The following are closeups of a c. 1938 areal photograph of the center of Jackson Park.

Lagoon History and Rehabilitation Project
Lagoon Photo Gallery. Doug Anderson's Memorial to the lost oak and Lost Wooded Island Tour.
Jackson Park History

1938. Copy from archives, Chicago Park District. North is at right. Note the formal, open Rose Garden, now becoming a tallgrass prairie (or should be in 3-4 years) after a variety of incarnations, in the south end of Wooded Island (now Paul H. Douglas Nature Sanctuary). Note that at this time Wooded Island was more wooded than it would be in a "wooded savannah" mode, but it looks more open than later. Recently, storms opened the Island up again.

1938 map of Wooded Island and lagoons. note spill dam 1938 map of Wooded Island and Lagoons