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Lake Park Ave. and Metra viaducts plan graphics

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Part 1. Overview, Lake Park Avenue, and embankment concepts

Series of graphics on plans for Metra viaduct, Lake Park Corridor redevelopment


Steel Arch System Walkway Enhancement
New and Improved Pedestrian & Roadway Lighting
New Sidewalk & Guardrail
Road Resurfacing
Mural Restorations/Wall Repairs
Column & Ceiling Patching and Painting
Skylights Repairs
Facade Renovation/Restoration
Entrance Flanking Wall Restoration & Landscaping
Viaduct flanking walls are included with Viaducts


New & Improved Lighting
Median Landscaping Improvements
Improved East Side Bus Stops
Selective Tree Removals/Replacements
Sidewalk REpairs/Replacements
Curb & Gutter Repairs/Replacement
Mid and End Block Bump Outs W/Landscaping
Improved Pedestrian Access to Bus Stops
Roadway Repairs and Replacement
Embankment Repairs
Selective Embankment Plantings

Mid block bumpout with new shade tree plantings. Parking lane preserved.

Embankment schematics and treatments
A: features include Gateway 2000 light pole, shade trees per city streetscape ordinance, cyclone fence 6'-8' barrier at top of embankment, ornamental deep rooted shrub/prairie plantings masses in large drifts, geotextile fabric under soil on slope, wall or shrub at base.
B: for larger slopes - denser grasses top half, higher shrub etc. plants at bottom.
C: in places leaves existing embankment trees , otherwise like B.

Bottom right schematic differentiates tree/woody root spread vs that of fibrous plants used to stabilize slopes.

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