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Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference
Our Mission

The purpose of the Conference is to attend to the civic needs of the community; work toward an attractive, secure, diverse, and caring community; and to promote participation of residents, businesses, institutions, and organizations in programs and activities that advance the interests and concerns of the community. It serves the community as a watchdog, independent voice, and clearing house in the community's ongoing conversation and decisions about those matters which affect and define community life.

Annual meeting Sept 21 3-4:30 at Hyatt Place 5225 S. Harper.
HPKCC Marches in 20th Annual 4th of July Parade

More information about the Hyde Park-Kenwood community: Hydeparkrecord.org



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Current Issues

HPKCC Resolution on school closings.
Statement on Canter closing.
Click for more info on closings.

HPKCC Forums

Forum on Frank Lloyd Wright Homes in Kenwood. Plans to convert into bed-and-breakfast create controversy with neighbors. Informational forum on Dec. 17. Status updates at wright4kenwood.org.

Forum on zoning. The purpose of the forum was to educate the community about zoning followed by a Q and A discussion. Report. Vue 53/McMobil.

Take the Trolley Survey

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Programs of the Conference


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