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Jackson Park Advisory Council November 12 2012 Council Meeting Minutes

Louise McCurry called the meeting to order at 7:45 p.m. at La Rabida Hospital Library (the fieldhouse being closed for Veterans Day). 10 were in attendance including Friends of the Parks intern Andrew Moon, and a photographer from the Hyde Park Herald. LaRabida will be thanked for coming to the rescue with a venue.

Minutes of the October meeting. Jerry Levy moved, Kenny Newman 2nd, and approved to accept the minutes.
The Treasurer being excused, McCurry reported $4,421.31 in the treasury. She instructed notification of members that dues for 2013 are timely, and sending letters and thanks to Annie Ridgeway, pharmacist at the 71st/Jeffery Walgreens for providing turkeys for the winners of the upcoming park kid’s family Turkey Trot.

President’s report. Stewards Norm Bell, Gail Parry, and Jerry Levy were the recipients of the Stewardship Award and Frances S. Vandervoort of a 2012 Drought Buster award by Friends of the Parks at a fine, well-attended program and reception at historic but up-to-date Fuller Park fieldhouse.

60 or so students of Gage Park High School learned about history, nature and stewardship in Jackson Park and performed workday tasks at LaRabida. Many of these were unfamiliar with woods and plants. Service hours and certificates were given.

GreenCorps did work on the beach by LaRabida. Cleanup was done at Chrysalis playground. Fishermen did pickup at the 64th pier and feel safe to fish in more and more areas. Louise and others have been clearing invasives on the outer harbor fences. Pizzo (the contractor) has planted more trees in the Bobolink.

Bench repair is appreciated, but vigilance is needed as benches are a prime target of vandals.

People are still talking about the wonderful celebration of the life of Gerda Schild, at Osaka Garden. Friends of the Parks published in its Advocate fall issue the memorial address by their president, Erma Tranter.

Fran Vandervoort called attention to a beautifully-illustrated book by the State of Illinois on Chicagoland geological history and pointed out parts that illustrate Jackson Park features including a 3800 year old sand ridge at the park’s north edge. She also recommended the clear, rare photos in Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair, newly published by Arcadia Press.

Andrew Moon, intern at Friends of the Parks, explained changes in expectations for those like JPAC whose fiscal agent is FOTP, now emphasizing documentation of fundraising and projects, to leverage more funding for parks. Different needs and resources were discussed for different kinds, sizes, and locations of parks. McCurry noted that JPAC seeks to be proactive in preserving and upgrading the unique nature and recreational opportunities of Jackson Park- more and more people are using the park. Gary Ossewaarde thanked FOTP for the recognition and description of many aspects of the park in FOTP’s quarterly Advocate. Features in this fall’s issue include the extensive survey and recommendations (being finalized) for the Lakefront Trail by several organizations, the Viking Ship, pickleball, the awards, plantings, and more.

In nature notes: beavers are back; work will continue Saturday afternoons along the outer harbor side of the peninsula; there will be a last workday of the year on Wooded Island on November 24 with a group, and possibly a final Bobolink workday in December.
Ideas and prospects for parks needs re: 5th Ward Participatory Budgeting were discussed.

Nomination and election of Officers. Fran Vandervoort reported that the present officers said they are willing to continue and presented the slate. There being no additional nominations, the following were elected: President- V. Louise McCurry, VP- Aaron Stephens, Secretary- Gary Ossewaarde, Treasurer-Dwight Powell. Motion was made by Levy to elect by acclamation, 2nd by Vandervoort and approved.

The meeting was adjourned at about 9 p.m. The next meeting scheduled for December 10, 7:30 p.m. at the fieldhouse.

Respectfully submitted, Gary M. Ossewaarde, Secretary

Friends of the Parks Volunteer Reception Awards; Announcements

Friends of the Parks Volunteer Awards Reception
Sunday, November 4, 2012, Fuller Park Fieldhouse
Stewardship Awards:

Chicago Park District: Jackson Park Stewards

Norm Bell and Gail Parry (Bobolink Meadow) became Openlands Treekeepers in 2009, and Volunteer Stewards for the Chicago Park District’s Bobolink Meadow Nature Area in 2012. Since Bobolink contains both Woodland and a Tall Grass Prairie component, it has been a great interest and pleasure for the couple to work towards increasing the health and diversity of both communities. In 2012, they have worked with neighborhood volunteers and groups from various schools, universities, and civic organizations to plant trees, plant woodland and prairie plants, sow and collect seeds, and remove invasive species. Openlands, Friends of the Parks, and the Chicago Park District have generously donated trees, plants, and seeds for Bobolink workdays.

Jerry Levy (Jackson Park) has dedicated countless hours to his passion of environmental stewardship. For two months this spring, he spent at least one to two days a week leading volunteers for an inventory of all the trees on Wooded Island. In addition to the hours he has spent on Wooded Island, he has also dedicated many hours to earning his TreeKeepers certificate and certified Master Gardener certificate, both of which required a total of 90 hours of volunteer service.

2012 Drought Busters- the Smoky Sakurada “Friends of Friends” Awards
Fran Vandervoort is a retired biology teacher from the Chicago Public School system, and is a member of both the Jackson Park Advisory Council and the Washington Park Conservancy. After noticing a young tree in Stout Park needed watering, Fran came to the rescue and has been great stewarding presence since.
Other Drought Busters honored: Ken Davis, Linda Montanero, John Pastirik, Vera Rast, Elizabeth Ryan, Herb Siegel, Mark Sodetz, and Bob Stephens

Other awardees: Emily Klingensmith (Individual), Cleremont Park Advisory Council (Council), New Star Chapter 555 (Community Group), Jackie Payne and Valerie Tines Lyons (PD Employee), Jon Yapelli (Forest Preserve Employee)
Volunteer accomplishments through Friends of the Parks 2012- 115 Earth Day sites with over 3500 volunteers, 62 community service days, 60 parks and preserves adopted, 32 parks mulched, 65 playgrounds rejuvenated with FIBAR, 100 trees planted. 1 community-built playground.

In proud disclosure, JPAC is under the Fiscal Agency of Friends of the Parks and a Member at the Organizational Level.


Others who have helped or hosted JPAC this year: LaRabida Children’s Hospital, Museum of Science and Industry, Jackson Park Golf Course/Billy Casper, Jackson Park Yacht Club and allies including the dredgers, Openlands and allies, Tourism volunteers, numerous schools and universities, Ken Dunn/Resource Center, GreenCorps, Montgomery Place, Apostolic Church and other sports providers, several stores, Alderman Hairston, birder groups individuals including Hal Cohen, and of course the Chicago Park District and staff.

Workdays: check with Norm Bell (parrybell@ameritech.net) and Jerry Levy (sjlevy@jeromelveylaw.com); Louise McCurry re Saturday afternoons at LaRabida peninsula (commissioner751@comcast.net).

Bird walks continue- Wednesdays 7:15 a.m., Saturdays 8 a.m. Meet at Darrow Bridge

Museum of Science and Industry Holiday Festivals. (And fond farewell to the Green House-Smart and Wired)