Lake Shore Drive Reconstruction in progress- a snapshot

2003 with complete schedule, maps:
This is not current material

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Note that Coast Guard is reopened 67th to Hayes while Marquette is closed Jeffery/Coast Guard to Richards and Richards closed at the Golden Lady..

Kemper Lesnick for CDOT

From Summer, 2003 CDOT Update:

New roadway, amenities emerging

The results of the South Lake Shore Drive project are really taking shape. Deep excavations now are starting to look like underpasses. New traffic lanes are replacing the 80-year-old patchwork of pavement along the lakefront. Concrete and asphalt are being removed to make way for green spaces.

By the end of 2003, all the road work will be done. Other work, such as landscaping and pathway installation, will continue in to early 2004, but is expected to have much less impact on traffic.

Significant work completed to date:

Summer 2003 Construction

Finishing touches planned

The nearly completed roadway work sets the stage for the start of a major landscape plan. Over the next year thousands of trees, shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses will be planted. Through 2004, these areas will include:

How to get to the Music Court lot

Note on the map below that coming from South Shore you must use 67th and Jeffery to access the Drive (Coast Guard); Marquette westbound is closed from South Shore Drive to Jeffery. From Marquette/Coast Guard, you can go all the way north, but cannot exit between Science/58th and 47th. Also, you cannot get to the Music Court southeast of the Museum except by the route shown and not from the north side of the Museum. From the north side of the Museum, unless you turn around and use Hyde Park, you can only go onto right onto eastbound 57th, thence northbound on the Drive, first exit 47th.

The Drive between Marquette and Hayes/63rd should now be black with white arrows northbound only.


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(Source: Chicago Department of Transportation,
Edwards & Kelcey. Released July 27, 2001. Actual has been quite close, but sometimes behind temporarily.)


Advance Work
Hayes Drive Sewer
Reconstruct Hayes to 63rd Beach House
Cut-off Wall for 57th Street Underpass
Order Precast Underpasses
Advance Work
Construct Sewers
50th Street Ramp
53rd Street Ramp

King (26th-60th),Cottage Grove (Pershing-60th), Pershing (Cottage Grove-King), 47th (Lake Park-Cottage Grove), Lake Park (47th-56th), Stony Island (56th to so. of 68th), Cornell Drive (57th-67th), 57th Drive, Midway Plaisance, 67th (Stony Island to South Shore)

Mainline Reconstruction
Close, reconstruct Coast Guard Drive (the Drive 6300-Marquette Drive)
Reconstruct Animal Bridge, reassemble in new location
Reconstruct Lake Shore Drive, Science Drive, Jeffery Drive
Build underpasses
Mainline Sewer
Traffic Detours
LSD closed 63rd-Marquette
Hayes Drive open to Beach House
Southbound LSD detoured to Cornell Drove ; LSD open only northbound to 57th
Temporary pedestrian bridge at 57th; various pedestrian detours

Reconstruct southbound lanes, all traffic is in northbound lanes
(47th-57th -2 lanes only in each direction, 23rd-47th-3 lanes nb and 2 sb in AM, 2 nb and 3 sb in PM)

Reconstruct Marquette
Reconstruct Golden Lady Circle
Construct pedestrian Boardwalk at 57th Beach
Complete underpass connections
Architectural finishes
Landscaping/tree replacement

Reconstruct northbound lanes, all traffic is in southbound lanes
(same lane directional protocol as in 2002)
Complete 31st Street Interchange
Complete 55th Street Underpass


All roadways and pedestrian underpasses are open;
finish landscaping

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