Around Hyde Park and Kenwood tour. #2 Some Smart Museum outdoor sculptures

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Lorado Taft's Fountain of Time, views.
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Richard Hunt, "Why"  outside Smart Museum Richard Hunt, "Why"  outside Smart Museum Richard Hunt, "Why"  outside Smart Museum

"Why." Richard Hunt. Affiliated with Hyde Park and its art fairs and schools early in his prolific and diverse-media career, Hunt went on to achieve international recognition. This piece was a gift of Samuel H. Nerlove Memorial Fund.



Peter Calaboyias, Always Excelling, 1985, outside Smart Museum

(In Greek) "Aten Apieteyein", (in English) "Always Excelling." Peter Calaboyias. 1985. UC Centennial Gift in 1992 from 2 universities in Greece.

Eric Fischi, Tumbling Woman, 2001-2. Outside Smart Museum

"Tumbling Woman." Eric Fischi. 2001-2002. Loan of GUC Collection.

Armando Pomodoro, Grande Radar, 1963. 2 views. Outside Smart Museum

Left and above. "Grande Radar." Arnando Pomodoro. 1963. Gift of Debra and Robert Mayer. For another Pomodoro piece, see Tour-start.

Anthony Caro, High Table, 1986. Outside Smart Museum

"High Table." Welded bronze and steel. Anthony Caro. 1986. Loan of GUC Collection.

Scott Burton, Bench and Table, 1988

"Bench and Table." Carved granite. Scott Burton. 1988. Smart family gift in honor of Vera and A.D. Elden

Joel Shapiro-untitled, 1996

(Untitled). Bronze. Joel Shapiro. 1996. GUC Collection

Jene Highstein, Truncated Pyramid, 1989

"Truncated Pyramid." Carved marble. 1989. Jene Highstein (Texan). In memory of D. Feitler

Not shown, on south wall of Court Theatre: " Forecast." John Henry. 1986. In memory of Irving Schweiger.