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South Lake Shore Drive grand opening and dedication, May 29, 2004

The theme of the dedication and the new Drive and the "amenitized" and newly accessible lakefront is
"See You by the Lake."

At the 63rd Street underpass: cleanup the day before (Tribune), setup for the mayor and dignitaries, as dignitaries and crowd gather "Moo and Oink" and a velocipedist entertain the crowd. Finally, Alderman Leslie Hairston and Mayor Daley make their ways to the mike.

May 30, 2004. Last minute cleaning 63rd St. underpass Starting to gather for ceremonies, 63rd underpass
Oink and Moo join the assemblage High cyclist in turn of century garb
Underpass and plantings from west ald. Hairston arrives
Mayor Daley arrives with Bishop Brazier

Above: the underpass from the west with new plantings. Above: Alderman Leslie A. Hairston. Right: Mayor Richard M. Daley with Bishop Arthur Frazier of the Apostolic Church of God next to him.

Below: The underpass of the Drive at 57th Drive with niches decked with pictures of the project (below reinstallation of the heads at the Animal Bridge). Permanent art is being sought. This underpass is meant to echo the Beaux Arts classicism and the Art Moderne of the nearby Museum of Science and Industry. This underpass is the widest of all five.

57th underpass day of ceremonies 57th underpass day of ceremonies-nithes have pics of project highlihghts day of cer.
Gary Ossewaarde of JPAC an Lauren Moltz of Friends of Parks prepare to throw dirt to dedicate a tree west of LSD at 57th

Gary Ossewaarde, Jackson Park Advisory Council Secretary, and Lauren Moltz, Friends of the Parks board member and JPAC member, prepare to "plant" a Swamp White Oak just west and north of the underpass. Barrier treatment is visible behind.

Below left from CDOT's dedication flyer. Below right modified from Herald.

Stylizaiton of 57th , 63rd, Marquette underpasses Map pinpointing the underpasses



Coverage: New pedestrian underpasses open to the public

Hyde Park Herald, June 9, 2994. By Mike Stevens

Jackson Park's four new pedestrian underpasses opened las week dramatically improving lakefront access for the neighborhood.

The widely-arched concrete tunnels at 57th, 59th and 63rd Streets and Marquette Drive are among the final elements of the 4-year, $162 million reconstruction of South Lake Shore Drive.

"This was not a patch and repair job. this as a complete rebuilding of the roads [and] the infrastructure as well as pedestrian access," 5th Ward Ald. Leslie Hairston said.

In the 90s, community leaders, including Hairston, proposed the underpasses to replace the run-down pedestrian bridges at 57th and 63rd Streets using North Side underpasses as a model, Hairston said. "You don't know what you're missing unless you know what's out there," said Hairston, who continues to scout other neighborhoods for potential improvements.

Work continues on the 57th Drive underpass which connects the Museum of Science and Industry's (MSI) campus and nearby parking lots to the lakefront. The 57th Drive underpass opening has been delayed by construction of the MSI's new underground exhibit space for the U-505 submarine.

While crowds celebrated the underpass openings last weekend with bands and activities, others complained that Oakland's aging pedestrian bridges at 34th and 45rd streets appear in worse shape than Jackson Park's long-demolished bridges, which the underpasses replace. "It's a shame that he city would neglect that area," Oakland resident James Fitzhugh said.

While it might be years off, the city plans to replace Oakland's two bridges as well as build a new bridge at 41st Street, Chicago Department of Transportation spokesman Brian Steele said. Steele expects to announce finalists for a design concept competition later this summer. After finalists are chosen CDOT will look to secure funding for the project, Steele said.