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Volume 22, No. 4, April 2015

JPAC WAS NAMED ONE OF TEN BEST "GOLD PAC'S" AT THE MARCH 29 2015 PAC CONFERENCE! JPAC officers helped plan and presented at sessions had a staffed a fine poster about the Park at the Conference at Truman College.

April 13 meeting agenda.
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Visit also, esp. for workdays http://www.bluestem.info/Bobolink/ and http://www.friendsofthewhitecity.org.

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Page on the Obama Presidential Library with links.
Record of the January 12 2015 open discussion of the Library at JPAC meeting
Link to City of Chicago draft Ordinance of land transfer introduced into City Council:
(see more related links at foot of the March 2015 minutes)

To Army Corps Project JPAC information page and links including to the USACE official site.
http://www.project120chicago.org. New material is posted on the park Framework and 4 projects underway or provisionally proposed

See also a running set of minutes and standing resolutions.

WHAT'S UP AT THE APRIL MEETING? (there may be additions to the agenda)

Published by Jackson Park Advisory Council, a recognized advisory body to the Chicago Park District, Chicago Illinois. JPAC's fiscal agent is Friends of the Parks, a 501c3.
President is Louise McCurry, 773 844-2225, commissioner751@comcast.net.

Editor Gary Ossewaarde, JPAC Secretary. Hosted by hydepark.org (archive section Hyde Park Record) website of Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (owner, hpkcc@aol.com) by Dot Easy and OnShore Communications

The purpose of the JPAC is to provide a forum for …users of Jackson Park; to advise and make recommendations to the Chicago Park District on park improvements and programs (and create/ ensure programs); to encourage long-range planning; promote community utilization and awareness of park and program and participation in planning; and seek alternative funding sources.

Upcoming meetings or events- Nature Photography Class and Contest

Youth Nature Photography Contest March 10- April 10 with FREE class Saturday April 4 9 am

1.Youth Nature Photo contest is open to all boys and girls ages 10-18.
2. Photos from any Hyde Park, Kenwood, Jackson Park, or Washington Park playground or park are welcomed. School photography clubs welcomed.
(Already happened) 3. Free Nature Photography Class on April 4 at 9 am in Jackson Park. Meet at Darrow Bridge near the Wooded Island. Learn from a professional photographer. Submit your best nature photo after the class.
4. Submit your photos by email in jpg format under 10MB to: parksphotocontest@gmail.com. Submissions must include your Name, Phone Number, Email, and Birth date. Photos may be submitted from March 10 @7pm to April 10 @7pm. Judging will be by professional news and nature photographers.
5.PRIZES ARE: $50.00 First Place, $25.00 Second Place $15.00 Third Place
The decision of the judges is final and all submissions become the property of Jackson Park Advisory Council. Consent is implied by submitting photo. We will call or email winners before April 13. Prize Ceremony will be April 13, at 6:30 pm at Nancy Hays Gallery in 6401 S. Stony Island field house with local press invited to the event. Photos will be on display there from April 13- May 13
Full details in March 11 Hyde Park Herald. Contest co-sponsored by the Herald.

[APRIL 25 IS CANCELLED ISLAND CLOSED]April 25 , Saturday, 10 am-1 pm. Wooded Island workday jslevy@jeromelevylaw.com to be placed on the notices list. And 1-4 Beach Clean- 57th -63rd, meet at 63rd St. Beach.

May 17, Sunday, 1-4 pm. SUNDAE IN THE PARK WITH JPAC gala benefit ICE CREAM SOCIAL- music, silent auction and raffle, refreshments, kids and family activities, life-hitory-and natureinformation tables and more. $ tbd (since set individual price $15, family 20). South Shore Cultural Center Solarium, 7059 South Shore Drive. Fran Vandervoort, 773 752-8374.

[MAY BE SUSPENDED OR MOVED TO BOBOLINK-WI CLOSED]Audubon Bird walks Weds at 7:15, Sats at 8 meet on the Island. (Wooded Island access may be limited at times. The Darrow Bridge is closed.)

APRIL 13, Monday, 7 pm Council Meeting at fieldhouse, 6401 S. Stony I.
(PRECEDED AT 6:30 BY PHOTO CONTEST AWARD AND PRIZE CEREMONY in the Nancy Hays Gallery at the fieldhouse)
Watch for updated agenda. Tentative:
Call to order, agenda adjustments, GUESTS if any.
Minutes, financial,
Nomination and election to fill 2 non officer board positions.
Reports, including Army Corps project update (to March 6 Report from CPD project manager)
MAJOR JPAC initiative UPDATES! including ICE CREAM SOCIAL Fundraiser May 17, and summer events.
ew/ old business. Adjourn

CONTENTS, links of the March Newsletter

MARCH 9 2015 council meeting minutes

Louise McCurry opened the meeting and took adjustments to the agenda at 7 p.m. at the fieldhouse, a quorum being present. Introductions were made. Minutes of the February 9 meeting were approved by consensus.

Jerry Levy- Wooded Island update. The removal stage is nearing an end in a carefully planned long-term project. With more light, many plants should sprout now and protected oak saplings grow. The “rose garden” fence was removed. Work will resume after the migratory season, including grading and reworking the bottom of the lagoons, lagoon refilling,/stocking, planting on the outside shores of the lagoons, creating lookouts and replacing the Island road. Experience with this year’s plant growth will inform a big planting next year. Update and project outlines by Lauren Umek and Jerry were distributed. They are willing to give update tours- sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com. Workdays for Wooded Island and Bobolink are starting again for the season.

President’s report. Louise McCurry noted that Park District and City bodies continue to forward land transfer to make possible selection of Jackson or Washington parks for the Obama Library. These are Olmsted parks.
Cherry Theard and Jake Young have agreed to develop our membership and database program, web presence (including ability to donate online) and publicity.
Dwight Powell, Fran Vandervoort, Brenda Nelms, Ruby Houghton-Pitts are among the commitee developing our gala Benefit May 17, 1-4 at historic South Shore Cultural Center. We are reaching out to many businesses, individuals for raffle and silent auction items –if you can donate or help call Fran at 773 752-8374. Theme is ”Sundae in the Park with JPAC!” Ice Cream Social. Family and learning activities, music and more.
Under way: Youth Nature Photography Contest (thru Ap. 10) and free class (April 4 9 a.m. Darrow Bridge).
57th, 63rd beach clean will be our contribution to Earth Day, on April 25, 1-4. Meet at 63rd beach.
JPAC is active in planning for the March 28 PAC Conference at Truman College; members will be presenting.
JPAC continues its participation in starting and mentoring new PACs for additional area parks.

Ray Johnson discussed options for the 3 on 3 race, Run Like the Devil through the White City in September.

Business: Moved and approved final passage of a bylaws amendment allowing election of up to two additional board members. Nominations will be taken at April’s meeting.
Discussion and approval by consensus to change our fiscal agent to Chicago Park’s Foundation (advantages and obligations were presented at this and the last meeting) and to pay the $75 annual fee to the Foundation. JPAC expressed appreciation for the service of Friends of the Parks over many years.
Grants applications in process, including to South East Chicago Commission for a sign at 57th and Stony Island Ave., were discussed and approved with no objection.

Park and Facilities. The WITS summer read-to-children program will again be at Jackson—contract the fieldhouse if interested in helping one day a week for about 7 weeks (fingerprinting and background checks are required for working with children). Kids camp will include a strong preschool, including programs from Brookfield Zoo.
Pierre Nealon reported for staff. The park is recruiting for football and doing well in Windy City Hoops (ages 9-12). Carnegie and Robert A. Black are among schools involved. Track recruits well. Senior programs include health and movement, including zumba outside, and cards. There is parents’ aerobics. Pierre was applauded.

Moved to adjourn. Next meeting April 13 at the fieldhouse.
Gary M. Ossewaarde, Secretary.

LIBRARY. JAN 12 DISC Q&A, STORY: http://www.hydepark.org/parks/jpac/ObamaPLibrary.htm.
Official Foundation site: obamapresidentialfoundation.org. U of C bid site: http://www.oplsouthside.org.
Project 120: http://www.project120chicago.org.
Army Corps project: http://www.lrc.usace.army.mil/Missions/CivilWorksProjects/JacksonPark.aspx.
Short update papers by Lauren Umek and Jerry Levy+ more info: http://www.hydepark.org/parks/jpac/ace2014.htm.