Jackson Park Advisory Council current and proposed revised by laws

State as from the November 8 2010 council meeting.

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View/print current bylaws (1988 as revised since) in pdf.

View/print most recent provisionally APPROVED DRAFT (7) proposed 2010 revised bylaws (pdf), annotated and cross referenced in pdf. Accepted November 8 as basis for draft 8 except as conflicting with the additional changes approved November 8 and to be integrated into draft 8 and voted upon December 13.
See here Key / finding aid to Draft 7's major differences from current bylaws.

See here the additional changes approved November 8.
See these in language to be integrated into approved-draft (7) (pdf)

Integration draft - changes from 7 to 8 in pdf

View/print DRAFT 8b approved unanimously AT THE DECEMBER 13 2010 MEETING. Excluded for evaluation was clause in Article 6 renamed section 2 excluding from offices officeholders in other park councils.

A clean version of Draft 8 as Jackson Park Advisory Council Bylaws December 13, 2010 will be prepared and posted.


Jackson Park Advisory Council
Proposed Bylaw Amendments

KEY/FINDING AID to Draft 7 (provisionally approved at the November 8 2010 meeting and to combined with the additional changes approved below into draft 8, enacted at the December 13 meeting.

Summary description of major changes in Draft 7 - do, however, review the entire draft!
Article Two Section 1 (Purposes). Adds to purposes, per CPD Guidelines.
Article Three Section 6. (Membership). Codifies nondiscrimination.
Article Three Section 7, 8. (Membership). Adds requirements, forms, and removal provisions called for in CPD Guidelines.
Article Four Section 1 (Meetings). Notice must be posted in the Field House 14 days prior, and mailed 10 days prior, to the meeting date.
Article Four Section 4. Clarifies annual meeting provisions—see additional proposed changes below.
Article Five Section 3 (Voting). Retains seven as quorum - to be further discussed.
Article Five Section 4. Adds no absentee ballots, per CPD Guidelines.
Article Five Section 5. Provides for recusal from voting in case of conflict of interest, per CPD Guidelines.
Article Six Section 2 & 3 Officers and Board of Directors. The officers compose the board. Includes restrictions on office holding, in accord with CPD Guidelines. (Note: officers must be voting members.)
Article Six Section 3. States officer duties and powers, in accord with CPD guidelines.
Article Six Section 5 Elections. Spells out procedures and resolution, in accord with CPD Guidelines.
Article Six Section 7 Vacancies. Adds provisions, in accord with CPD Guidelines. (“Next meeting” - to be further discussed).
Article Seven Sections 1& 2 Finance. Provides for a fiscal agent, per CPD Guidelines; states fiscal procedures previously set by resolution.
Article Eight Committees. (New article in accord with CPD Guidelines)
Article Nine Conflict Resolution. (New article in accord with CPD Guidelines)
Article Ten Registration. (New article in accord with CPD Guidelines)
Article Eleven Amendment of Bylaws. (Re-written, partly to accord with CPD Guidelines)


Additional proposed changes to Draft 7 approved at the November 8, 2010 JPAC meeting.

1. Article Three, Membership, Section 2 and Section 3, consider changing to define a voting member as a person who has attended two, rather than four meetings in the preceding consecutive 12 month period (including that meeting). Fits better with CPD Guidelines which prefer anyone who comes to a meeting and signs the membership application, but would require attendees to show a modest commitment to have attended at least on prior Council meetings. Agreed.

2. Article Four, Section 2 Monthly Meetings. Discuss removing the specific day / week for meetings from the Bylaws and provide for the Council to choose determine its regular meeting day and dates at the annual meeting, and to provide for the Board to make changes when needed, e.g., to ensure opportunity for the park supervisor to attend, and conform with CPD Guidelines by requiring at least quarterly meetings. Agreed.

3. Article Four, Section 3 Annual Meeting. Consider changing the annual meeting from January to November to avoid elections in the middle of winter and have better attendance. Because the term will cross fiscal years, restore that the term begins at the conclusion of the election meeting (unless the election is disputed) and will be for one year or until their successors are properly elected. Agreed.

4. Article Four, Section 3. Discuss whether the present number of seven is an appropriate quorum. Agreed to seven.

5. Article Six, Section 7 Vacancies. Consider revising to provide that the election will be held at the next meeting after the vacancy occurs, provided that timely notice of the meeting includes the election. Add the right of a majority to postpone the election until the following monthly meeting. If the vacancy occurs right before a meeting (so that timely notice of the special election could not be given), then the pending election could be discussed and names placed in nomination; however, the election itself would be deferred so that timely notice is given. Agreed.

6 In addition, the following was introduced by Fran Vandervoort and approved for integration into Draft 8 (draft wording here by Gary Ossewaarde): Add in vacancies (Article Six, Section 7) provision that officers who have missed two consecutive meetings without prior notice to an officer or post facto excuse by the council shall be considered to have abandoned their office in lieu of resignation and their office shall be filled as provided herein. Also, resignation can be conveyed to the president or secretary in any clear manner, or in lieu of that by statement in a newspaper of note.

See the proposed language integrating the above changes into approved draft.