Recreation, History”

• In 2011 JPAC rebuilt the council, committees, programming, and financial strength, and specifically accomplished the following:
• JPAC members, volunteer groups and organizations and Chicago Park District and contractors cleaned Wooded Island, Bobolink Meadow, lagoon and harbor edges, LaRabida Hospital/Promontory Circle, 59th tennis area, ‘Iowa bldg’, areas east of the Museum of Science and Industry, and the 57th-63rd beaches.
• JPAC stewards and volunteers planted dozens of trees, many shrubs and ground cover, flowers, and grasses. Invasive plants were replaced with bird- and habitat-friendly species. This ongoing and periodic work draws visitors to this beautiful, ecologically important, and historic park.
• JPAC members identified, reviewed, and fixed up possible sites for new sports and other park use facilities, including a dog friendly area and found or suggested partners do these.
• JPAC proposed and launched ongoing environment and nature workshops and tours, and is preparing informational materials- brochures, bookmarks, and guide sheets as the launch of an Interactive Nature Trail program.
• JPAC has sponsored bicycle and weatherization clinics and is planning more- examples: tool-sharpening, composting, and landscape planning.
• JPAC supported park kids and fieldhouse programs including recognition ceremonies.
• JPAC monitored and worked with park security and Chicago Police to correct issues.
• JPAC expanded its community outreach to build a solid council, connecting neighbors and engaging them with their park. JPAC built many strategic and working alliances.
• JPAC initiated strategic, programming, membership, and fundraising rethinking and created a Plan.

In 2012 we will continue the above, advance plans for future years, and for 2012:
• Complete, implement and execute outreach and public relations plans including enhanced web and online presence, fundraising, volunteer recruitment and deployment plans,
• Advance the restoration of historic sites and key infrastructure:
- Nancy Hays (North Wooded Island) Bridge naming and improvement
- Darrow Bridge
- Fieldhouse enhancements including Wi-Fi
- LaRabida Promontory including relocation of playground
- ‘Iowa’ building
- Dog friendly area
- Sports fields enhancement,
• Continue to advance the Interactive Nature Trail materials and programs, and work toward signage and physical trail enhancements; continue refinement and implementation of natural areas plans,
• Create and expand JPAC’s own programs and workshops; work for enhancement of and continue to support the Park District programs.

You’ve seen on the other side [previous pages] what we do. Won’t you join or renew? Suggested voluntary giving levels are Friend (basic) $35, Guardian $100, Conservator $250, Patron $500, and Founder $1,000.
Please send your check made out to Jackson Park Advisory Council with your contacts (especially email address) and any special interests or wishes for the park or volunteer interest to JPAC c/o Dwight Powell,
7206 S. Luella, Chicago, IL 60649.


BOBOLINK Meadow- contact steward Norm Bell at parrybell@comcast.net, 773 288-1260. Find our more at http://home.comcast.net/~normbell43/bobolink/home.htm.
WOODED ISLAND- steward Jerry Levy at sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com.
CLEANUPS (including LaRabida, 59th tennis, harbor and lagoon edges, Iowa Bldg., also dog-friendly)- contact Louise McCurry or Robert McCurry Davis at commissioner751@comcast.net or 773 844-2225.
NATURE TRAIL AND TOURS- Fran Vandervoort, vandersand@sbcglobal.net, 773 752-8374.
WORKSHOPSand Conservation/communities activities- Toshia Booker-Blakely, jpacattack@gmail.com, Fran Vandervoort
STRATEGIC, Programming, Fundraising- Judith Hill, greenjahjah@gmail.com.
SAFETY AND SECURITY- Louise McCurry, Michael Taqee, taqeearchitectural@comcast.net.
SPORTS AND FIELDS - Ram Nair. rnair@naircoinc.com.
PARK WALK AND MONITOR- Esther Schechter, alandes1@sbcglobal.net.
WEBSITE - http://www.jacksonparkadvisorycouncil.org – Robert McCurry-Davis, rzmd11@yahoo.com.
MEMBERSHIP, communications, Newsletter, web material, archives- Gary Ossewaarde, garyossewaarde@yahoo.com, 773 947-0541, w773 288-8343.
PLAYGROUNDS AD HOC. Judith Hill, Louise McCurry.


January 30, Monday, 5:30. Friends of the Japanese Garden (Osaka Garden) held a fundraising cocktail reception in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the planting of cherry trees, “sakura” in Washington D.C. The event will raise funds for a second year’s planting of cherry trees (hanami grove) in the Garden, celebrating both the sakura and the 120th year of the planting of the first Jackson Park Japanese garden, for the Columbian Exposition. This fundraiser was held at the University Club’s Millennium Room at 76 E. Monroe. FOTJP is a 501- for info please contact japanesegardenfriends@gmail.com. Website http://www.friendsofthejapanesegarden.org.
February 2, Thursday, noon- Friends of the Parks Annual Awards Luncheon. Chicago Cultural Center GAR Hall 78 E. Washington. If this reaches you before the event, call 312 857-2757. Honorees incl. Ald. Hairston, Elm PAC.

DON’T MISS THESE!!! (+Contact garyossewaarde@yahoo.com for schedule of 2012 progs at So Shore C Center.)

Bird walks Wednesdays at 7:15, Saturdays at 8- Darrow Bridge south of MSI basin.

February 8, Wednesday, 4 pm- Chicago Park District Board Meeting- this month on South Side, Kennicott Park fieldhouse, 4434 S. Lake Park. Please arrive an hour early to register to speak.

February 13, Monday, 7:30- JPAC MTG AT LA RABIDA, 65TH AND THE LAKE.

>>>>> February 18, Saturday, 1:30-3:30 p.m. Small Tool Sharpening workshop with Don X. Nekrosius. Bring tools and gardening/composting questions. Hands-on! Free at the fieldhouse.

February 25, Saturday, 9 am. Friends of the Parks & CPD Annual PAC Advocacy Conference. Get the tools we need. Three “TRACKS”- BEST PRACTICES, FUNDRAISING, PROGRAMMING, plus ongoing poster sessions on all 3. Register with Maria Stone at Friends of the Parks, stonem@fotp.org, 773 857-2757.

February 26, Sunday, 4 pm. THE MARCH A Civil Rights Opera, by Jonathan Stinson and Alan Marshall. Chicago Park District and South Shore Opera Company present a 90-minute excerpt from a new work in development around the movement in 1963 and the March on Washington. Free, no tickets. South Shore Cultural Center, 7059 S. South Shore Drive.

[CAME TOO LATE FOR THE PAPER NEWSLETTER: February 7, Tuesday, 5:30 a.m. Sunrise Nature Walk at the Jackson Park Harbor. Meet at 58th and Lake Shore Drive.]