HPKCC Hot Topics (Issues We Are Watching!)

State and Trends in Hyde Park-Kenwood
Tracking the Trends
Community News and Buzz

Historic Preservation
Keeping Hyde Park-Kenwood's History Intact
Harper Theater and Herald buildings
(See Promontory Point, below)

Jackson Park
Issues of a key park. Newest: Geese, Dogs on Wooded Island, Music Court Parking Lot-see jp news
Elsewhere along our lakefront: Parks, Park Issues,
Point, Shoreline Project

Lake Shore Drive
Lake Shore Drive home Jackson Park home

Latest News on the Reconstruction Project
Other City-Wide Traffic Alerts

Nichols Park
Melding park and Murray north addition, the formal gardens, programs at new gym, more

Parks web home
Park issues
Budget woes and requests

Pawns or Checkmate? ("cool" now, but next spring?)
Chess in Harper Court

Promontory Point 
Proposed Point Revetment Plans and Controversy (Point home)
Save the Point website
Shoreline Protection Plan and Lakefront park redesign Morgan Shoals/45th-51st section

Education and schools issues
Schools and Parks: See in Nichols, Park Issues (Dyett, King) as below

TIF, 53rd St. future, University plans, Checkerboard Lounge, Coming: HP-K-Oak & Bronzeville
Tax Increment Financing and Update and future of 53rd Street (See also from Trends, Development, Neighborhood News, 53rd St TIF News, Checkerboard Lounge
Lake Park/viaducts/Metra Embankment and wall

Town and Gown
The Shoreland (in Neighborhood News), 53rd/Theater (as above), Midway & Children's Garden.
See also in Trends and History and Preservation.

Transit Issues: CTA fare hikes and routes, Metra issues get hot again
Fixing the "Six," New bus routes, Upgrading Metra "SECRET" proposal, Improving Mobility

What's wrong with the Dec. 7 route changes, Metra embankment

Zoning and Development
New zoning laws (city site)
Property Taxes going up; Information for taxpayers and property owners
Zoning Reform Legislation

Neighborhood Development and Policy
Sprinkler retrofit issue- hottest now, but wait for the Theater and Mobil-McDonalds to get going!

Last updated on February 8, 2004