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The August 12 meeting will start at 6 pm (really 6:30) and include a potluck at the IOWA BLDG, across the street from Montgomery Place in the 1700 block of E. 56th St.

Jackson Park Advisory Council July 2013 8 council meeting minutes

Louise McCurry opened the meeting at 7:30 p.m.; a quorum was present.

President: It’s been a busy month for work done in the park and activities and more is coming. Air conditioning is planned in the fieldhouse. Planning continues for our new playgrounds. Repair to vandalism were underway at 63rd beach house.

Park and program. Physical Instructor Pierre Nealon reported success with the various sports programs incuding baseball (the team may be going to championships at Hershey Pa), victories at the state track meet, tumbling - in which several girls participate. Football conditioning was also starting.
Newly-hired day camp director Erika Robinson was welcomed. She shared and explained a letter to JPAC describing the new program, "Kidventure: More Than Conquerors." Ms. Robinson comes from a highly-successful program in Minnesota. The program running July 1-August 9 has schedule with day-of-the-week specific fitness, special events, and challenges. These are co-educational, organized by ages and into teams. It culminates in a showcase and International Day July 25 in which parents, advisory council members and others will participate and increase kid’s awareness and experience of different cultures and continents-- including food-dish preparation. This will be on July 25. Various JPAC members signed on represent and help prepare food from the various continents. New banners and outreach promote the camps and other programs. Jackson will participate in the Park District float in the Bud Billiken Parade. JPAC participated in 4th on 53rd parade—several participants praised Jackson Park’s condition.

Guest, William Towns. JPAC officers met with William Towns of the University of Chicago Office of Civic Engagement about various mutual interests and ideas for healthy parks and meeting community needs, including good signage (including historic, nature, and way finding) for visitors and community. Mr. Towns attended tonight to continue the conversation. He said that the University recognizes parks as an important community component and meets regularly with the Park District and park stakeholders. Suggested were possibilities for a joint approach to funders and a more coordinated approach to volunteer help in the park, and attention to the approaches and parks adjacent to Jackson. The process continues and Towns was thanked.
Workshops and Tours. Announced or approved were tours by Friends of the White City in July and possibly August, JPAC Nature Trail tours on July 20 and 27th, and a Workshop on Bee Keeping September 7 (1 p.m. at the fieldhouse.) The council decided that the August meeting will be a POTLUCK AT THE IOWA BLDG. (56th across from Montgomery Place) 6 pm.

Minutes of the June meeting were moved and approved. Treasurer Dwight Powell reported $4,176.14 as of June 28. Report accepted. Moved and approved to provide our usual backpacks for summer camp kids.

Nature and park. About 150 trees in JP were damaged in a storm. Debris was being removed starting with limbs etc. posing danger. McCurry noted that a fair proportion were dead or dying ash trees. Ashes dead or in poor condition are being counted and reported. Workday: much work was done in bobolink. A large group was coming to work by LaRabida. Work sprucing up the Wooded Island trail and removing garlic mustard was expected on July 27. August workdays are expected to be on the 10th (Bobolink) and 24th (WI). In response to an article in the Tribune, JPAC submitted a letter supporting the park district’s balanced program for natural areas and for the landscaped and recreational-use areas of the park. It was not published. Problems keeping up with graffiti, vandalism, and security were noted and sometimes with group activities (with permits and not).
The meeting was adjourned about 9 pm. Next meeting August 12, 6 p.m., Iowa building.

Respectfully submitted, Gary Ossewaarde, Secretary

Alert: Reconstruction is underway to MSI’s southwest lot. (This has been vetted and supported by JPAC and will result in environmental and group-management improvements.) The Cornell Dr. east walk there is closed.