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WHAT'S UP AT THE AUGUST MEETING? (Additions have been made to the agenda since the 3rd week in July)

Published by Jackson Park Advisory Council, a recognized advisory body to the Chicago Park District, Chicago Illinois. JPAC's fiscal agent is Friends of the Parks, a 501c3. President is Louise McCurry, 773 844-225, commissioner751@comcast.net.

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The purpose of the JPAC is to provide a forum for …users of Jackson Park; to advise and make recommendations to the Chicago Park District on park improvements and programs (and create/ ensure programs); to encourage long-range planning; promote community utilization and awareness of park and program and participation in planning; and seek alternative funding sources.

Look for Jackson and other Hyde Park-Kenwood park announcements in the Hyde Park Herald (http://www.hpherald.com)-"In the Parks" box in the calendar section. The July 14 meeting was videotaped by Andrew Holzman for the Hyde Park Herald underwritten by Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference and (in kind) University of Chicago. It is on You Tube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qIxix3S4BY

THE AUGUST 11 JPAC MEETING (changed to 7 pm) at the fieldhouse - US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS WILL PRESENT now-approved plans for fishery and habitat restoration. ALLIANCE FOR THE GREAT LAKES will present their program and their ideas for our park. (Material on the Army Corps plans (in preliminary stages) with links and on beach pollution questions is in News and Bulletins. z
Late entry to the agenda: Rep. of Chicago Dept. of Transportation possibley on the Darrow Bridge.



Minutes of the July 14 2014 JPAC Advisory Council monthly meeting

Louise McCurry convened the meeting at the Iowa building in the northeast corner of the park. A fine picnic and social time was followed by round of introduction by the 45+ attendees (many new to JPAC). These included Alderman Leslie Hairston (5th) and staff; aide to state representative Christian Mitchell (26th); 2nd Police District commander Williams; Cpt. Sean Loughran and officers of the 3rd Police District; Lorenzo Chew, assistant director of Chicago Park District Security; Les Wood, director of Security at Montgomery Place, and Lauren Moltz, Board President of Friends of the Parks. We were especially pleased that so many residents of nearby buildings including Montgomery Place Retirement Community and members of other PACs and of media and the press could attend.

The primary agenda item was concerns and strategies for security in the park, particularly what was being done and should be done following the fatal shooting of Ovadiyah Chandler in the Iowa building on June 22, called by police an isolated incident and the subject of an ongoing investigation. The 3rd District city police has the primary responsibility in this park, southward from 56th St. Resources for the park, recently increased, include one dedicated car for the park (with backups), bike and foot patrols, and special assignment teams, as explained by 3rd District Capt. Sean Loughran. Strategies include knowing and dealing with known offenders (and others seen in the act or reported) including by issuing citations for which recipients must show up in court, focused attention to “quality of life” violations, prompt or early closings (by 9 p.m. in the Iowa building area), shutting down large or loud-music groups as they emerge, checking “hiding places,” and return visits.

Chicago Park District has a roving car, uses “ticketing” to clear problem parking lots, and concentrates on the 63rd beach area and on evening closing of the park. Park District staff trims vegetation. CPD Security asst. chief Lorenzo Chew said closing earlier would not be helpful.

The public’s help is needed—to report problems to 911- and agreeing to stay near the scene available to be called back for updates or more details and to report large gatherings as they start so they can be checked for permits. President McCurry asked that people especially monitor playgrounds, and take care against theft from cars. Attendees pointed out specific problems, places, and times for police to watch. For the Iowa building, lights were malfunctioning again despite ongoing repairs, and trash showed activity continuing after closure and police leave. Esther Schechter, a diligent JPAC safety committee member and park walker, said that she feels safe walking in the park. Alderman Hairston endorsed requests for more fix up and an active program at the Iowa building beyond the exercise groups that are starting to use the area. She also noted a multi-ward Fire Department water safety demonstration was planned for youth and residents, at the 57th St. Beach July 24 3-4 p.m.

President’s report. Recent repairs include to benches and holes in pavement and paths and completion of a list of work order requests, surveyed and reported by council members and parks staff. Emerging issues were reported. Certain paths and basketball courts are being addressed ahead of the upcoming Nike tournament in the park.
She expressed gratitude for volunteers, especially the busloads that come in to work in areas of the park such as the LaRabida area and Wooded I.--World Jewish Federation, schools, and a church group from Ohio. (Esther asked for a workday for Marquette Dr., Richards to the Drive and not to wait for the ACE or another project to do the job.)
Louise called attention to the large number of activities in the park this summer as shown on a list by Gary Ossewaarde (updated and attached to these minutes). She asked all promote Shakespeare in the Parks 5 p.m. August 2.
Provided: a fine interactive nature tour brochure prepared by Frances Vandervoort, and other informational material from police, JPAC and the 5th Ward.
The WITS program for volunteers reading to kids in day camp got off to a great start with about 15 volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. And the first White City tours got off to a fine start—a dozen folks on one. The Army Corps has completed plans and will proceed; will be invited to next meeting.

JPAC, specifically Dwight Powell, JPAC treasurer, has worked for some time to implement a youth swimming program for the South Side. He found that funds are available for the South Side. Ability to swim is a highly important skill and is required for youth to learn boating and for certain career paths. Powell reported swim lessons are available at Montrose Beach and at long last supposed to be at 63rd, but were not. [See follow up below*.]

Gary Ossewaarde was given a the Golden Lady Annual Award and plaque “for decades of tireless service to JPAC and its many related community organizations, preserving our JPAC history, representing JPAC at meetings throughout Chicago, and providing hands on support to our JPAC projects.”

The June minutes were approved with corrections. Dwight Powell reported $3,803.82 in the treasury.

The next meeting will be at the fieldhouse, 6401 S. Stony Island, 7:30 p.m. on Monday, August 11.
Invited: Army Corps Habitat Restoration planners, participants in some programs in the park.

Respectfully submitted, Gary M. Ossewaarde, Secretary

JPAC and Park District- accomplishments, queries, outcomes this summer

Adapted and expanded by Gary Ossewaarde from communications by Louse McCurry, late June - late July 2014

*Swim programs- CPD did respond to inquiries. JPAC learned that CPD no longer offers swimming classes at beaches, although some non-government entities (NGOs) do. CPD classes are at pools—and the CPD website says there are often wait lists. JPAC is concerned about no or poor lessons here, vs. at Montrose Beach. JPAC will vigorously work for lessons for our south side kids starting this summer. ########

Ald. Hairston and 2 other aldermen arranged a Fire Dept. water safety demonstration July 24 at 57th beach.

WE are all forces of nature because we care and we act to make things better. Thank you to an amazing team. It is such an honor to work together with all of you who act to make a real difference for our kids:

# Set up the Opening of Chrysalis Playground,
# Set up the opening of 6401 Stony Fieldhouse Playground,
# Painted and repaired the T.W.O. planter in front of Fieldhouse,
# Bought and donated the "wish list" of supplies for the 175 JP day camp program,
# Assisted FOTP preparing for their 2 press events and a fundraising video,
# Lead an educational kids tour/workday and worked with Springdale Nazarene 6th graders from Cincinnati to clear the wheel chair paths and clear the west beach of logs and debris at La Rabida,
# Jerry Levy and his Wooded Island Workday volunteers cleared many, many wheel barrows of invasive species out of Wooded Island,
# Tour committee lead free educational Jackson Park tours with growing numbers of people hearing and seeing what makes Jackson Park historically significant and eco-significant: and of course- "the best park in the city",
# Completed our 2015 63rd Street Beach playground proposal, pictures, and community petitions,
# Searched the park and updated the list of important safety hazards and needed repairs and gave them to the CPD- thanks Bobbie, Daphne, and Alonzo, and Esther. Repaired were multiple benches and holes in some paths, roads,
# Fielded multiple press, organizational, and community on line inquiries about the murder at the Iowa shelter and convened police and security to engage residents at the July JPAC meeting—and thank you to the large number of residents and park allies who came. #July 14 leftover picnic food- used at July 18 workday with Jewish World Federation and to LaRabida, fieldhouse.
# Iowa building - since July 14 2nd & 3rd District bike and car patrols preventing some illicit activities but alcohol parties continue. Lights continue to be worked on. Graffiti and overgrown vegetation were removed.
# Extensive pruning was done through the park north of 57th Dr.
#The WITS program has 20 volunteers for one-on-one reading with day camp kids Thursday afternoons.
# JWF teens re-chipped wheelchair paths at LaRabida. More teen groups are coming weekends in August.
# Sign honoring Eric Hatchett for advocacy restoring the 63rd beach house (to be placed at the pavilion there named in his honor) and replacement of the Paul H. Douglas Nature Sanctuary plaque on Wooded Island are being made.
# Park district has been diligent supplying trash and coals cans—the difference is evident after parties that have enough and where the partiers use them properly.
# Fields and courts full of players on the weekend: Hayes BB, 63rd Volleyball (tournament), 59th Tennis cts incl. pickleball and dog obedience classes, Track and Astroturf, 63rd Softball diamonds, Croquet and Lawn Bowling, activity for Mackinac Race from harbors w. Sea Scout help. The fieldhouse has the biggest camp in years. Needs for some of these facilities was noted, and for safe crossing of Cornell Dr. at the fieldhouse.

We Celebrate and Thank:

+ Chicago Park District Facilities Dept (Bob Arlow) for ongoing work to get the lights on at night in the Iowa Building,
+ Landscaping and Forestry departments for trimming up the trees at the Iowa so that all can see what is happening inside; and for weed whacking and mowing the Iowa and Jackson Park this week, and major pruning through the park including by the northwest playgrounds,
+ The Security Department for frequent patrols, for working with 2nd and 3rd Districts to have plain clothes and uniformed police covering the Iowa and the 2 other trouble spots in Jackson Park around the clock this week and removing the bad guys who have appeared during the warm weather,
+ The recycling and garbage departments for doubling the number of blue and green and red cans in the park and picking up trash at LaRabida this week,
+ Gardeners and landscapers (staff, contractor, and volunteers) who keep up the Japanese Garden and the Perennial Garden at 59th/Stony,
+ Alonzo Williams and Daphne Johnson for meeting with us to address park repair/upgrade and coming big events,
+ Michael Kelly and Patrick Levar for your support and guidance, being honest with us, and sending new people and programs for our kids.

Summer 2014 Jackson Park Events

garyossewaarde@yahoo.com, 773 947-0541. OR AT THE WEBSITE- jacksonparkadvisorycouncil.org

PLEASE HELP US PROMOTE THE AUGUST 2 SHAKESPEARE PLAY, the start of programming in this lovely and historic performance and picnic space.

at 11 am Friends of the White City and JPAC offer free walking tours of the site of the Columbian Exposition and of the expanses of nature and human activity that have defined Olmsted’s park since. (Three separate tours of segments of Jackson Park and the Midway) Meet at the west end of the parking lot south of MSI and its basin, auto access from Lake Shore Drive 5800. Updates, optional registration: http://www.friendsofthewhitecity.org, friendsofthewhitecity@gmail.com.

Volunteer Workdays- Bobolink: Aug. 9, Sept. 13…. http://bluestem.info/bobolink/, parrybell@ameritech.net.
Wooded Island- Aug. 23, Sept. 27… Jerry Levy, sjlevy@sjlevylaw.com.
Specials, groups- Louise McCurry, 773 844-2225, commissioner751@comcast.net.

Bird walks every Wednesday at 7 am (bit later in winter), Saturday at 8 am. Meet at Darrow Bridge.

Bowling Green: Croquet (T. O’Laughlin 773-631-1422), Lawn Bowling (T. Michael 708-366-8228)

There is a zumba group seeking folks to exercise in the tennis courts by the fieldhouse,6401 S. Stony Island daily 9-10 am. $5 per class. Register with Pugh, 773 818-6435. May not exercise on days with less than 4.

July 31, Thursday, 11 am-2 pm. 5th Ward Seniors Day at the Harbor. Museum Shores Yacht Club, 5900 S. Lake Shore Drive (call the ward office for directions, 773 324-5555.) A bus will leave from 2325 E. 71st St. at 10:30 am.

AUGUST 2, SATURDAY, 5 PM Shakespeare in the Park ("Two Gentlemen of Verona," adapted by David H. Hall. Spectralia Theater). Music Court south of the parking lot south of MSI -- auto access from Lake Shore Drive via 5800/Science Drive. Chair or blanket recommended. Come re-inaugurate this historic performance space.

August 6-setup, Aug 14-17 event. Nike World Basketball Tournament. This will take up the whole center of the park and probably in South Side YMCA and Hyde Park Career Academy as a "campus". This will be big with major stars. Free but limited, ticketed public attendance. Infrastructure work already started in late June; expect major set up starting Aug. 3. PERMANENT IMPROVEMENTS (already done or in progress) are 63RD LSC BASKETBALL COURTS, 66TH CORNELL BB COURTS, various paths, parking and roads.

August 14, Thursday, 6-9 pm. Summer Dance in the Parks. Lessons and dancing. 63rd St. Beach House.

August 24, Sunday, 10 am-4 pm. 5th Ward Back to School Picnic at the 63rd Beach House. Lots to see and do, best come on the early side. See favorites including South Shore Drill Team and Jesse White Tumblers. (Backpacks go only to kids present and of school age.) 773 324-5555.

August 14, Thursday and August 15, Friday, 6:30-8 pm. Night Out: ChicagoShakes in the Parks. Chicago Shakespeare Theater presents "A Mid Summer Night's Dream”. Directed and adapted by David H. Bell. South Shore Cultural Center lawn, 7059 South Shore Drive. Free. Bring your blanket or chair! Questions- www.chicagoshakes.com/parks, @chicagoshakes, #shakesintheparks, 312 595-5600.

Movies at South Shore lawn: Aug. 13, Wed,, dusk- "Claudine"; Aug. 20, Wed., dusk- "Car Wash”;Aug. 25, Mon., dusk- "The Great Gatsby"; August 27, Wed., dusk- "The Wiz"; Sept. 21, Sunday, 4 pm- “The News"